Finding Mandela - Four Part Series
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Finding Mandela - Four Part Series

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Finding Mandela - Four Part Series PR Newswire NAIROBI, June 29, 2012 NAIROBI, June 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- A24 MEDIA is once again proud to announce another milestone in the CCTV FACES OF AFRICA series.



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Finding Mandela - Four Part Series PR Newswire NAIROBI, June 29, 2012
NA IROBI,June 29, 2012/PRNewswire/ --A 24MEDIA is onceagain proud to announce another milestone in the CCTV FACES OFA FRICAseries. Startingthis Sunday, for four straight weeks, CCTV will air an A24 MEDIA-produced series on the life of South African activist/statesman/ President, Nelson Mandela. The weekly series airs Sundays at 1930 Central African time,1730 GMTon CCTV News, which is seen acrossA fricaand around the globe.They can also be seen on-line at A 24MEDIA would liketo invite all of our viewers and friends to take in a series that looks not only at the historic Mandela, but also the "Madiba Magic", through the eyes of modern South Africans. Experiencethe struggles, the triumphs, the sacrifices and the entertaining anecdotes that chronicle the life and success of this brave and heroic African. July 1, 8, 15 and 22 are the dates to keep with your television sets as this unique look at Nelson Mandela unfolds. In the coming weeks A24 MEDIA and CCTV NEWS will also bring you profiles of environmental warrior, Wangari Maathai, andZambia'sfirst President and renaissance man, Kenneth Kaunda. We will look forward to you joining us weekly to enjoy CCTV's "FACES OFA FRICA" only on CCTV News. A BOUTA 24MEDIA A 24Media isA frica'sfrican broadcasters and NGO's from aroundfirst online delivery site for material from journalists, A the continent. We ensure that everyone that contributes to our online site receive wide and previously unknown exposure to their content, thereby generating sustainable revenues from the sale of their stories on a 60:40 basis in favor of the contributor. Of the utmost importance is that the contributor will continue to OWN the copyright of the original footage. For more information contact us:
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