Top 10 Repair Tool Kits that every Cell Phone Repair Shop must have
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Top 10 Repair Tool Kits that every Cell Phone Repair Shop must have


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Many people want to know which are the best cell phone repair tool for the beginner's repair shop. Here is Mobilesentrix is provide at Top 10 Cell Phone Tool Kits to every shop owner's Must have. that will help you to improve your repair business. Mobilesentrix also deals with Macbook Repair Tools, iPhone Repair Tools and Mobile phone Repair Tools and Accessories at wholesale price for every repair store.



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Published 17 September 2020
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Top 10 Repair Tool Kitsthat Every Cell Phone Repair Shop must have
This is the most common question in the minds of every new repair shop ownes. There are many kinds of cell phone, Macbook or other wireless device repair kit available on online stores but how can you find which is best kit for you aŶd youƌ stoƌe. MaŶy ƌepaiƌ shop oǁŶeƌs ƌeally doŶ’t kŶoǁ ǁhiĐh ƌepaiƌ tools are really most helpful for his wireless device repair store.
WheŶ ǁe opeŶ ouƌ Ŷeǁ ƌepaiƌ ďusiŶess theŶ ǁe doŶ’t haǀe ŵoƌe ďudget to buy all kinds for repair kits, because will effect on your budget. Here we are providing list of best wireless device repair took kit that you must have as a repair shop owner.
1. Nanch Screwdriver Set for Macbooks
Quality copper mini screwdriver with swivel-head to make sure precision and resists corrosion. Portable-wallet design for portable and easily fit in pocket or kit bag. Magnetic bits-12 magnetic bits include Torx, Philips, Slotted, Tri-wing, Pentalobe. Durable-hardened and tempered S2 alloy steel blades, HRC 58-62.
2. Multi-Functional Screwdriver Kit (80 In 1) 80 in 1 precision screwdriver set is designed to service all popular iPad, iPhone, PC, Watches, Glasses, Laptops, Phones, Game Consoles, and other electronics. you can easily work on repair computers, laptops, etc. by using the kit. Versatile Magnetic Driver Kit has 56 different kind of bits will accommodate many shaped screws to meet all your demand. 56 different bits are made of CR-V steel, which is high hardness, good toughness, strength and durable. And all of bit is through strict quality testing. The magnetic tip on the screwdriver is very convenient when pulling screws out or lining up screws with the hole. Every tweezer is plated resistive ESD coating, which prevents static damage to electronic components.
3. Device Cleaning Tools A. Kaisi microfiber cleaning wipes (pack of 440) Soft, economic and effective Kaisi Microfiber Cleaning Wipes (Pack of 440). Applicable for cleaning glass and LCD screen. Good for wiping phone and laptop screen or smooth surface. No dust or water stain left. Both for dry and wet uses.
B. anti-static Double-End brush (SS-02) The high quality Anti-Static Double-End Brush (SS-02) is designed for good fiber retention. Ideal for cleaning printed circuit boards and SMT assemblies.
C. iSee dust detection lamp (Qianli) This Tool is used to find Dust from Cell Phone LCD Screen. You can easily remove dust.
4. Tapes and Adhesive This roll of double-sided adhesive tape is perfect for carrying out repairs to your cell phoŶe. The geŶeƌous leŶgth ŵeaŶs that you’ll haǀe pleŶty of tape foƌ ŵultiple ƌepaiƌs. Pair of tweezers included to help with delicate procedures. Used to repair phone and tablet screen, digitizer screen, LCD screen. guarantees a strong, invisible bond. Bonds smooth, flat metal surfaces including decorative metal trim. Resists moisture, UV and solvents. Clear acrylic adhesive, polycoated kraft paper liner.
5. iPhones Screwbox Set
Screw Box is the most intelligent way to have every single screw at your disposal in an organized manner. You will receive 2 boxes and one manual. The manual has a picture of every single iPhone, and each screw comes with a number. These numbers are unique screw IDs found in one of the boxes you will receive. We have selected a quantity between 25 and 100 units per screw ID. This is based on the like lines of you utilizing such screw.
6. Glue Remover Brand New OCA Glue Remover Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive Cleaner 8333 (250ml) glue for 5 Second and use razor blade to remove glue then cleanUse this liquid on with soft cloth. Best quality MECHANIC iClean3 Frame Glue Remover (250ml). It is used to remove glue from Frame. Solving the problem of bracket separated.
7. LCD Separator
A. Molybdenum Screen Cutting Steel Wire (0.08mm X 1000m) 0.08MM phone screen separating molybdenum wire cutting. This product is a diameter of 0.08mm with high hardness, high wear resistance, high toughness, high tensile strength, touch screen separator line dedicated line. 1PCS 1000M separating molybdenum wire. B. LCD SCREEN SEPARATOR MACHINE BUILT-IN VACUUM PUMP Sunshine S-918K 8.5 inch LCD screen separator machine Built-in vacuum pump (110V) High Temperature resistance / separation pad particle and durable Working size:8.5 inch panel Size: 283*170*120mm Voltage: 110V Net Weight: 1.82 kg
8.(3 In 1) Rework Soldering Station (853d)
This compact rework station has plenty of flexibility allowing you to use hot air to reflow solder. Use a desoldering gun to quickly remove solder from through hole parts. Use the soldering iron to reassemble or reheat as needed. This station is an excellent value for the features and you'll be glad you purchased this rework station as it will save you time and money having a professional tool on your workbench.
9. Pliers, Cutters and Tweezers
A. Precision Long Nose Plier This is the precise side cutter. The insulated handles are spring loaded for effortless use. Soft grip handle.
B. BGA Blade Refills Compatible for BGA X-Acto Knife Brand new BGA Blade Refills for BGA X-ActoKŶife. it’s ŵade fƌoŵ ďest Ƌuality ŵateƌials.
C. Tweezers Our tweezers are perfect for grabbing, twisting, shaping and holding on to anything that's too delicate, small, fragile, or hard to grasp with your hands. We build our tweezers out of stainless steel, machined carefully to come together in exactly the right position. Our tweezers set ships with Nine different sizes of the tool. They're sharp, too-perfect for dislodging splinters or pulling that one annoying hair. mow.ww//s:tphtoc/mir.xestnibel/essoolsir-trepaentials/pliers
D. iSclack Opening Tool Compatible for All I phones And iPad Brand new iSclack Opening Tool. iSclack is the simplest way to pop open nearly any of your iOS devices. Compatible for (All iPhones & iPads)