Controller Audit Recovers Overcharges
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Controller Audit Recovers Overcharges


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A Bi-Weekly Update on Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania July 18, 2003 ♦ Volume 2 ♦ Issue 15 ♦ Election Changes Proposed Through “Help America Vote Act” On July 9 Westmoreland County Elections Director Paula Pedicone attended a public hearing sponsored by the Pennsylvania Department of State regarding the Commonwealth’s preliminary draft of the implementation of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) of 2002. Congress passed the legislation in an effort to address some of the election administration issues that followed the 2000 presidential election in Florida. HAVA requires the following: • The establishment of standards for all voting systems used in federal elections • Voter education • Training of officials who work at the polls • Accessible voting systems in each polling place • Alternative language availability • Provisional ballots for voters with no record of registration at the polling place • Voter identification standards for certain first-time In This Issue: voters • A statewide database of voter registration Prison Suicide • A state plan to be filed with the Federal Election Watch Policy . . . . . . . Page 2 Assistance Commission describing how the requirements of HAVA will be met. Controller Audit . . . . .Page 3 HAVA provides federal funding for state and county governments to implement these requirements. Public Safety The plan filed by each state must explain and defend Grants . . . . . . . . . ...



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July 18, 2003
Volume 2
Issue 15
A Bi-Weekly Update on
Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
Election Changes Proposed Through “Help America Vote Act”
On July 9 Westmoreland County Elections Director Paula Pedicone attended a
public hearing sponsored by the Pennsylvania Department of State regarding the
Commonwealth’s preliminary draft of the implementation of the Help America Vote Act
(HAVA) of 2002. Congress passed the legislation in an effort to address some of the
election administration issues that followed the 2000 presidential election in Florida.
HAVA requires the following:
The establishment of standards for all voting systems used in federal elections
Voter education
Training of officials who work at the polls
Accessible voting systems in each polling place
Alternative language availability
Provisional ballots for voters with no record of registration at the polling place
In This Issue:
Prison Suicide
Watch Policy . . . . . . . Page 2
Controller Audit . . . . .Page 3
Public Safety
Grants . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 3
Russian Visit . . . . . . . Page 5
Crisis Intervention. . . Page 7
BARJ Project. . . . . . . Page 8
Poker Run . . . . . . . . . Page 9
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Voter identification standards for certain first-time
A statewide database of voter registration
A state plan to be filed with the Federal Election
requirements of HAVA will be met.
HAVA provides federal funding for state and
county governments to implement these requirements.
The plan filed by each state must explain and defend
how the state will use the federal funding to
implement HAVA. (Information is available on-line
-- look at “What’s Hot.”)
The Pennsylvania Department of State has
developed a Preliminary State Plan that explains how
the Commonwealth proposes to use the federal
funding to implement HAVA.
The goal of the
department in developing the plan is to modernize
voting equipment in Pennsylvania, guarantee that all
registered electors have the opportunity to vote, and
ensure that voting systems are easy to use and record
and count every vote cast.
Window to Westmoreland
July 18, 2003
- 2 -
The state plan proposes that all counties purchase HAVA-compliant direct
recording electronic voting system (DRE) that are the most technologically advanced
voting systems and also contain advantages for individuals with disabilities. The state
plan proposes that the Department of State contain intensive voter education programs,
poll-worker and county election official training. The goals of all education and training
programs will be to standardize election procedures throughout the state.
The plan
proposes to use federal funds for the purchase of voting systems that are accessible to
individuals with disabilities.
The plan also proposes the use of federal funds for the
statewide voter registration database.
For more information, contact Elections Director Paula Pedicone at 724-830-3150
or e-mail
Prison Suicide Watch Policy Revised
The Westmoreland County Prison recently implemented new suicide watch
policies to help lessen the opportunities for inmate suicides. The changes, enacted by
new Warden John Walton, were outlined at the July 7 meeting of the Prison Board and
include new safety precautions during booking and screening, as well as staff training.
Now, when new inmates are admitted to the facility, booking officers review
records for the past three years to determine if that inmate had ever been on suicide watch
during a previous incarceration at the jail. Those who have been on suicide watch will
automatically be placed on watch again. A new questionnaire, consisting of 18 questions,
is being implemented as part of the suicide screening process to prevent repeat inmates
from becoming too familiar with the questions and preventing proper analysis.
Another change involves the inmate observation forms that correction officers use
when making their cell block rounds.
The new form includes a space to detail the
prisoners’ activity when the officer observes them.
Also, prison staff is undergoing
suicide prevention training.
Other physical changes include double-bunking the suicide watch cells, under the
presumption that an inmate will be less likely to attempt suicide if there is another person
in the cell, and adding two surveillance cameras.
The most recent suicide occurred in April, when a 33-year-old inmate from
Sewickley Township hanged himself in his cell
For more information, contact Warden John Walton at 724-830-6000 or e-mail
Coroner’s Office Introduces New Search Dog
At a July 16 news conference, the Westmoreland County Coroner’s Office
introduced the newest member of its team – “Jack,” a cadaver search dog. Jack is a 15-
week-old Belgian Malinois who is being trained by handler John Ackerman of Southwest
Jack is Ackerman’s third cadaver dog and was recently purchased to replace
eight-year-old Sierra, who died May 2 following a sudden illness. Ackerman’s first
cadaver search dog, CJ, is now retired.
Ackerman’s dogs have been used by law
enforcement agencies for many years and have been successful in searches for missing
persons, and at crime scenes, drownings, accidents and fire scenes.
Window to Westmoreland
July 18, 2003
- 3 -
The Malinois is the short-coated variety of the Belgian Shepard Dog. They are
fawn colored with a black mask. Jack is expected to grow to a height of 24-26 inches at
the shoulder and weigh between 60-80 pounds. The Malinios breed is characterized as a
“high-energy” dog that does best when it has a definite purpose in life.
Ackerman expects Jack to be fully trained as a cadaver search dog by the end of
the year.
Several individuals and agencies made financial contributions to offset
Ackerman’s recent expenses with Sierra’s veterinarian bill and burial, as well as the
purchase of Jack and his training. Checks were presented to Ackerman at the event, in
which Coroner Ken Bacha served as master of ceremonies.
Among those attending the event were representatives from the Westmoreland
County Law Enforcement Officers’ Association; Sgt. Ron Hasnauer and Chief Deputy
Chuck Moore of the Westmoreland County Sheriff’s Office; District Attorney John Peck;
John Hart and Joe Frederick of the Funeral Directors’ Association; Greensburg Fire Chief
Ed Hutchinson; Joe Yencha of Mutual Aid Ambulance Service; representatives from the
Commissioners Tom Balya and Tom Ceraso.
For more information, contact Coroner Ken Bacha at 724-830-3644 or e-mail
Controller Audit Recovers Overcharges
County Controller Jeffry A. Pavetti announced that a recent audit of Highmark
Blue Cross/Blue Shield claims has resulted in the identification of $27,558 in
overcharges by the vendor on Westmoreland County billings. Highmark has agreed to
credit Westmoreland County in future billings.
Pavetti noted that since 1993 the Controller’s Office has recouped a grand total of
$327,990 in health care overcharges from county vendors.
“These audits have been ground breaking – county government had never
previously audited claims activity on the part of health care providers,” Pavetti said.
“These results are a credit to the professionalism of the Controller’s Audit Department.”
Copies of the audit are available upon request to the County Controllers Office.
For more information, contact Controller Pavetti at 724-830-3115 or via e-mail at
County Seeking Homeland Security Funds to Enhance 800-MHz System
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is implementing a national
interoperable communications grant program during fiscal year 2003. The purpose of the
new Homeland Security Communications Interoperability Competitive Grant Program is
to improve the effectiveness of public safety communications systems and to resolve
interoperability issues. Each state and territory has been invited to nominate one of its
local jurisdictions to demonstrate projects that will explore the uses of equipment and
technologies to increase interoperability among the fire service, law enforcement and
emergency medical service communities.
Governor Ed Rendell has selected Westmoreland County as the Commonwealth’s
nominee for this national competitive grant. A total of 25 local jurisdictions will be
selected from the 54 state and territorial applicants to receive individual grants that may
Window to Westmoreland
July 18, 2003
- 4 -
total approximately $6 million. The grant submission and selection process will take
place throughout the summer months, with awards expected in September.
The successful grant awardees must demonstrate an understanding of first-
responder needs, and must propose a clear and demonstrated plan for accomplishing
improved interoperability between first responders of local, tribal, regional and state
public safety agencies or organizations.
The Department of Public Safety (DPS) is confident that Westmoreland County’s
new Motorola ASTRO 25 800-MHz trunked radio system is the perfect example of how
to achieve interoperability within the county.
It also offers an excellent vehicle for
developing an interoperability solution to allow interface with Pennsylvania’s state radio
system, allowing true multi-agency connectivity from the local level, through the regional
level, to the state level.
In addition to this new funding opportunity, DPS recently announced the receipt
of several grants to further emergency services in the county, as well as additional
funding sources for public safety enhancements.
PSFA Wireless E911 Grant
The Public Safety Foundation of America (PSFA) will award a grant of $13,333
to DPS to support and expedite the implementation of enhanced 911 or “E-911” in the
region. The PSFA was established in January 2002 by the Association of Public Safety
Communications Officials International to provide critical funding and technical support
to public safety answering points and local emergency response officials to enable the
implementation of wireless E-911. In this series of grants, the PSFA is awarding nearly
$3.1 million to 57 grantees in 27 states.
Funding for the PSFA is provided by a variety of sources, including donations
from corporations, APCO chapters and the Wireless E-911: PSAP Readiness Fund, a
non-profit organization established by Nextel Communications and dedicated to
supporting the timely implementation of wireless E-911.
Westmoreland County was one of only three counties in Pennsylvania to receive a
grant during the first round of awards.
The other two awardees were the Pike and
Lycoming counties.
USFA Firefighter Grants
Three rounds of the national United States Firefighter Association (USFA)
administered firefighter grant program have been completed to date. The Westmoreland
Homesteads VFD in Norvelt was awarded a first-round award of $25,146.
Grants Through the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency
Westmoreland County recently received three grants that must be used before the
end of the calendar year:
$7,719 to conduct CERT training activities within the county.
$1,970 to establish a Citizens Corp Council and conduct Citizens Corps
activities within the county.
$76,274 to revise and update the County Emergency Operations Plan, with
special emphasis on the need to plan for possible weapons of mass destruction
incidents within the county; to incorporate an Incident Command component
into the County Emergency Operations Plan; to create a Continuity of
Government Plan; and to conduct a detailed Critical Infrastructure Assessment
of the county.
Window to Westmoreland
July 18, 2003
- 5 -
For more information, contact Public Safety Director Rich Matason at 724-600-
7301 or e-mail
County Hosts Russian Government Delegation
Westmoreland County hosted a delegation of Russian government officials on
July 10 as part of a program organized locally by Westmoreland County Community
College to promote understanding between the United States and Russia. The Open
World program brought to America Vasily Kurkin, chairman of the Sobolevo District
Legislative Assembly in Siberia’s Kamchatka region; Nikolay Devyatkin, chairman of
the Perm Regional Legislative Assembly; and Valeri Soloviev, deputy chairman of Tver
City Duma.
The offices held by these men represent the various levels of Russian
The delegation, accompanied by a translator and their American host, Lisa Sales
of Ligonier, began the day’s visit by attending the Commissioners’ Public Meeting where
they witnessed the business of the county and experienced firsthand one of the key
elements of county, and American, government – open meetings and public participation.
Afterwards, one of the Russians remarked about how any citizen has the opportunity to
bring matters of public concern before the Board of Commissioners.
Following the public meeting, the delegation met with Chairman Tom Balya to
discuss the similarities and differences of the American and Russian governments, and to
learn specifically about the role of county government. The hour-long meeting touched
on a number of issues such as services, programs, revenue sources and elections, and
included many questions and answers (through a translator) to facilitate a better
understanding of the functions of the various levels of American government and how
they work together.
During their weeklong stay, the Russians visited many area attractions, including
the Arts and Heritage Festival at Twin Lakes Park, and also traveled to Harrisburg and
Washington D.C. to meet with state and federal officials from Westmoreland County.
The Open World Program was developed in 1999.
Westmoreland County
Community College professor Vitaly Penkovsky served as the local coordinator for the
Russians’ visit.
For more information on the program and the Russian delegation, contact Vitaly
Penkovsky at WCCC at 724-925-4104.
2004 List of Taxable Properties Available For Viewing
Westmoreland County property owners are reminded that the proposed 2004
property tax roll is available for viewing on the public access computer terminals in the
Westmoreland County Tax Assessment and Tax Mapping offices in Rooms 403 and 406
of the Westmoreland County Courthouse Annex. The office is open Monday through
Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., except for holidays. Corrections will be made to the
proposed roll, beginning now through October 31. The various tax roll amounts will be
certified to the taxing bodies on or before November 15.
If, after viewing the tax roll, a property owner finds that the information listed for
their property is incorrect, they should inform the Tax Assessment Office, as many
problems can be resolved without filing an official appeal.
Window to Westmoreland
July 18, 2003
- 6 -
If an appeal needs to be filed with the Westmoreland County Board of
Assessment Appeals, forms and rules can be downloaded from the Assessment Office
web page
) by clicking on "Annual
Assessment Appeal Form and Rules" in the lower left side of the page. Forms and rules
are also available by calling 724-830-3409 or by visiting the office. Appeals forms must
be filed with the Board by September 1.
Upon filing an appeal, the Board will schedule a hearing between now and
October 31 and notify the property owner of the date and time by first-class mail. At the
hearing, the property owner will be required to submit evidence to show why the
information or assessed value is incorrect. Following the hearing, the Board will make its
decision and notify the property owner of its decision by first-class mail.
For more information, contact Phil Light, Director of Assessment, at 724-830-
3411 or e-mail
Westmoreland Manor Receives Awards
Complete HealthCare Resources (CHR), the management company for
Westmoreland Manor, gave special recognition to Manor staff at its Annual Awards
Dinner on June 18.
The Facility Recognition Plaque presented to the staff states:
“For the past year, we have seen several successful projects occur at
Westmoreland Manor, including the success of the Eagle Tree Apartments, a beautiful
renovation of the lobby, work commencing on adult and child daycare programs, and
approval for yet another round of CCAP projects. Even more encouraging is that all of
these extra projects were accomplished during some of the most financially troubling
industry news to date, and continued pressure for compliance with privacy regulations
and clinical quality measure assessment. Thanks to all of the staff at Westmoreland
Manor, including the strong leadership team, that made the accomplishments of this past
year possible.”
Westmoreland Manor also received the “Special Initiative Award” given to the
one CHR facility deemed to have excelled in innovative programming.
The plaque
designating this honor states:
“Along with the challenges of tighter budgets and decreased revenues,
Westmoreland Manor staff has been able to improve and expand their breadth of services
through the development and opening of Eagle Tree Apartments, renovation of the main
lobby, finalizing plans and commencing work on the child daycare and adult night care
programs, as well as continuing the trend for years to come with the approval of yet
another CCAP Alternative Care Project.”
In addition, Maggie Harper, Westmoreland Manor Administrator, received the
Complete HealthCare Resources’ Administrator of the Year 2003 Award, reflecting the
accomplishments of all the staff at Westmoreland Manor throughout the past year.
For more information, contact Maggie Harper at 724-830-4000 or e-mail
For more information on Westmoreland Manor
services, programs and projects, visit
Window to Westmoreland
July 18, 2003
- 7 -
“Pennies for Pansy” Nursing Scholarship Program Underway at Manor
Westmoreland Manor has established a Nursing Scholarship Fund in memory of
beloved friend and coworker J. Carol “Pansy” Pacelli, who recently passed away. The
fund will be ongoing in honor of Carol and will benefit students pursuing a career in
nursing through the Westmoreland County Community College.
Westmoreland Manor is now asking for donations to contribute to the new
scholarship fund. Anyone wishing to honor Carol may send a contribution to CFWC
Carol Pacelli Nursing Scholarship Fund, 111 Station Place, 101 Ehalt Street, Greensburg,
PA 15601. Any and all memorial contributions are greatly appreciated.
The scholarship program is being assisted by the Community Foundation of
Westmoreland County, which administers a number of scholarship funds to benefit
graduating students from various Westmoreland County high schools.
For more information, contact Westmoreland Manor at 724-830-4000.
Crisis Intervention Services Offer Help for Mental Health Needs
Crisis intervention services are defined as “immediate, crisis-oriented services
designed to ameliorate or resolve precipitating stress, which are provided to adults,
adolescents, children and their families who exhibit an acute problem of disturbed
thought, behavior, mood or social relationship.” The services provide rapid response to
crisis situations that threaten the well being of an individual or others.
Westmoreland County MH/MR Program has a full array of crisis services available for
Westmoreland Human Opportunities, Inc. is one of the providers that offers a
continuum of crisis services designed to address an individual’s need for critical attention
in a timely and effective manner. WHO provides a Crisis Hotline, Mobile Crisis and
Crisis Respite Residential Unit.
The Crisis Hotline number is 800-836-6010 and is
answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week by a trained crisis staff member. Any
Westmoreland County resident experiencing a crisis or wanting assistance for someone
else in a crisis can call and receive support and referral for further services.
There are times when talking to a crisis worker on the Crisis Hotline may require
a more intensive level of intervention. For example, a person may be experiencing acute
symptoms that have the potential to endanger that person or someone else.
In this
situation, the crisis hotline worker can engage the services of the Mobile Crisis. A
trained crisis worker or a team of two crisis workers will conduct a face-to-face
intervention with the person in the community where the crisis is occurring. The Mobile
Crisis workers provide crisis intervention, assessment, counseling, resolution and referral.
Follow-ups occur on every mobile call to see how the person is doing and if any further
intervention or referrals are needed.
The Crisis Respite Residential Unit is an eight-bed residential facility that
provides crisis stabilization and structured respite services to adults diagnosed with a
mental health disorder who are at risk of or have been hospitalized and who require 24-
hour structure and supervision to manage their psychiatric illness. Referrals can come
from the Mobile Crisis workers, mental health or human service providers and the base
service unit.
The length of stay is five days, during which time an individualized
treatment plan is developed and services are coordinated with community providers. A
Window to Westmoreland
July 18, 2003
- 8 -
discharge meeting and aftercare plan is developed to assist the person to return to their
optimum living arrangement in the community.
Crisis Walk-In services are provided by three providers strategically located
throughout Westmoreland County: Latrobe Area Hospital Mental Health Unit,
Westmoreland Regional Hospital Comprehensive Counseling Center and Family Services
of Western PA in New Kensington. During the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., anyone
who is experiencing a crisis can walk in or call these facilities and receive one-on-one
contact with a trained professional.
Crisis services provide immediate intervention to catch problems before they
escalate while offering referral information so that help can be provided on an ongoing
For more information, contact Dawn Hixson at the County MH/MR program
office at 724-830-3617.
BARJ Project Restores Jeannette Playground
In continuing its efforts to work within the Balanced and Restorative Justice
(BARJ) philosophy, the Westmoreland County Juvenile Probation Department sponsored
a Community Volunteer Clean-up Day on June 21 at the Charles Graham Memorial
Playground on South Sixth Street in Jeannette. The clean-up was the result of November
2002 neighborhood BARJ meeting, where it was determined that focus groups were
needed throughout the city of Jeannette to find out what exactly people thought about
their community, how they perceived the Juvenile Justice System, and if they were
familiar with the Developmental Assets and the Youth Commission.
In March, a focus group was conducted with Jeannette youth who were on
probation. One of the topics discussed was Community Service Work. The juveniles
were asked if they knew what community service work was, and also, if they could do a
community service work project, what would it be. They all agreed that they would like
to see the South Sixth Street Playground cleaned-up.
It all came to fruition on June 21. That Saturday morning (in the pouring rain) the
Salvation Army Canteen Truck showed up at 7:15 a.m. to provide the refreshments
provided by area business.
By 8:00 about 50 volunteers had arrived, including the
Juvenile Probation Community Service Work Program participants, juveniles from
Adelphoi McKee House, members of the Cross of Christ Church, the Jeannette Assembly
of God, and Son Raise Ministries, the Jeannette Recreation Board Director, the Juvenile
Probation Department, community members on the BARJ Team, and neighbors and
community members from throughout the city.
The grass was cut, perennials were planted around the entire perimeter of the
playground, a new basketball hoop was installed, and two new backboards were donated
(the city is working on adapting them to the current poles). Also, volunteers installed
swings, painted the swing set and sliding board, and swept and edged the basketball
court, sidewalks and parking lot. All the trees were trimmed, and sod and mulch were
used to fill in holes at the bottom of the slide and under the swings. Because of the rain
new lines will be painted on the court at a later date, using paint donated by Sherwin
Overall, the day was a tremendous success. The community helped the young
people of the neighborhood realize that they have the power to turn their ideas into
Window to Westmoreland
July 18, 2003
- 9 -
reality. Vendors, individuals and businesses who graciously donated food, supplies and
services included: Adelphoi Village McKee House, anonymous donors, Antoniak’s
Market, C&S Market, Family Dollar, Home Depot, Jeannette Asset Builders, Jeannette
Kiwanis, Krispy Kreme, Lowes, Overly’s Country Christmas, Pepsi Cola, Scozio’s
Sparkle Market, Sheetz, Sherwin Williams Paints, Vince Mangini and the Westmoreland
County Fairgrounds.
Discussions are underway about following up on the project to keep the
playground clean and safe. The BARJ Team is studying the development of some type of
youth advisory team that can help keep watch on the playground. Jeannette Recreation
Director Nancy Peters has volunteered to work with the young people. Margie Stanislaw,
from the county’s Juvenile Probation Department, is meeting with some of the young
people from that neighborhood to discuss future plans.
For more information, contact Margie Stanislaw at 724-830-4200 or e-mail
Sign Up On-Site for Poker Run
The fourth annual Five Star Trail Poker Run will be held on Saturday, July 26, at
Lynch Field in Greensburg. The event will start at 9:00 a.m. with on-site registration
beginning at 8:15 a.m. Registration cost is only $15, and all proceeds from the event
benefit the Five Star Trail.
The Poker Run is two events in one. Participants can choose a four-mile walk or
a 12-mile bike ride, but it is not a race to decide who finishes first. Those participating
will choose a playing card from a deck of cards at each of five checkpoints along the trail.
Upon finishing the event, each participant will have assembled a full poker hand.
The top three poker hands for each event will receive a trophy and a special prize
package. In addition, at the conclusion of the event, there will be a huge door prize
The Poker Run is a Five Star Trail Chapter and Westmoreland County Bureau of
Parks and Recreation event. It is sponsored by numerous local businesses including 1480
For more information, contact the Westmoreland County Bureau of Parks and
Recreation at 724-830-3950 or visit
Reminder: County Parks Close at Dusk
Westmoreland County Park Police officers assigned to the parks report that it has
been a very busy summer thus far. The entire county park system is busy with visitors
picnicking and plenty of outdoor activities. But there has also been an increase in visitors
violating the park hour ordinance. Hours at all parks are 9:00 a.m. to dusk. Police have
been finding a lot of activity in the parks after they officially close. Violators will be
cited according to the proper ordinance. Several citations have already been issued in
recent weeks for violations. The problem will be closely monitored at all county parks.
The Arts and Heritage Festival at Twin Lakes Parks during the Independence Day
weekend – the busiest event of the season – went very smoothly from a law enforcement
standpoint. The festival was very busy with heavy traffic and park patrons. However,
there were no major incidents. Park Police are currently preparing for the next major
event on August 10 at Cedar Creek Park.
Window to Westmoreland
July 18, 2003
- 10 -
Park Police investigated a total of 99 incidents and 52 police enforcements on
County properties during the month of May. Officers assigned to the Westmoreland
County Courthouse Complex confiscated 600 potentially dangerous weapons during the
Park Police encourage visitors to be familiar with the county ordinances, rules and
regulations before visiting any county-owned properties. For questions regarding rules
Help Protect Seniors: Donate Your Old Cell Phone
Since its inception in May 2002, the “Phones for Seniors” program has collected
2,400 cell phones and approximately 1,700 seniors have been given phones to use in
emergencies. But phones are still needed to keep the program running and help keep
seniors safe.
A joint collaboration between the Westmoreland County Sheriff’s Department
and the Westmoreland County Area Agency on Aging, the program distributes cell
phones to traveling seniors to use in an emergency. The phones are only capable of
dialing 911 and cannot receive incoming calls.
Any working cell phone can be donated. It is not necessary that the phone be on a
current service plan to call 911.
The following criteria have been established for seniors to receive a phone:
Individuals must be age 60 or older.
Individuals must live in Westmoreland County.
Individuals must be capable of operating a cell phone and responsible for
recharging it when needed.
Seniors who travel in their own vehicle or the vehicle of others are the
primary focus of the program.
Phones are being collected at all 13 senior centers in Westmoreland County.
Those interested in receiving a phone should contact the Westmoreland County Area
Agency on Aging at 724-830-4444 or toll free at 800-442-8000.
Window to Westmoreland
July 18, 2003
- 11 -
Window to Westmoreland
Volume 2
Issue 15
July 18, 2003
A bi-weekly update on Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
Westmoreland County Courthouse
2 North Main Street, Suite 101
Greensburg, Pennsylvania 15601
Ted Kopas
Ken Bacha, Nick Caesar, Ray DuCoeur, Maggie Harper,
Chandra Heilman, Dawn Hixson, Phil Light, Rich Matason,
Jeff Pavetti, Paula Pedicone, Marjorie Bing Stanislaw
We welcome your feedback.
Please send comments or suggestions to
Ted Kopas, Chief of Staff for Chairman Tom Balya,
via e
mail at
or call 724-830-3123