Commercial Aircraft Parts Manufacturers Approval (PMA) Market Forecast 2014-2024
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Commercial Aircraft Parts Manufacturers Approval (PMA) Market Forecast 2014-2024

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Commercial Aircraft Parts ManufacturersCommercial Aircraft Parts Manufacturers Approval (PMA) Market Forecast 2014- 2024 PR Newswire LONDON, January 21, 2014 What is the Future for Leading Players? The commercial aircraft PMA market offers a unique range of opportunities and challenges which will assume ever greater prominence in the years to come. Companies involved with commercial aircraft who are aware of the trends and developments in the PMA market will be prepared for altered market conditions and will adapt to ensure continued successes. Those who are unprepared are unlikely to be able to take account of the range of business opportunities available which are considerable. Visiongain's analysis concludes that the commercial aircraft PMA market 2014-2024 will attain a value of $15.473 billion in 2014. Why you should buy Commercial Aircraft Parts Manufacturers Approval (PMA) Market Forecast 2014-2024: What is the Future for Leading Players? What is the future of the commercial aircraft PMA market? Visiongain's comprehensive analysis contains highly quantitative content delivering solid conclusions benefiting your analysis and illustrates new opportunities and potential revenue streams helping you to remain competitive. This definitive report will benefit your decision making and help to direct your future business strategy. Avoid falling behind your competitors, missing critical business opportunities or losing industry influence.



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Published 21 January 2014
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Commercial Aircraft Parts Manufacturers Approval (PMA) Market Forecast 2014-2024

PR Newswire

What is the Future for Leading Players?

The commercial aircraft PMA market offers a unique range of opportunities and challenges which will assume ever greater prominence in the years to come. Companies involved with commercial aircraft who are aware of the trends and developments in the PMA market will be prepared for altered market conditions and will adapt to ensure continued successes. Those who are unprepared are unlikely to be able to take account of the range of business opportunities available which are considerable. Visiongain's analysis concludes that the commercial aircraft PMA market 2014-2024 will attain a value of $15.473 billion in 2014.

Why you should buy Commercial Aircraft Parts Manufacturers Approval (PMA) Market Forecast 2014-2024: What is the Future for Leading Players?

What is the future of the commercial aircraft PMA market?  Visiongain's comprehensive analysis contains highly quantitative content delivering solid conclusions benefiting your analysis and illustrates new opportunities and potential revenue streams helping you to remain competitive. This definitive report will benefit your decision making and help to direct your future business strategy.

Avoid falling behind your competitors, missing critical business opportunities or losing industry influence. In our new report you will discover forecasts from 2014-2024, at the global, submarket, and regional level. The report also assesses technologies, competitive forces and expected product pipeline developments. Read on to discover the prospects for the commercial aircraft parts manufacturer approval (PMA) sector and find out what its future market prospects are.

Why choose visiongain business intelligence?

Visiongain's increasingly diverse sector coverage strengthens our research portfolio. The growing cross-sector convergence of key verticals and the interplay of game changing technologies across hitherto unrelated industries are creating new synergies, resulting in new business opportunities for you to leverage.

Visiongain's team of London based in-house analysts offer a wealth of knowledge and experience to inform your strategic business decisions. Let visiongain guide you.

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We guarantee that you will receive the following key information which will benefit you in the following ways:

•     View global commercial aircraft parts manufacturer approval (PMA) market forecasts and analysis from 2014-2024 to keep your knowledge ahead of your competition and ensure you exploit key business opportunities
-     The report provides detailed sales projections of the market, the competitors, and the commercial drivers and restraints allowing you to more effectively compete in the market. In addition to market forecasts from 2014-2024, our new study shows current market data, and market shares.
-    You will also discover original critical analysis, revealing insight into commercial developments.
•    Why struggle to find key market data? Why miss crucial information? Our comprehensive report provides instant market insight
-    Our 260 page report provides 133 tables, charts, and graphs. Let our analysts guide you with a thorough assessment of the current and future commercial aircraft PMA market prospects.
-    This analysis will achieve quicker, easier understanding. Also you will gain from our analyst's industry expertise allowing you to demonstrate your authority on the commercial aircraft PMA sector.
•    Understand what thought leaders are thinking. Leaders hold critical knowledge. Be part of this.
-    By reading the exclusive expert interviews contained in the report you will keep up to speed with what is really happening in the industry. Don't' fall behind. You will gain a thorough knowledge on the commercial aircraft PMA sector finding strategic advantages for your work and will learn how your organisation can benefit.
-    Read the full transcripts of exclusive expert opinion interviews from leading industry specialists informing your understanding and allowing you to assess prospects for investments and sales
-    ADPma LLC
-    Aviation Inflatable Inc.
-    GE Aviation
•    Discover sales predictions for the key end use commercial aircraft PMA submarkets from 2014-2024
-    What are the secrets of the commercial aircraft PMA industry's progress? How will these markets expand? Which submarkets will generate the most revenue? Use our forecasts and expert insight to grow your business and give you more industry influence. Find where you can gain and how your organisation can succeed. Avoid falling behind.
-    Stay informed about the potential for each of these commercial aircraft PMA submarkets with individual forecasts and analysis from 2014-2024.
-     Non-OEM Licensed PMA Parts for MRO Usage forecast 2014-2024
-     Engine submarket forecast 2014-2024
-     Components submarket forecast 2014-2024
-     Airframe submarket forecast 2014-2024
-     Other PMA Parts Usage for Aircraft Aftersales forecast 2014-2024
-    Cabin Interiors & IFEC forecast 2014-2024
-    Engine & Avionics forecast 2014-2024
-    Airframe Systems & Others forecast 2014-2024
•    Understand the prospects for the regional commercial aircraft parts manufacturer approval (PMA) markets - where will the highest revenues and opportunities occur?
-    Learn about the market potential for commercial aircraft PMA companies in the developed and developing countries, from 2014 onwards. You will see where and how opportunities exist with revealing individual market forecasts and analysis from 2014-2024 for 6 regional markets.
-     North American forecast 2014-2024
-     European forecast 2014-2024
-     Asia-Pacific forecast 2014-2024
-     Middle Eastern forecast 2014-2024
-     Southern American forecast 2014-2024
-     African forecast 2014-2024
•    Find out about the market dynamics & opportunities in 6 regions
-    Understand industry activity with detailed data revealing where companies are earning their revenues and with what products and with which technology.
-    You will be able to examine 6 detailed tables of significant regional contracts, projects & programmes
•    Explore the factors affecting product developers, and everyone within the value chain. Learn about the forces influencing market dynamics.
-    Explore the political, economic, social, and technological (PEST) issues assessing product advances. Discover what the present and future outlook for business will be. Learn about the following business critical issues -
-    Research and development (R&D) strategy
-    Technological issues and constraints.
-    Supply and demand dynamics
-    Competition from new product types
-    Increasing specialisation by leading players
-    Increasing industry consolidation.
-    Demographic changes
•    Identify who the leading companies are in the commercial aircraft parts manufacturer approval (PMA) industry
-    Our report reveals the market share of the top 30 commercial aircraft parts manufacturer approval companies by PMA approvals.
-    Our report also reveals the technologies and companies which hold the greatest potential. In particular, exploring and analyzing the activities of these companies: See where the expected gains will be. Prospects for advances in the commercial aircraft PMA industry are strong, and from 2014 it holds many opportunities for revenue growth. View Visiongain's assessment of the prospects for established competitors, rising companies, and new market entrants. Our work explains that potential, helping you stay ahead. Gain a thorough understanding of the competitive landscape with profiles of 15 leading commercial aircraft PMA company groups examining their positioning, capabilities, product portfolios, R&D activity, services, focus, strategies, M&A activity, and future outlook.
-     AAR Corporation
-     AMETEK Inc.
-     B/E Aerospace Inc.
-     Eaton Corporation
-     Esterline Technologies Corporation
-     HEICO Corporation
-     Meggitt PLC
-     Parker Hannifin Corporation
-     Precision Castparts Corporation
-     Timken Company
-     TransDigm Group Inc.
-     Triumph Group Inc.
-     United Technologies Corporation
-     Wencor Group
-     Zodiac Aerospace S.A.
•    Discover Information found nowhere else in this independent assessment of the commercial aircraft parts manufacturer approval (PMA) market
-    The Commercial Aircraft Parts Manufacturers Approval (PMA) Market Forecast 2014-2024: What is the Future for Leading Players? report provides impartial commercial aircraft PMA sector analysis. With the independent business intelligence found only in our work, you will discover where the prospects are for profit. In particular, our new research provides you with key strategic advantages: Our informed forecasts, independent and objective analysis, exclusive interviews and revealing company profiles will provide you with that necessary edge, allowing you to gain ground over your competitors.
-    With this report you are less likely to fall behind in knowledge or miss crucial business opportunities. You will save time and receive recognition for your market insight. See how you this report could benefit and enhance your research, analysis, company presentations and ultimately your individual business decisions and your company's prospects.

What makes this report unique?

Visiongain consulted widely with leading industry experts and full transcripts from these exclusive interviews with ADPma LLC, with Aviation Inflatable Inc. and with GE Aviation are included in the report. Visiongain's research methodology involves an exclusive blend of primary and secondary sources providing informed analysis. This methodology allows insight into the key drivers and restraints behind market dynamics and competitive developments. The report therefore presents an ideal balance of qualitative analysis combined with extensive quantitative data including global, submarket and regional markets forecasts from 2014-2024

How The Commercial Aircraft Parts Manufacturers Approval (PMA) Market Forecast 2014-2024: What is the Future for Leading Players?  report can benefit you

Visiongain's report is for anyone requiring analysis of the commercial aircraft PMA market. You will discover market forecasts, technological trends, predictions and expert opinion providing you with independent analysis derived from our extensive primary and secondary research. Only by purchasing this report will you receive this critical business intelligence revealing where revenue growth is likely and where the lucrative potential market prospects are. Don't miss this key opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.

If you buy our report today your knowledge will stay one step ahead of your competitors. Discover how our report could benefit your research, analyses and strategic decisions, saving you time. To gain an understanding of how to tap into the potential of this market and stay one step ahead of the competition you must order now our report the Commercial Aircraft Parts Manufacturers Approval (PMA) Market Forecast 2014-2024: What is the Future for Leading Players? Avoid missing out - order our report now.

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Companies Listed in this Report:

4/Flight Industries Inc.
A & I Products Inc.
A&E AeroGroup
A/C Fuel Cells Worldwide Inc.
AAR Aircraft Services - Oklahoma City
AAR Aircraft Services Inc.
AAR Cadillac Manufacturing
AAR Cargo Systems
AAR Composites
AAR Corporation
AAR Distribution
AAR Landing Gear Services
AAR Manufacturing Group Inc.
AAR Mobility Systems
AAR Parts Trading Inc.
AAR PMA Products
AAR Tempco Inc.
AAXICO Technical Services
Aaxico Technical Services
Abex Aerospace
Able Aerospace
Able Corporation
Able Engineering & Component Services
Able's Flying Inc.
ABX Air Inc.
Accurate Bushing Company
Acme Aerospace Inc.
ACR Electronics Inc.
Action Research Corporation (ARC)
Actron Manufacturing Inc.
Adams Rite Aerospace Inc.
Adaptive Aerospace Corporation
AdelWiggins Group
ADS/Transcoil LLC
Advanced Aerospace LLC, International Business Park
Advanced Aircraft Extinguishers Ltd.
Advanced Aircraft Roller Systems Inc.
Advanced Atomization Technologies LLC
Advanced Components International LLC
Advanced Industries Inc.
Advantage Aerospace LLC
Advantage Aviation Technologies Inc.
Advent Aerosapce Inc.
AECO Technologies LLC
Aerei da Trasporto Regionale (ATR)
Aerex Manufacturing Inc.
Aero Arc Inc.
Aero Brake & Spares Inc.
Aero Components International Corporation (ACI)
Aero Control Inc.
Aero Decals Inc.
Aero Design Inc.
Aero Dynamix Inc.
Aero Electronics Inc.
Aero Fluid Products
Aero Instruments & Avionics Inc.
Aero Kool Corporation
Aero Maintenance Group
Aero Marine Technologies
Aero Parts Mart Inc.
Aero Precis Repair & Overhaul Company Inc.
Aero Tech Manufacturing Inc.
Aero Technologies Inc.
Aero Technologies LLC
Aerocon Engineering Company
AeroControlex Inc.
Aerofit LLC
Aero-Instruments Company LLC
Aero-K Inc.
Aero-Parts Connections
Aeronautical Engineers Inc. (AEI)
Aeronca Inc.
AeroParts Manufacturing & Repair Inc.
AeroParts Plus Inc.
AeroSat Avionics LLC
Aerosonic Corporation
Aerosource Inc.
Aerospace Coatings International (ACI)
Aerospace Products International (API)
Aerospace Sealants LLC
Aerospace Technologies Group Inc.
AeroSpares Inc.
Aerostar Engineering and Manufacturing Inc.
Aerotech Engineering Inc.
Aerotech Holdings Inc.
Aerotech Support Inc.
Aerotek Design Labs LLC
AGC Inc.
AIM Aerospace Inc.
Air Cabin Engineering Inc.
Air Cruisers Company
Air Float Systems
Air France Industries (AFI)
Air France - KLM Group
Air Spares Inc.
Air Transport Services Group Inc.
Air/Flex Industries Inc.
Airbase Services Inc.
Airborne Maintenance & Engineering Services
Airborne Systems Inc.
Airbus S.A.S.
Aircelle Ltd.
Aircraft & Engine Support LLC
Aircraft Battery Shop LLC
Aircraft Cabin Systems (ACS)
Aircraft Component Design Inc.
Aircraft Engineering & Installation Services Inc.
Aircraft Interior Solutions
Aircraft Lighting International
Aircraft Parts Corporation
Aircraft Systems & Manufacturing Inc.
Aircraft Wheel & Brake Division
Airdrome Parts Company LLC
Airfoil Technology Inc.
AirGroup America Inc.
Airinmar Holdings Ltd.
Airline Graphics Inc.
AirWorks Inc.
Akro Fireguard Products Inc.
Alakai Technologies Corp
Alcoa Corporation
Alcoa Fastening Systems
Alenia Aermacchi
Allen Aircraft Products Inc.
Alliance Aerospace Engineering LLC
Alternate component Technology
American Aerospace Corporation
American Airlines
Ameri-King Corporation
Ametek Aerospace and Defence
Ametek Ameron LLC
Ametek Rotron
Amglo Kemlite Laboratories Inc.
Amphenol Corporation
AmSafe Aftermarket Spares
AmSafe Corporation
AmSafe Global Holdings Inc.
Ancra International LLC
Anillo Industries Inc.
AP Labs Inc.
Approved Aeronautics LLC
Approved Air Parts Company Inc.
ARC Avionics
Argo-Tech Corporation
Arinc Engineering Services LLC
Arkwin Industries Inc.
Armstrong Aerospace
Array Connector Corporation.
Arrowhead Products
Arvan Inc.
ASB Avionics LLC
Asil Aerospace Inc.
Astro-Med Inc.
Astronautics Corporation of America
Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems Corporation
Astronics AeroSat
Astronics Corporation
Aurora Bearing Company
Automatic Screw Machine Products Inc.
Auto-Valve Inc. (AVI)
Aveos Fleet Performance Inc.
Aviall Inc.
Aviation Communication and Surveillance Systems
Aviation Component Solutions
Aviation Components Inc.
Aviation Devices & Electronic Components
Aviation Engineering Consultants Inc. (AECI)
Aviation Industry Repair Inc.
Aviation Inflatables Inc.
Aviation Materials Management Inc. (Avmat)
Aviation Network Services LLC
Aviation Partners Boeing (APB)
Aviation Partners Inc.
Aviation Plastics
Aviation Power Inc.
Aviatron Inc.
Avibank Manufacturing Inc.
Avion Graphics
Avionic Instruments Inc.
Avionica Inc.
Avionics & Systems integration Group LLC
Avionics Engineering Svc Inc.
Avionics Group Inc.
Avionics Innovations
Avionics Support Group Inc. (ASG)
Avistar Aerospace LLC
AVOX Systems Inc.
Avtech Avionics and Instruments
Avtech Tyee Inc.
AWS (USA) Inc.
B H Aircraft Company Inc.
B&E Aircraft Component Repair
B/E Aerospace Inc.
B/E Aerospace Inc., Aerospace Lighting Corporation
B/E Aerospace Inc., Aircraft Modular Products
B/E Aerospace Inc., Avionics Division
B/E Aerospace Inc., Flight Structures and Integration Group
B/E Aerospace Inc., Galley Products Division
B/E Aerospace Inc., Lenexa Facility
B/E Aerospace SPG Services
BAE Systems Aerospace & Defence Group Inc.
BAE Systems Aircraft Controls Inc.
BAE Systems Controls Inc.
BAE Systems Flight Systems Inc.
BAE Systems PLC
Ballard Technology Inc.
Barnes Aerospace Windsor Division
Barnes Group Inc.
Basewest Inc.
BASF Corporation
Beaver Aerospace & Defence
Belac LLC
Bell Helicopter
Berkshire Partners LLC
BFE Inc.
Blue Dot Energy Services LLC
Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Boeing Integrated Defence Systems
Bombardier Aerospace
Bombardier Inc.
Branet Inc.
Bristol Industries
British Airways (BA)
Bruce Aerospace Inc.
Bruce Industries Inc.
BSA International Aerospace Company
Bucher Aerospace Corporation
Bucher Group
BVR Aero Precision
C & D Zodiac Inc.
Cablecraft Motion Controls LLC
California Precision Hydraulics Inc.
Canard Aerospace Corporation
Carlisle Interconnect Technologies
Cascade Aviation Services Inc.
Castleberry Instruments & Avionics LLC
Cathay Pacific Airways
CDA InterCorp LLC
CEF Industries Inc.
Centra Industries
Certified Aerospace Corporation Inc.
Cessna Aircraft Company
CFM International
Chadwick-Helmuth Company Inc.
Champion Aerospace LLC
Chemring Group PLC
Chromalloy Arizona
Chromalloy Florida
Chromalloy Gas Turbine Corporation
Chromalloy Gas Turbine LLC
Chromalloy Georgia
Chromalloy Nevada
Chromalloy San Diego
Chromalloy Technical Support Group
Cinch Connectors Inc.
Circor Aerospace Inc.
CK Cooper & Company
Clarcor Inc.
CMC Electronics
CML Innovative Technologies
Cole Instrument Corporation
Collins Technologies
Columbia Helicopters
Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC)
Commercial Aircraft Equipment Inc.
Concorde Battery Corporation
Contour Aerospace Ltd.
Cooper Industries Inc.
Cooper Industries PLC
Corry Manufacturing Company
Cox and Company Inc.
Crane Aerospace & Electronics
Crissair Inc.
CSI Aerospace Inc.
Curtiss-Wright Accessory Services
Curtiss-Wright Controls Integrated Sensing Inc.
Curtiss-Wright Corporation
Curtiss-Wright Flight Systems Inc.
Custom Control Concepts LLC
Custom Control Sensors Inc.
Custom Products Inc.
Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST)
DAC International Inc.
Daico Industries Inc.
Darchem Company
Dassault Falcon Jet Corporation
Datametrics Corporation
Davis Aircraft Products Company Inc.
Day-Ray Products Inc.
Dayton Granger Inc.
DBM Technologies Inc. (DBMT)
DCX-CHOL Enterprises Inc.
Delavan Inc.
Delta Airlines
Delta Engineering
Denezol Tool Company Inc.
DER Services Inc.
Deutsche Lufthansa AG
Dixie Aerospace
DME Corporation
Donaldson Company Inc.
Doncasters Group Ltd.
Dover Corporation
DPI Labs Inc.
Drake Air Inc.
Drexelbrook Engr Comp
DRI Relays Inc.
Driessen Aircraft Interior System Inc.
Ducommun Aerostructures
Ducommun Inc.
Ducommun Technologies Inc.
Dugan Kinetics Nevada LLC
Dukes Aerospace Inc.
Dunkermotoren GmbH
Dunlop Standard Aerospace Group Ltd.
Dynamo Aviation Inc.
E4C Aerospace Inc.
EAD Aerospace Inc.
Eagle Aviation Graphics Inc.
Eastern Aero Marine (EAM)
Eaton Aeroquip Inc.
Eaton Aerospace Conveyance Systems Division
Eaton Aerospace Sterer Engineering
Eaton Aerospace Vickers Fluid Systems
Eaton Corporation
Eaton Corporation, Aerospace Controls Division
Eaton Corporation, Centurion (tm) Mechanical Seals
Eaton Corporation, Valve & Actuator Division
Eclipse Electronic Systems
EDC Corporation
EDN Aviation Inc.
Edo Corporation
Ejay Filtration Inc.
Elbit Systems Ltd.
ElecSys Division
Electro Cube Inc.
Electrofilm Manufacturing Company
Electro-Mech Components Inc. (EMC)
Electromech Technologies Inc.
Electronic Cable Specialists.
Electronika Inc.
Embee Inc.
EMS Aviation Inc.
EMS Technologies Inc.
Encore Interiors Inc.
Endevco Corporation
EnerSys Energy Products Inc.
Enflight Aviation Inc.
Enflite Inc.
Engelhard Corporation
Engine Alliance
Engineered Fabrics Corporation
Engineered Magnetics Inc.
EnPro Industries Inc.
ESCO Technologies Inc.
Essentra PLC
Essex Industries Inc.
Esterline AVISTA
Esterline Mason
Esterline Souriau
Esterline Technologies Corporation
Estex Manufacturing Company Inc.
ETI Inc.
European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company N.V. (EADS)
Everpure Inc
Exotic Metals Forming Company LLC
Expanded Rubber and Plastics Corporation
Extex Ltd.
Faber Enterprises Inc.
Fabritech Inc.
Fairchild Controls Corporation
Falcon Aero Manufacturing
Falls Filtration Technologies Inc.
Faraday Technology Inc.
Farwest Aircraft Inc.
Fatique Technology Inc.
Federal-Mogul Corporation
Fenwal Safety Systems
Filtrona Extrusion Inc.
Flight Deck Specialists Inc.
Flight Specialties Components Corporation
Flight Structures Inc.
Flightline Products Inc.
Fluid Regulators Corporation
Fortner Engineering and Manufacturing Inc.
Franklin Products Inc.
Freshlink Ltd.
Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies
Frisby Aerospace
FutureFlite Inc.
G & H Aerospace Inc.
Gables Engineering Inc.
Gar Kenyon Aerospace & Defence
Gar-Kenyon Technologies
GE Aviation
GE Aviation LLC
GE Aviation Systems LLC
Gemini Engineering
General Donlee Canada Inc.
General Dynamics Corporation
General Ecology Inc.
General Electric Company (GE)
General Machine - Diecron Inc. (GMD)
General Pneumatics Corporation
General Veneer Manufacturing Company
GKN Aerospace
GKN Aerospace Transparency Systems Inc.
Glenair Inc.
Global Aerospace Technology Corporation (GATCO)
Global Aviation Company
Global Filtration Inc.
GMN Aerospace Inc.
Gogo LLC
Goodrich Aerostructures
Goodrich Aircraft Interior Products (AIP)
Goodrich Aircraft Wheel & Brakes
Goodrich Aviation Technical Services
Goodrich Cabin Systems
Goodrich Corporation
Goodrich De-Icing and Specialty Systems
Goodrich Fuel Controls
Goodrich Hella Lighting Systems
Goodrich Landing Gear
Goodrich Pump & Engine Control Systems Inc. (GPECS)
Goodrich Sensors and Integrated Systems
Graham Partners Inc.
Great Lakes Aero Products Inc.
Greenbriar Equity Group LLC
Greenpoint Products & Services
Greenwich AeroGroup Inc.
Greiner Aerospace Inc.
Griffith Enterprizes Inc.
Growth Industries Inc.
GTE Airfone Inc.
Gulfstream Aerospace
Hamilton Standard Commercial, Aircraft Electronics Inc.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation of Puerto Rico
Hamilton Sundstrand Power System
Harco Laboratories Inc.
Hardy Engineering and Manufacturing
Harper Engineering
Harris Corporation
Hartman Electrical Manufacturing
Hartwell Corporation
Hartzell Aerospace
Hawker Beechcraft Corporation
Hawker Pacific Aerospace
Haydon Switch and Instrument Inc.
Heath Tecna Inc.
HEICO Aerospace Holdings Corporation
HEICO Corporation
HEICO Electronic Technologies Corporation
HEICO Flight Support Corporation
HEICO Laboratory
Herber Aircraft Service Inc.
Héroux-Devtek Inc.
Hexcel Corporation
Higher Planes
Hitachi Electronic Devices Inc.
Hitco Carbon Composites Inc.
Hi-Temp Insulation Inc.
Hollingsead International
Honeywell Aerospace
Honeywell Inc.
Honeywell Inc., CES-CSM
Honeywell Inc., Electro Components
Honeywell International Inc.
Honeywell International Inc., Aerospace - Coon Rapids
Honeywell International Inc., Aerospace Equipment Systems
Honeywell International Inc., Air Transport Avionics Systems
Honeywell International Inc., Bendix Engine Controls
Honeywell International Inc., Controls & Accessories
Honeywell International Inc., Guidance & Control System
Honeywell International Inc., Turbocharging Systems
Honeywell, Sensing and Control
Horizon Aerospace LLC
HRD Aerosystems Inc.
Hughes Aircraft Company, Interconnect Systems
Hughes Aircraft Company, Microelectronic Systems
Hughes Avicom International
Hughes Defence Communications
Hughes Network Systems
Hutchinson Aerospace
Hutchinson S.A
Hydra-Electric Company
Hydraflow Inc.
Hydro-Aire Inc.
Hytek Finishes
Iberia Airlines
Ice Management Systems Inc. (IMS)
ICORE International Inc.
IDD Aerospace Corporation
IMAGIK International Corporation
IMC Magnetics Corporation
IMS Company
Industrial Tube Corporation.
Infinity Aerospace Manufacturing
InFlight Entertainment Products
Inflight Warning Systems Inc. (IWS)
Innovative Solutions & Support Inc.
InSeat Solutions, LLC
International Aero Engines (IAE)
International Communications Group Inc. (ICG)
InterTech Group
Interturbine Aviation Logistics GmbH
Interturbine Logistics Solutions GmbH
Interturbine Technologies GmbH
InTheAirNet LLC
Israel Aircraft Industries Ltd. (IAI)
ITT Aerospace Controls
ITT Cannon
ITT Corporation
ITT Enidine Inc.
IWS Predictive Technologies
J & M Products Inc.
JAB Aero Corporation
Jamco America Inc.
Jamco Corporation
Janco Corporation
Japan Display Inc. (JDI)
Japanese Aero Engines Corporation
Jet Avion Corporation
Jet Engineering Inc.
JET Group Inc.
Jet Parts Engineering Inc.
Jet Repair Centre Inc.
Jetaire Aerospace & Technology
Jetaire Flight Systems LLC
Jetaire Group
JLL Partners
Jonal Laboratories Inc.
Jormac Aerospace Inc.
Joslyn Sunbank Corporation
JPR Hutchinson
K & S Enterprises
Kaddas Enterprises Inc.
Kaman Corporation
Kamatics Corporation
Kaohsiung Opto Electronics Americas Inc.
KAPCO - Valtec, and Ruag
Kavlico Corporation
Kawak Aviation Technologies Inc.
Kearfott Corporation Motion Systems Division.
Keddeg Company
Kellstrom Industries Inc.
Kelly Aerospace Energy Systems
Kelly Aerospace Inc.
Kelly Aerospace Power Systems Inc.
Kelly Aerospace Thermal Systems LLC
Kidde Aerospace
Kinetic Structures Corporation
Kirkhill Aircraft Parts Company
Kirkhill-TA Company
Kirkwood Holding Inc.
Kittiwake Developments Ltd.
K-Jack Aero Industries LLC
Klune Industries
Kontron AG
Korry Electronics Company
Krause-Airco Inc.
Kulite Semiconductor Product Inc.
L2 Consulting Inc.
L-3 Aviation Recorders
L-3 Communications Datron Advanced Technologies
L-3 Communications Holdings Inc.
L-3 Communications Integrated Systems Group
L-3 Electron Devices, formerly Litton Electron Devices
La Jonchère
Lamsco West Inc.
LanAir Inc.
Leach International
Lear Romec
Lee Products Engineering Services Inc. (LPESI)
Lewis & Saunders After-Market Operations
LifePort Inc.
Limco-Airepair Inc.
Linear Mold and Engineering
LISI Group
Lite Air Aviation Products Inc.
LJ Walch Company Inc.
LKD Aerospace Inc.
LMI Aerospace Inc.
London Heathrow International Airport
Loos & Company Inc.
Lord Corporation
Lord Corporation, Mechanical Products Division
Lori Inc.
Lufthansa Technik Group
Lumexis Corporation
Luminator Aerospace
Luminator Technology Group
Luminescent Systems Inc.
LW Aerospace Solutions LLC
M & N Aerospace Inc.
Magee Plastics Company
Magellan Aerospace Corporation
Magellan Aerospace New York Inc.
Magnetic Seal Corporation
MarathonNorco Aerospace Inc.
Marketing Masters Inc.
Marsh Aviation Co
Mason Electric Company
Mass Systems Inc
Matsushita Avionics Systems Corporation
MC Assembly
McClain International Inc.
McDonnell Douglas
McGill Manufacturing Company Inc.
McKechnie Aerospace Holdings Inc.
McSwain Manufacturing
Measure Tech Inc.
Mechanical Products Company
Meggitt (New Hampshire) Inc.
Meggitt (North Hollywood) Inc.
Meggitt (Orange County) Inc.
Meggitt (San Juan Capistrano) Inc.
Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems
Meggitt Airdynamics Inc.
Meggitt Control Systems
Meggitt Equipment Group
Meggitt Oregon
Meggitt PLC
Meggitt Polymer Solutions
Meggitt Polymers & Composites
Meggitt Safety Systems Inc.
Meggitt Sensing Systems
Meggitt Thermal Systems Inc.
MEL Group
Miami Aircraft Structures Inc.
Micro Lamps Inc.
Microtech Inc.
Middle River Aircraft Systems Inc.
Midwest Aero Support Inc.
Midwest Aircraft Products Company (MAPCO)
Miltope Corporation
Minebea Company Ltd.
Monadnock Company
Monogram Systems
Monogram Systems, TIA Division
Moog Aircraft Group
Moog Inc.
Moritz Aerospace Inc.
Moss Vale Inc.
MPC Products Corporation
MS Aerospace
MSP Aviation Inc.
MTU Aero Engines
Nabtesco Aerospace Inc.
Nabtesco Corporation
Nasco Aircraft Brake Inc.
National Aircraft Service Inc. (NASI)
National Utilities Company/NUCO
Neill Aircraft Company
Nell-Joy Industries Inc.
Networks Electronic Corporation
New Hampshire Ball Bearings Inc.
Ni-Cad Systems Inc.
NMB Technologies Corporation
NMC Aerospace
NOK Corporation
NORDAM Group Inc.
Nordam Interiors and Structures Division
Nordisk Aviation Products
Norman Lamps Inc.
Northeast Aero Compressor Corporation
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Northrop Grumman Guidance and Electronics Company Inc.
Northrop Grumman Litton Systems Inc.
Northwest Aerospace Technologies Inc. (NAT)
Norton Performance Plastics Corporation, Composites Operations
Norwich Aero Products Inc.
NPO Saturn
Nylon Molding Corporation
Optical display Engineering
Orcon Corporation
Orscheln Products LLC
OTTO Controls
OTTO Engineering Inc.
Otto Instrument Service Inc.
Pacific Precision Products (PPP)
Pacific Scientific Aerospace (PSA)
Pacific Scientific ARTUS
Pacific Scientific, Electro Kinetics Division
Pacific Scientific, Energy Systems Division
Pacific Scientific, HTL Division
Pacific Scientific, OECO
Pacific Southwest Instruments
Paco Plastics & Engineering Inc.
Pall Aeropower Corporation
Pall Corporation
Palomar Products
Panasonic Avionics Corporation
Panasonic Corporation
Parker Hannifin Corporation
Parker Hannifin Corporation, Abex NWL Division
Parker Hannifin Corporation, Gas Turbine Fuel Systems Division
Parker Hannifin Corporation, Hydraulic Valve Division
Parker Hannifin Corporation, Nichols Airborne Division
Parker Hannifin Corporation, O-Seal Division
Parker Hannifin Corporation, Servo Control Division
Parker Stratoflex
PAS Technologies Inc.
PATS Aircraft Systems LLC
PB Fasteners
Pentair Filtration Inc.
Permaswage Company
Phillips Service Industries Inc. (PSI)
Phoenix Aerospace Inc.
PHS/MWA Aviation Services
Piaggio & C. SpA
Pickering Controls
Pilgrim Screw Corporation
PL Porter Controls Inc.
Plymouth Products Inc.
Pneudraulics Inc.
PPG Industries Inc.
Pratt & Whitney
Pratt & Whitney AeroPower
Pratt & Whitney Canada
Pratt & Whitney Engine Services Inc.
Praxair Surface Technologies Inc.
Precise Flight Inc.
Precision Castparts Corporation (PCC)
Precision Coil Spring Company
Precision Components International
Precision Conversions LLC
Precision Mechanisms Corporation
Precision Pattern Inc.
Precision Ring Inc.
Preece Inc.
Prime Air LLC
Primus Composites
Primus International LLC
Primus International University Swaging Division
Projects Inc.
PSI Bearings
PTI Technologies Inc.
Purolator Facet Inc.
Qatar Airways
QED Inc.
Qualiseal Technology
Quality Aircraft Acrylics Inc.
Quality Harness and Cable Assembly
Quest Aviation Supply Inc.
Quiet Technology Aerospace
Quiet Wing Technologies Inc.
R & D Dynamics Corporation
Racal Acoustics
Radiant Power Corporation
Rainier Rubber Company
Raisbeck Engineering Inc.
Ralmark Company
Ramona Research Inc.
Rantec Power Systems Inc.
Raytheon Company
RBC Aircraft Products Inc.
RBC Bearings Inc.
RBC Heim Bearings
RBC Southwest Products Company
RBC Transport Dynamics
RCF Technologies Inc.
RdF Corporation
Regent Aerospace Corporation
Reinhold Industries
Republic Fastener Manufacturing Corporation
Rexnord Corporation
Rexnord Industries LLC
Rheinmetall AG
Rieker Inc.
Rockwell Collins Aerospace and Electronics
Rockwell Collins Air Transport Systems
Rockwell Collins Airshow Systems
Rockwell Collins Electromechanical Systems
Rockwell Collins Inc.
Rockwell Collins North American Aircraft Modification
Rogerson Aircraft Corporation
Rogerson Kratos
Rolls-Royce PLC
Rosen Sunvisor Systems LLC
RSA Engineered Products LLC
Rubbercraft Corporation
Russtech Engineering Company Inc.
S & S Numerical Control Inc.
SAF Industries LLC
Safe Flight Instrument Corporation
Safran S.A.
SafTGlo Inc.
Sagard Private Equity Partners
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Corporation
Sanderson Plumbing Products Inc.
Sargent Aerospace Inc.
Satco Inc.
Satterfield Aerospace
Schaeffler Group USA Inc.
Schaeffler Technologies GmbH & Company KG
Schatz Bearing Corporation
Schneller Holdings LLC
Schneller LLC
Schwartz Aviation LLC
Scientific Instruments Inc.
Seal Dynamics Inc.
Seal Dynamics LLC
Seattle Aero LLC
SecuraPlane Technologies LLC
Seginus Inc.
SELEX Systems
Semco Instruments Inc.
Senior Operations Inc.
Senior PLC
Sensata Technologies Inc.
Sensor System LLC
Sensor Systems Inc.
Servo Instrument Corporation
SGL Group
Shimadzu Precision Instrument Inc.
Shimtech Industries Ltd.
Showa Aircraft Industry Company Ltd.
Showa Aircraft USA Inc.
Shur-Lok Corporation
Sikorsky Aerospace Services
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
Singapore Airlines
Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd.
SISU Services Inc.
Skurka Aerospace Inc.
Skylock Industries Inc.
Skytronics Inc.
SkyWest Airlines
Slick Aircraft Products
Smith Group PLC
Smith Tubular Systems - Laconia Inc.
SMR Technologies Inc.
Snecma S.A.
Soderberg Manufacturing Company Inc.
Soundair Aviation Services
Souriau Group
South Bend Controls Inc.
Southeast Aerospace Inc.
Southern Aeroparts
Specline Inc.
Spectralux Corporation
Spectrum Associates Inc.
Spirit AeroSystems Inc.
SPS Technologies Inc.
SS White Technologies Inc.
ST Aerospace
ST Aerospace Mobile Inc.
Standard Aero
Star Aero
Star Aviation Inc.
Starr Aircraft Products Inc.
STG Aerospace Inc.
STPI Group
Structural Integrity Engineering
Sumitomo Precision USA Inc.
Sunbank Corporation
Super98 LLC
Sweeney Engineering Corporation
SwisTurbine Inc.
Switchcraft Holdco
Switchcraft Inc.
Symbolic Displays Inc.
Synchronous Aerospace Group
TA Manufacturing
Tactair Fluid Controls Inc.
Talon Aerospace
TDG Aerospace Inc.
TEAC Aerospace Technologies Inc.
Team JAS Aviation
Technetics Corporation
Technical Airborne Components (TAC)
Tecom Industries Inc.
Tednologies Inc.
Telair International GmbH
Telair International Inc.
Teledyne Controls
Teledyne Demo Systems
Teledyne Microelectronic Technologies
Teledyne Reynolds
Teledyne Technologies Inc.
Teleflex Cargo Systems
Teleflex Inc.
Telephonics Corporation
Texas Pneumatic Systems Inc.
Thales Avionics In-Flight Systems
Thales Communications Inc., Aviation Electronics Division
Thales Group
The B&E Group LLC
The Boeing Company
The Carlyle Group
The Jordan Company L.P
The Sterling Group LP
Thermal Structures Inc.
Thomson Aerospace & Defence
Thomson Saginaw Ball Screw Company
Thornton Technology Corporation
Threesixty Aerospace
TIMCO Aerosystems
Timken Aerospace Aftermarket
Timken Aerospace & Super Precision Bearings
Timken Aerospace and Defence
Timken Company
Titanium Metals Corporation (Timet)
Titeflex Corporation
TMT Research Development Inc.
Toledo Commutator Company
Torrington Distributors Inc.
TransDigm Group Inc.
TransDigm Inc.
Transicoil LLC
Trelleborg AB
Tri Aero LLC
Triumph Accessory Services
Triumph Actuation Systems - Connecticut
Triumph Actuation Systems - Valencia Inc.
Triumph Actuation Systems LLC
Triumph Aerospace Systems - Newport News
Triumph Aerospace Systems Group
Triumph Aerospace Systems Inc.
Triumph Aerostructures - Vought Commercial Division
Triumph Aerostructures - Vought Integrated Programs Division
Triumph Aerostructures Group
Triumph Aftermarket Services Group
Triumph Composite Systems Inc.
Triumph Controls Inc.
Triumph Engine Control Systems LLC
Triumph Engineering Services Inc.
Triumph Fabrications - St. Louis
Triumph Gear Systems
Triumph Gear Systems - Park City
Triumph Gear Systems - Toronto
Triumph Group Inc.
Triumph Insulation Systems LLC
Triumph Interiors LLC
Triumph Processing - Embee Division Inc.
Triumph Structures - Everett
Triumph Structures - Farnborough
Triumph Structures - Thailand
Triumph Thermal Systems Inc.
TSI Group Inc.
TTF Aerospace LLC
Turbine Controls Inc. (TCI)
Turbine Kinetics Inc.
Turbo Specialists
Tyco Inc.
Tyee Aircraft Inc.
UFC Aerospace Corporation
Ultra Electronics Flightline Systems
Ultra Electronics Holdings
Uniglobe Aerospace Inc. (UAI)
Unison Industries LLC
United Aerospace Engineering LLC
United Airlines
United Technologies Corporation
Universal Avionics Systems Corporation
US Technical
USM Aerostructures Corporation
UTC Aerospace Systems
Valcor Engineering Corporation
Valley Precision Metal Products Inc.
Valtec Aircraft Supply
Vaupell Inc.
Vaupell Industrial Molding & Tooling
Vaupell Northwest Molding and Tooling
Velcon Filters LLC
Ventura Aerospace Inc.
Vibro-Meter Corporation
Vid-Air Services Inc.
Video Technology Services Inc.
VIJ Corporation
Virgin Atlantic Airways
Volant Aerospace, Formerly International Aero Interiors LLC
Volumatic Inc.
Voss Aerospace
Voss Industries Inc
Vought Aircraft Industries Inc.
VT Miltope
VT System
Wamco Inc.
Weber Aircraft Inc.
Wencor Group
Wencor LLC
Wencor West Inc.
Wesco Aircraft Corporation
Western Filter
Weston Electric Instrument Company
Whippany Actuation LLC
Whippany Actuation Systems LLC
Whittaker Controls Inc.
Whittaker Systron Donner, Safety Systems Division
Wire Cloth Filter Manufacturing Company
Woodward FST Inc.
Woodward Governor Company
Woodward HRT Inc.
Woodward Inc.
Woodward MPC
Yokohama Aerospace America Inc.
Zodiac Advanced Composites and Engineered Materials
Zodiac Aerosafety
Zodiac Aerospace S.A
Zodiac Aircraft Systems
Zodiac Airline Cabin Interiors
Zodiac Arresting Systems
Zodiac Business Aircraft Cabin Interiors
Zodiac Cabin & Cockpit Systems
Zodiac Cabin & Structures
Zodiac Cargo Equipment
Zodiac Commercial OEM Cabin Interiors
Zodiac Controls
Zodiac Data Systems
Zodiac Elastomer
Zodiac Electrical Systems
Zodiac Entertainment & Seat Technologies
Zodiac Evacuation Systems
Zodiac Fluid Management
Zodiac Galley Inserts
Zodiac Galleys
Zodiac Galleys & Equipment
Zodiac Inflight Innovations (ZII)
Zodiac Interconnect
Zodiac Parachute and Protection
Zodiac Premium Galleys
Zodiac Seat Shells
Zodiac Seats
Zodiac Seats France
Zodiac Seats UK
Zodiac Seats US
Zodiac Services
Zodiac Water and Waste Systems

Other Organisations Mentioned in This Report

Aerospace Industries Association (AIA)
Air Transport Association of America (ATA)
Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA)
Civil Aeronautics Administration, United State
Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC)
Civil Aviation Bureau, Japan (JCAB)
Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Australia (CASA)
Department of Civil Aviation, Thai (DCA)
Department of Defence, United States
Department of Homeland Security, United State
Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Mexico (DGCA)
Energy Information Administration, United State (EIA)
European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)
FAA Aviation Safety Repair, Alteration and Fabrication Team (RAF)
Federal Aviation Administration, United State (FAA)
International Air Transport Association (IATA)
International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
Modification and Replacement Parts Association (MARPA)
Namibia Directorate of Civil Aviation (DCA)
National Aeronautics and Space Administration, United State (NASA)
Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)
Transport Canada Civil Aviation Directorate (TCCA)
U.S. Military
US Air Force (USAF)
US Armed Forces

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