USARAF arranges Moroccan Army visit to U.S. bio-safety centers

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USARAF arranges Moroccan Army visit to U.S. bio-safety centers



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December 9, 2010
Outlook U.S. Army Garrisons Vicenza & Livorno www.USAG.Vicenza.Army.Mil Vol. 43, Issue 48
39/30 39/30 41/30 Friday Saturday Sunday Planning on using the airport shuttle? Due to heavy demand, the CPF is reserving priority seats. See page 3. What’s Inside Speak Out: What would you like for Christmas? Garrison News Pages 2 & 3 D6 tells IMCOM s latest & learn how to check winter tiresLiPhoto by Lauraw hKirleei der   ttle ones give big welcome:loidre s siwhtS kes handwald shaalletsO redairB irThgrd-Page 4performing “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” during the Cougar Cub Choir Club s performance, “Welcome Home to Vicenza”, held at the Vicenza Elementary School Multi-Purpose Room Dec. 2. The show was dedicated to the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team troopers who returned recently from deployment. About 20 Soldiers were honored before the intermission. AFAP staff seeksUSARAF arranges Moroccan Army conference input By Jean Sweetonvisit to U.S. bio-safety centers AFAP Program ManagerBy David Ruderman U.S. Army Africa Public Affairs The Army Family Action Plan staff and volunteers are gearing up for the U.S. Army Africa’s Command 2011 conference Feb. 8-10 in Vicenza,Surgeon office conducted a Holiday Festival & Treebut they need community input to make familiarization visit for two it happen.Moroccan military medical Lighting draws crowd officersThe AFAP conference is a grassroots to Fort Detrick, Md., and USAG Livorno severalprocess that gives the community an nearby sites Nov. 14-19. opportunity to voice concerns about Lt. Col. Mohamed El Haouri page 5 and Capt. Jalal Kasouati were ableissues affecting the quality of life Darby gives overviewin Vicenza and the Army overall. cadiMey l ht eis tA mr.U.So vit of Tuscany ChristmasThe issues are collected year round, RDeisseeaarscehs Iatn stFioturtt eDoeft riIcnkf ecatnido uas  marketsthe ver linedeadohewcor fos ateridnsmbush to te eiu  ssnii ttsie  2fhoe 1e h0t1ona fi or itliincnuermb Community eventsn  aitbmsuai ecaJ sfnocnereThere arn. 31.  awsyt  o ehter eWreaassh,i nsagitdo n,MDaj..C.K,rainstdi nB aAltgirmesotrae,  Photo by Karen Cieslewicz Pages 6 & 7issue: who led the tour for the twoMembers of the Cecil County, Md., Department of See movie schedule &1. Submit an issue card by droppingvisiting officers.Emergency Services discuss details of hazardous it in the collection boxes located in the s i r m y A o r o c c a n M“ T h esint)uind at. LalaJaK lauos( itment with Capt. rptoceiteve uqpimas alritee f thEld mehaMo. ol Co )tfel( iruoaH find details for what s happening on post and in to build up their CBRNEcommissary, library and Davis Hall. tryingMoroccan Army during a tour of CBRNE response See AFAP, Page 3 See USARAF, Page 4 facilities, Nov. 17. the area Sports Page 8 Clinic, Arts & Crafts opens tile-VES wrestlers pin dow victories in first meet of seasonpainting project to community By Laura Kreiderpainting tiles. Outlook staff“We wanted to provide the staff with a lasting memento of their hard A new community project has work and effort in bringing about community members leaving a this beautiful new facility,” said lasting impression on the U.S. Army Col. Kimberly Armstrong, the health Health Center Vicenza. center commander. “One idea, The Arts & Crafts Center and developed in conjunction with the Art Center, was to provide each staff the Health Center collaborated on a project which has community member with a tile that would be members painting ceramic tiles in apermanently affixed to the facility as design of their choice, and the tiles part of our overall art package. Staff will be installed in the courtyard of members were told to paint anything Photo by Laura Kreider wanted - hopefully somethingthe health clinic. they Community members are invited to paint tiles that will beThe program started with theto reflect them and their personality installed in the courtyard at the Health Clinic.ats  ffinclsicen dl tahend athalSee TILES, Page 4