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Listerine® is Back With 'Mouth Off'

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Listerine® is Back With 'Mouth Off' PR Newswire LONDON, October 26, 2012 LONDON, October 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- New YouTube campaign for Listerine® sees rapping chins battle it out - With Photo [i]This October will see the UK's leading mouthwash brand Listerine® launch their new



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Listerine® is Back With 'Mouth Off'
PR Newswire LONDON, October 26, 2012
LONDON,October 26, 2012/PRNewswire/ --
New YouTube campaign for Listerine®sees rapping chins battle it out
- With Photo
[i] This October will see the UK's leading mouthwash brand Listerine® launch their new digital campaign 'Mouth Off' which aims to raise awareness of all the things people put their mouths through. The Listerine® Mouth Off depicts the ultimate rap battle that takes place between the mouth's worst enemies to determine who really is the 'baddest' for the mouth.
The six rappers battling it out for the title include some of the freshest UK rap talent:
Pen'alty - Strong flow writer, weak gum biter Miss Tea - The Queen of stains Lil'Finger - Grubby fingered, germ ridden, hoodlum Pic'n Mix - Old school duo from back in the decay Anna'Key - Girl with the key-chipped grill Sir Rap'Shallot - Rap superstar with big beats but bad breath
The host of the show, MC Total Care, will announce the winner which will then be followed by the ultim ate beat-down rap, proving his seniority over any of the wannabe contenders because when it comes to mouths, nothing is bad enough to beat Listerine® Total Care.
For the first time, Listerine® will also have a presence on Twitter, where the @ListerineUKMouthOff handle will allow fans to follow and interact with these outspoken chins. Followers will also have the opportunity to suggest their own character personas, by using #BadForMyMouthRapper.
Sissel Gynnild, Assistant Brand Manager for Listerine® says: "We are particularly interested in talking to younger adults with the YouTube campaign to help them reconsider all the things they put their mouth through. By including some amazing British rappers in our videos, we hope people will find the content engaging and fun".
To experience 'Mouth Off' for yourself, visit
Notes to Editors
With a heritage spanning more than 100 years, Listerine is one of the most recognised consumer brands, but what may not be known is that it is also the most extensively tested daily use mouthwash available. Unlike brushing or flossing, which works on only 25% of the mouth, Listerine works on the whole mouth and is clinically proven to kill [ii] up to 97% of germs left behind after brushing .
Note to Editors:
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i. IRI DUM Category Value Sales 52 w/e25th Aug 2012
ii. Data on file from Listerine
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