JustSaying.me: Real-time Customer Feedback for the Mobile Generation

JustSaying.me: Real-time Customer Feedback for the Mobile Generation

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JustSaying.me: Real-time Customer Feedback for the Mobile Generation
PR Newswire LONDON, November 14, 2012
LONDON,November 14, 2012/PRNewswire/ --
In an age of rapid communication and instantsocial mediainteraction, businesses are finding it harder than ever to keep one step ahead of their customers by providing them with a first-class service while still trying to increase profits and business.
The key to this seemingly impossible task is undoubtedlycustomer feedback; it is vital that companies effectively collect and respond to customers' thoughts and comm ents in order to ensure that they are delivering just the right experience for their clients, thus guaranteeing repeat business.
The trouble is thatfeedback-gathering methods are often antiquated and overly time-consuming; in the digital age, people expect one-touch solutions and recoil at the thought of a two-page feedback form or intrusive email survey. Collectingcustomer opinionscan be extremely tricky!
Step forward Dmitry Aksenov, a 20-year-old IT genius andentrepreneurwith a whole host of great ideas on customer feedback management. Dmitry's London-based company, London Brand Management, has recently launched a new service calledJustSaying.mewhich offers a cutting-edgemobile phone feedbackmanagement tool.
The product allows business owners to give their customers the option to quickly and easily submit their thoughts andfeedbackbySMS text message,directly and instantly from theirmobile phone.
The JustSaying.me management system gives managers aweb-based dashboardwhich provides a real-time view of their customers' feedback, together with an immediate resolution or escalation of thecustomer's complaint. Additionally, the company can offer rewards and incentives for positive reviews using discount vouchers and codes, thereby encouraging repeat business - and all this in real time!
Dmitry believes that JustSaying.me will change the way businesses interact with their customers, and w ill prove indispensable in improving the customer experience across a multitude of sectors."I created this product to help bothbusiness owners and consumers,'’he said."A goodcustomer experienceis expected by everyone,and businesses that show they are listening to customers'views and offering a good service will always ensure repeat business,and thus increase revenues!'’
For further information, please contact:
London Brand Management, +44-(0)20-7788-7588
Dmitry Aksenov -dmitry@londonbrand.co.uk
Stephen Roberts -stephen@londonbrand.co.uk
Mobile - +44-(0)7947-707917
JustSaying.me -http://www.justsaying.me
London Brand Management -http://www.londonbrand.co.uk