Voting System Audit Bradenton 11-03-09
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Voting System Audit Bradenton 11-03-09

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Voting System Post Election Audit Report County:-!k1a n o:1P"""~",,,,--_ Date of Election: 11-3- 0 Cf Precinct NUmber(S):~ Race: wad Lf QrfrJ CoUOc.'ITT I. Overall accuracy of the audit: /e>o cr-O 2. Description of any problems or discrepancies encountered: lVJN-E: 3. Likely cause of such problems or discrepancies: 4. Recommended corrective action with respect to avoiding or mitigating such circumstances in future elections: N(A I hereby certify that the report of the voting system audit performed for the c:;h 1 e{'acx:::lei>lOf\)election is accurate and that attached are precinct summary reports for each ~ed. ~~l (J:Y,c;:;,;:oaccrd,----'_::;.._(;_~-_..l_~~~~c':'_ti,n_g:' ::th_~_u_d_it_: _ tI/tolc'! Printed Name Signature Date Ilht2h f,A.A1dt s'gnature Date Rule IS-5.026 DS-DE 107 (eff. 10-16-08) Precinct Summary Race Audited: W/fgd 'i CJ'ry c..,.,,.z~/L Precinct Number: ~,",I<-",d=-_-=:::l,c--,,13,",--_ Voting System Manual Public Difference (+ or-) Candidate Name or Issue Choice Total Tallv Total 0 >It. '7'-/ 7'-/ S ...'-' V. "T"~ \ u,'A>.



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