PVC-Doors.net Informs Customers on Plans for the Green Deal Programme
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PVC-Doors.net Informs Customers on Plans for the Green Deal Programme

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PVC-Doors.net Informs Customers on Plans for
the Green Deal Programme
PR Newswire
CHESTER, England, June 12, 2012
CHESTER, England
June 12, 2012
/PRNewswire/ --
Earlier today, the government announced its second legislation for the Green
Deal programme which would help low income households make their homes
more energy efficient. The plan will help families save money on their energy
bills whilst saving the planet from increasing greenhouse gas emissions.
At a time when the economic climate shows no signs of slowing down, an
increased number of homes are being hit by the rising prices of gas and
electricity. Today, the team at http://www.pvc-doors.net outlines the plans
which will help homeowners keep their homes warm and their energy bills
According to reports, a large number of homes across the UK are not fitted
with the correct insulation and double glazing windows and doors in order to
keep bills at a low cost. Instead, more gas and electricity is being used than
necessary because of inefficient homes. In fact, 43% of the UK's total
greenhouse gas emissions are a result of homes lacking energy efficient home
The new plans from the Green Deal programme will offer help to households
are on lower incomes. Home improvements can be carried out on homes and
then part or fully paid with the savings made on energy bills.
PVC-Doors.net continues to say that around 230,000 low income households
will be assisted each year.
Further announcements on the programme will be made by
October 2012
which will clarify the steps that can be taken in order to qualify for the Green
Deal and Eco subsidy. £1.3 billion will be put aside for helping and supporting
low income families create energy efficient homes which in turn will contribute
towards the constant fight against climate change.
For the latest information and news on the Green Deal programme and how to
save money through energy efficient home improvements, simply visit PVC
Doors. Alternatively, click here to find out more about double glazing windows
and doors installations in the UK.