Positive European agreement

Positive European agreement


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Positive European agreement. Now to implement the European recommendations ourselves. 27.10.2011. 1. The N-VA hopes that the agreement reached at the ...



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Positive European agreement Now to implement the European recommendations ourselves 27.10.2011
The N-VA hopes that the agreement reached at the European Summit will succeed in soothing the financial markets and will boldly tackle the crisis in the eurozone. This is crucial for the repair of our financial and economic system, and consequently for the welfare of our people. We call on all political parties in Belgium to implement the six European recommendations in full and as quickly as possible. Getting our ducks in a row here in Belgium is after all an urgent necessity if we are to boost our credibility within the EU. We must now, in short order, submit a budget for 2012. If Elio Di Rupo doesn’t have results immediately, the N-VA will provide its support to Yves Leterme in drawing up the budget. This budget must be in line with the European recommendations. The N-VA remains prepared to join in a “coalition of the willing” within Parliament in order to get these recommendations implemented IMMEDIATELY. Specifically, we must take six measures: 1. Eliminatethe budget deficit through structural savings instead of new incomes. 2. Reformour retirement system and our labour market in order to rein in the costs of the aging population. 3. Strengthenthe financial sector and increase supervision of the banks. 4. Reformthe salary indexing system so that we remain competitive. 5. Reformour social security and labour market based on growth and activation. 6. Createmore competitiveness in our services sectors. Every country in Europe has its hands full with the implementation of these recommendations in order to structurally anchor their welfare and social security. If Belgium does nothing, we will be throwing away our prosperity.