MOO.COM Introduces Helen Friel
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MOO.COM Introduces Helen Friel's Collection For The Luxe Project

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MOO.COM Introduces Helen Friel's Collection For The Luxe Project PR Newswire LONDON and PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island, Oct.



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MOO.COM Introduces Helen Friel's Collection For The Luxe Project
PR Newswire LONDON and PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island, Oct. 22, 2012
-Renowned paper engineer Helen Friel transforms Oliver Byrne's infamous geometric illustrations into 3D , to directly benefit the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home
LONDON and PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island,Oct. 22, 2012/PRNewswire/ -- Inspired by Oliver Byrne's translation of Euclid'sElementsinto colorful diagrams and symbols, paper engineer and illustrator Helen Friel createdHere's Looking at Euclid, her new limited edition business card collection forThe Luxe Project. Friel's collection will be available for one month, with 100% of the net proceeds going to charity.
To create herHere's Looking at Euclidcollection, Friel used Byrne's illustrations as guidelines to hand construct five different 3D models, which were then photographed and used as the artwork for the backs of the cards. "Though Byrne's book,The FirstSix Books of Euclid,was first published in 1847, his designs are startlingly modern in form and color, reminiscent of Piet Mondrian's work and way ahead of their time. I wanted to see what Byrne's designs would look like in three dimensions," said Friel.
Friel intendedHere's Looking at Euclidfor mathematicians, architects, engineers (anyone who uses precision in their work), or collectors of great design. "MOO gave me the freedom to design what I wanted to design, and to choose who would benefit from those designs. It's lovely that MOO is giving this opportunity to designers and to the organizations they hold dear to their hearts," said Friel.
Friel's charity is theBattersea Dogs & Cats Home, the UK-based organization that has been reuniting lost dogs and cats with their owners or finding them new homes for over 150 years. "I missed having pets in London, and my studio is across the park from Battersea Park where they walk the dogs. I'm a volunteer dog walker, and I've seen first-hand the fantastic work they do to care for the animals," said Friel.
The limited edition collection is a set of 50 Luxe Business Cards, featuring the fiveHelen Friel 3D models on the back. Designed for people who want to create their own business cards. Luxe Business Cards are high-quality, customizable and super-thick — four layers of Mohaw k Superfine paper fused together to create a 32-point card. The front of the card is personalized, and the designs on the back can be ordered either as the complete collection, or only selected favorites. And, an optional seam of color (blue, red and black) adds to the unique, eye-catching appeal.
The Luxe Project byMOO.COMis an initiative that teams creatives with Luxe Business Cards, and helps good causes as well. Each designer's collection is showcased for a month with 100% of net proceeds from sales going to the designer's charity of choice. The Luxe Project has raised over$20,000for the following designers and their charities: Michael Osborne for Joey's Corner, Dan Rubin for The Harmony Foundation, Katie Barcelona for GVI, and Sean Adams for The Art Center College of Design.