Red Letter Day for PPI Victims

Red Letter Day for PPI Victims

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Red Letter Day for PPI Victims PR Newswire MANCHESTER, England, August 30, 2012 MANCHESTER, England, August 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- SIMPLY the best. That's the simplest, and the best. That's Red Star.



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Red Letter Day for PPI Victims
PR Newswire MANCHESTER, England, August 30, 2012
MANCHESTER, England,August 30, 2012/PRNewswire/ --SIMPLY the best. That's the simplest, and the best. That's Red Star. The world of payment protection insurance (PPI) is littered with the kind of red tape and complicated jargon that got people into this mess in the first place. Now the banks and others have been caught red-handed mis-selling insurance policies - in some cases to customers who didn't even know they were buying them - and Red Star Financial Management is here to help you get your money back. If you have taken out a loan or made a major purchase - like a house, a holiday home, a car or credit card agreement - it's more than likely you may be a victim of this scandalous practice. No one minds paying for what they have bought. But to pay out for something you didn't need or want or even knew you had is just plain illegal. That's where Red Star comes in to untangle the web of deceit and get the best possible return for you. Payment protection insurance started off with the best intentions - to guarantee continued payment of instalments on the purchase you made. But some people got carried away, ruthlessly pushing the sale of such policies or even sneaking them into deals without customers knowing! That's where we come in. Give us a call or drop us an email using the contact details below. We send you some forms, you fill them out and we take it from there. It's as simple as that. Of course we will need certain details from you, and as some lenders may try and wriggle out of their responsibilities we may need to come back to you to check more details. But our plan is to keep it simple. Red Star Financial Management has secured the return of many thousands of pounds thanks to our experience in dealing with a complicated process that we have stripped down and rebuilt to give our clients the best possible return. Lee DouthwaitefromCheshiresaid "I was unaware I'd been paying PPI on many of these accounts and those I had were not sold to me correctly. After a quick chat with Red Star they helped me realise how some had been mis-sold to me and some had simply been hidden within the costs of the credit cards. I've had little involvement other than signing a few forms and waiting for the cheques to arrive." Mrs FfromInvernesssaid: "I wish to thank you and your colleagues at Red Star Financial Management for the work carried out regarding the claim you made on my behalf against my my kitchen supplier, with regard to their overcharging me for the instalment of a new kitchen. I particularly appreciate the fact that this was all done without me having requested it. The cheque arrived this morning, and has already been deposited at my bank." That's why Red Star Financial Management is the go-to team to get your money back. For more information, help or any enquiries with regards to PPI claims please contact Red Star Financial Management at or on
+44(0)1619058465, or simply visit,