Make Business Travel Easier with the Right Suitcase from
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Make Business Travel Easier with the Right Suitcase from

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Make Business Travel Easier with the Right Suitcase from SportsDirect.



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Make Business Travel Easier with the Right Suitcase from
PR Newswire LONDON, October 18, 2012
LONDON,October 18, 2012/PRNewswire/ --
Travelling for business can sometimes prove more hectic than regular holiday travel, last minute flights or trains to catch, extra documents, electronics and suits which can't be creased call for a different breed of luggage. Luckily, one of the UK's biggest online luggage retailers, not only offers a variety ofsuitcasesto suit business travel, but offers up some handy hints and tips to make business travel a little less hectic.
Make the most of storage. Suitcases now come with a host of pockets, compartments and security layers to keep belongings extra safe during journeys, when travelling with important business documents and electronics, now is the time to make the most of these and organize everything before travelling. Know the route. It sounds simple, but the type of luggage used for business travel can vary drastically depending on how the journey maps out. Any extra walking may require a wheeled suitcase or a rucksack, whilst flying sometimes allows for the luxury of more than one bag. Invest in a garment bag. Travelling for business often requires a smarter wardrobe, with little time to prepare items for ironing. Keeping suits and shirts in a suitable garment bag will not only keep the items smarter during the journey, but can be stored easily when travelling by train or car. Go for the hard shell. Weekend conferences or retreats which require flying give travellers less control of certain items, opting for a hard shell suitcase when travelling with precious samples or electronics can help keep them in good condition upon arrival. A hard shell cabin suitcase is also a good investment when travelling with personal computers, tablets and other electronics.
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