FLEXISEQ™: Drug Free Treatment for Osteoarthritis Launched in Malaysia
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FLEXISEQ™: Drug Free Treatment for Osteoarthritis Launched in Malaysia

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FLEXISEQ™: Drug Free Treatment for Osteoarthritis Launched in Malaysia PR Newswire KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, September 29, 2012 KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, September 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Farmasia Sdn. Bhd.



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FLEXISEQ™: Drug Free Treatment for Osteoarthritis Launched in Malaysia
PR Newswire KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, September 29, 2012
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia,September 29, 2012/PRNewswire/ --Farmasia Sdn. Bhd., and Pro Bono Bio Group plc ("PBB"), today launched FLEXISEQ, an exciting and innovative product that provides pain relief, and improved mobility, through cutting-edge nanotechnology. FLEXISEQ is a drug-free, topically applied gel, specially formulated to combat joint pain, in particular that associated with osteoarthritis ('OA'). FLEXISEQ contains a unique technology known asSequessome Technology™, which consists of nanostructures that cross through the skin barrier after the gel's topical application. On reaching the inside of the joint, theSequessome™ nanostructures help to lubricate the joint, reducing pain and increasing mobility. This new technology was developed by Pro Bono Bio, an international healthcare company backed by British and Russian expertise and investment. The Malaysian launch of FLEXISEQ was held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel inKuala Lumpur, and drew over a hundred eminent doctors, surgeons, experts and other significant players from the Malaysian medical industry. The event was chaired by Datuk Dr. Syed Abdul Latiff Alsagoff, a noted Malaysian orthopaedic surgeon, and Mr. Michael Earl, Chief Operating Officer of PBB, spoke about PBB's development of FLEXISEQ. In the short time since theintroduction of FLEXISEQ inMalaysiainJune 2012it has already been extensively used by leading orthopaedic specialists in both the government and private sectors. Dr. Ozlan, a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon inKuala Lumpur, was one of the first medical practitioners inMalaysiato use FLEXISEQ gel on more than 20 patients. Dr.Ozlan commented "FLEXISEQ is exciting as it can be used safely as a first line treatment to combat joint pains; especially those associated with osteoarthritis. Many patients will benefit as it is clinically proven to be as effective in reducing joint pain and enhancing joint mobility as many commonly used Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug medications, but because it is non-pharmaceutical, it does not have the side-effects commonly found with these oral medications. There is currently no other product available on the market that is as effective without the worrying side effects." Dr. Ozlan continued "FLEXISEQ is unique, easy-to-use, and most importantly is safe. I can see the multicultural and active Malaysian market benefiting from the product as joint mobility is extremely important in everyday solat, the visiting of temples such as Batu Caves, the performing of Hajj which is fast approaching and of course our favourite pastime….golf!"
About Farmasia Sdn. Bhd.:
FARMASIA Sdn Bhd, the local Malaysian distribution company, whose major business includes the distribution of medical supplies to government and private health institutions. htt ://www.farmasia.com.m
About Pro Bono Bio Group plc
Pro Bono Bio Group plc ("PBB") is an international healthcare company, which partners with leading scientists, eminent physicians and specialist service providers, to ensure we have access to the best talent available to develop products that target key unmet medical needs. Pro Bono Bio launched its first medicine, FLEXISEQ in 2012 inGermany. Dermatology products, ROSSOSEQ™ and EXOSEQ™, are scheduled to launch later this year. http://www.probonobio.com For more information regarding the availability of FLEXISEQ, please contact: Farmasia Sdn. Bhd. Sales & Marketing Ms Zohrah Al Aidruss Tel: +60-12-3720224 Email: zohrah@farmasia.com.my Accounts & Orders Ms Zuraida Mansur Tel: +60-12-3986560 Email: rzuraida@farmasia.com.my
Pro Bono Bio Michael Earl, COO of Pro Bono Bio Tel.: +44-7795563462 Email: michael.earl@pbbio.com