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Personal finance for military

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To U.S. Military Personnel and Their Families e ae pleased to pesent you W with a pesonal-finance guide ceated especially fo militay families. While ou toops cay out thei difficult and dangeous missions, we know that they and thei families ae not immune to the financial tumoil that is impacting evey household in Ameica. Times ae tough and it is hade than The financial strategies,  eve to make ends meet, let alone save rules and resources money fo futue epenses such as col-for milita families are lege and etiement. ry That’s whee the Kiplinger-BBB often ver d rent from Personal Finance Guide for Military those yfori fcfievilian Families comes in. On these pages you s. will find pactical, easy-to-undestand infomation about being financially pe-paed fo deployment, buying a home, minimizing taes, holding down insuance costs and avoiding financial schemes that too often taget militay families. This guide is a collaboation between two oganizations that have been helping consumes — including membes of the militay — fo a long time. When the Kiplinger Magazine (now called Kiplinger’s Personal Finance ) was launched in 1947, a diving motivation was to povide sound, unbiased pesonal-finance advice to militay pe-sonnel etuning to the wokfoce afte Wold Wa II. Bette Business Bueau, estab-lished in 1912, is the nation’s oldest nonpofit oganization in the field of advancing maketplace tust, and specializes in poviding consumes with infomation that helps them make wise choices. It has long woked on behalf of militay families, and BBB Militay Line® specializes in consume education and advocacy fo them. As you ead the guide, you’ll ealize that two people speaheading this poject have deep pesonal inteest in the topic. Kimbely Lankfod has been poviding solid advice to eades of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance and Kiplinge.com fo moe than a decade. Since 2004, Holly Petaeus has headed up the Council of Bette Business Bueaus’ BBB Militay Line® pogam, whee she povides financial education to militay families. In addition to thei epetise in pesonal finance, they have a vey special cedential: They’e both militay spouses. They know fisthand that the financial stategies, ules and esouces fo militay families ae often vey diffeent fom those fo civilians. We hope you find this guide useful. Thank you fo all you do in the sevice of ou nation!
Knight A. Kiplinger . Edito in Chief Pesident and CEO Kiplinger’s Personal Finance  Council of Bette Business and Kiplinge.com Bueaus
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