Current supplement to the catalogue of the public library of New South Wales, Sydney : for the years 1896-98

Current supplement to the catalogue of the public library of New South Wales, Sydney : for the years 1896-98


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' •'A.whHi",!'::.:'v'\S:-^\WEUNIVERS/AMMINIVFR% ,^111BRARYQ<^ 5,^lllBRARYQr^ vlOSANCflfj>^^lllBRARY6/>Q=5 29^Aa3MNn3W^ ^rjijDwsoi^ %a3AiNn]Wv^^^^llIBRARYQf^ .\V\[IJNIVERy/A vvlOSANCElfjv^. ^;^lllBRARYQr^vijvlUV.-ViCElfjV -^lllBRARYi?^ ^^^WIBRARYQc^/^^u3 -I tfI^^OJIWDJO'^ ^cJOJIWDJO'^ ^OJIWDJO'*^%a3AiNn3WV^^OFCAIIFO/?^ .^\\EUNIV[R% ^OFCAlIFOff^ ^OFCAIIFO/?^^lOSAKCElfJV- ^^OFCAIIF0% .vWSANCEEfj>>-<== t\ / >^ ^ op . _ . _ (•JoI?'^CAavaan-^'v^ "^^OAavaan-i^ ^^^Aavaan-i^"^'^/sa3AiNn]WV^ ^/ia3AiNn-3ttV^ ^OAavaaiii^,jMLIBRARYO/-^ .^MElNIVER% ^lOSANCElfj-^'0/^^ ^^SlllBRARYQ^ ^tllBRARYQr ^WEUNIVERVa ^lOSANCElfx,3C3o0"^ ^Oimyi^"^ %i3Dwsoi^' %a3AlNn3WV^ ^iojiivjjo"^ ^OinniQ"^ %a3AiNn3WV'.^\^E•UNIVERi/A ^lOSA.NCElfj>^OFCAEIFORi^ ^.OFCAEIFOff^ ^OfCAllFOS'^ .^WtDNIVER5/A ^lOSANCFEfr^\o o5. •-A— ' CJ,'^^^^ "^c/Aavaaii^ ^/iajAiNiimv^ "^(JAavaaiii^ '^(?Aavaani'^ %a3AIN(l-3WV^^lOSASCElfjv. ^5^l•llBRARYQc. ^^tllBRARYQc. .:^WEl'NIVERS/A ^vlOSWCEtfjv v^tllBRARYQr^ ^^l•UBRARY(?/^5o u. -<'^/Sa3AINn3HV^ ^dllVJJO'^ '^tfOilTVJJO'*^ ^J513DNVS01=^ ^.JOJIIVDJO'^%83AINn3ft^^vvlOSASCELfr, ^0FCA1IF0% .A,.OFCAllFO/?^ ^^WE•UNIVEW/^ v^lOSANCEEtr^ ^OFCAIIFOR,^ ^OFCAllFOff^ol-J-n7o^/5a3AiNn3WV^ "^OAavaan^ '^


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' •'A. w hHi",! '::.:'v'\S:- ^\WEUNIVERS/AMMINIVFR% ,^111BRARYQ<^ 5,^lllBRARYQr^ vlOSANCflfj>^^lllBRARY6/>Q< a^ o o ^ ^^ojiivjjo'f^ '^tfojiivjjo^ =5 29 ^Aa3MNn3W^ ^rjijDwsoi^ %a3AiNn]Wv^ ^^^llIBRARYQf^ .\V\[IJNIVERy/A vvlOSANCElfjv^. ^;^lllBRARYQr^vijvlUV.-ViCElfjV -^lllBRARYi?^ ^^^WIBRARYQc^ /^^u3 -I tf I ^^OJIWDJO'^ ^cJOJIWDJO'^ ^OJIWDJO'*^%a3AiNn3WV^ ^OFCAIIFO/?^ .^\\EUNIV[R% ^OFCAlIFOff^ ^OFCAIIFO/?^^lOSAKCElfJV- ^^OFCAIIF0% .vWSANCEEfj> >- <== t\ / >^ ^ op . _ . _ (•J o I? '^CAavaan-^'v^ "^^OAavaan-i^ ^^^Aavaan-i^"^'^/sa3AiNn]WV^ ^/ia3AiNn-3ttV^ ^OAavaaiii^ ,jMLIBRARYO/-^ .^MElNIVER% ^lOSANCElfj-^'0/^^ ^^SlllBRARYQ^ ^tllBRARYQr ^WEUNIVERVa ^lOSANCElfx, 3C3 o 0"^ ^Oimyi^"^ %i3Dwsoi^' %a3AlNn3WV^ ^iojiivjjo"^ ^OinniQ"^ %a3AiNn3WV' .^\^E•UNIVERi/A ^lOSA.NCElfj>^OFCAEIFORi^ ^.OFCAEIFOff^ ^OfCAllFOS'^ .^WtDNIVER5/A ^lOSANCFEfr^\ o o 5. •-A— ' CJ,' ^^^^ "^c/Aavaaii^ ^/iajAiNiimv^ "^(JAavaaiii^ '^(?Aavaani'^ %a3AIN(l-3WV^ ^lOSASCElfjv. ^5^l•llBRARYQc. ^^tllBRARYQc. .:^WEl'NIVERS/A ^vlOSWCEtfjv v^tllBRARYQr^ ^^l•UBRARY(?/^ 5 o u. -< '^/Sa3AINn3HV^ ^dllVJJO'^ '^tfOilTVJJO'*^ ^J513DNVS01=^ ^.JOJIIVDJO'^%83AINn3ft^^ vvlOSASCELfr, ^0FCA1IF0% .A,.OFCAllFO/?^ ^^WE•UNIVEW/^ v^lOSANCEEtr^ ^OFCAIIFOR,^ ^OFCAllFOff^ o l-J-n7o ^/5a3AiNn3WV^ "^OAavaan^ '^ ^ so-< =0 ^ 3 V / -<\1 '%OJ11V3JO'^ - I ^^T^ T CD - . \WE ONIVERJ/A,^\^E•llNIVERJ/A ^lOSANCflfj-^ s^^UIBRARYOc^timo/- i3 i tr" ^ o r-n -< '^aojiivjjo'^ ^<»ojnv3jo'>^%l]ONVS01^\oi\mi^'^ ^lOSANCfl£j>v^lOSANCEE^ ^OFCAllFOff^ ^.OFCAllFOff^ AME l)NIVERJ/A,^.OFCAIIFO% ^\\UUNIVERJ/A', ft—X T- o -< '^OAavaanis'^^Aa3AiNfi-3WV^ '^CAavaan-i'^ ^J'jijdnvsoi^>&Aav!iaii# ^lOSANCElfj-^ UBRARYQr^^;^lllBRARYQf, ^>^lllBRARYQr ,^W[UNIVERS•/A ^^sM-llBRARYQc^ ^^^lIIVERS/A ,vlOS/\NCElfj-^ < P ?3» ?- -I ^aOJllVDJO'^ '^.!/0JIW3J0'^^iOJIlVDJO'^ ^.!/0JIW3JO'^ &Aavaani^ ^'^ ' -^^lUBRARYQc. ^;^lUBRARYO/v, AWEUNIVEe% ^lOSANCElfj>. ^^^l•llBRARYQr, ^5M•UBRARYQ^^ o ^.tfOJIlVDiO't^ '^aojiivjjo'*^^%a]AiNn3WV^ ^aOJIWOJO'^ %13DNVS01=^ %83AIN(13WV^ ^tfOJIlVDJO^ JIVERJ/A ^vlOSANCFEfx. ^OFCAllFOff^ ^OFCAllFOff^ ,^M[•UNIVERS/A ^lOSANCElfjv ^OFCA1IFOR!<> ^OFCAllFOff,|Aj^ —<»,ft o o < 3^ ^OAHvaaiii^'^ ^(?Aavaaii# ^Aavaaiii^'^^/iaJAINllJWV^ tmOr ,^UIBRARYQc. ^lOSANCFlfj^ <^UIBRARYQr -^MUBRARYQa '^..^^^^^i^ is ^^ -^ •i^i -Os JLJ-Ocj-r*.) - stack Annex j 01-PUBLIC LIBRARY NEW SOUTH WALES, ^'lo SUPIIBMENTARY CATAL0CUE-189()-98. A'BECKETT, Thomas. Victorian Law Reports. [See Victorian Law Rej)or(s.] ME 20 1{ 1''. Aniiori:il Hearings, etc., in thi' Miu-licll Hall,A., A'BECKETT, Thomas Turner. A Twenty-fiveMarisclial Cullege, Aberdeen. [Sec Aijei'decn LJiiiver- Years- Retrospect. (Melbourne Review,sity.] K 19 41 1.) MElSt^)Q " Tucker, Cliarli.tte Maria.]A.L.O.E." [See ABEILLARD, Pierre. The' Story of llelOisc and Abailard retold. [See Vandani, .Vlbei-t B.—Amours of tJreatSOCIETY. Rules. linio.A. B. PRODUCTIVE Men.] C 23 12QManchester, ISDl. V 1.3 V L'o Meciianics of the Earth's At-ABBE, Prof. Cleveland. ABERDEEN, (ieorge John James (iordon, 5th Earl of. Collection of Translations. Svo. Wash.,mosphere: [Portrait of.] [See Sixty Years of Emjjire.] P. 22 1{ 18 a;uqi'ji89;i. 1S7S.Re])ort on the Sohir Eclijisc of July, [See United ABERDEEN UNIVERSITY. Description of the Ar- Suites.—Signal Service.] A 10 X i! f morial Bearing.s, Portraits, and Bu.sts in the Mitchell Hall and Picture (Jallery, Marisclial College : by Everett V. Treatise on the Federal IncomeABliOT, "E.A." 8vo. Aberdeen, 1890. K 19 tj I'l [U.S.A.] 1894. [See Foster, Roger.] F 10 U 19Ta.x The Principles of Bacteriology. Sv(,.ABBOTT, Dr. A. C. ABLETT, T. R. Teaching of Drawing and Colouring as 189G. A 27 S 18 a preparation for DesigningLond., and Decorative Work. (Internat, Health Exhib. - Health Ivxhib. Literature.) Vaughan. The Electi-ical Tran.smissionABBOTT, Arthur A 41 V 10 8vo. New York, 189.5. A 21 A' 22of Enei-gy. ABNEY, Capt. William de Wiveleslie, F.R.S. Evening Vaughan. Judge and Jury ; a Popu-ABBOTT, Benjamin Talks at the Cameia Club on the action of Light in Explanation of Leading Topics in the Law of thelar 8vo. Lond., 1S|,I7.Photography. A 23 P 2.5 8vo. New York, 1880. F13V2Land. Instantaneous Phol(igra]il]V. 8\ii. Lond., 189.5. A 23 ,50t^)ABBOTT, E.pages of St Oxford, J IIS IG PUOTECTTONABORKilNES SOCIETY. Ainiu.d , and (:A.MPB1:LL, Dr. Lewis. Lifr and Letters ISII 1.5. vols. Svo. Lond.,Keports, 2 184 1-4.5. K of Benjamin Jowett, Mastei- of Balliol College, Oxford. III,[S<-« Ji>wett, I!.] C 24 Q 17 .nul DAVIIvSAliHAHA.M, .M.iy I'.., .\rtlnir Ll.'welyn. The Law rel.iting to F.ictories .md Workshops, includ- Allli<)TT, Lyman. ('hrislianil v and Social Prolilems. L.Hindries and Docks. 8vo. Lond., 189G.I'' 13 5ing U12ino. I.ond.. Silt;. C lit I U 23 III till' .Tiiil lisI. I'nutiiiil diiiiU' lji« .Ailiiiiiiistr.'vtiiiii. Till' Tlieoliigv of an L\ iiliit ionist. S\o. Lond., 1897. N5ili's,'2. Till,' Acts, with iciiilaiiiiiij,' llii' l'":i.ti>iv ami .'»( ! 23 P !!.".; Slii.p\ViMlisliiii) .Alls, IS7S I 111' lliiiiis .\ol«,' l.SifJ .S'l'.l'.CKl'.T, ni.niias. [See Beekel. Th..ui;,s a'.] l,s:ll S7 I'ail.s tl.'i ; llii'Tniil; ,\i-ls, ; of iilliiT Acl« iv- !''ailiirir.i iiml WiMk.sliniw all (liilei'Ml:itiiii;tii ; iiimli' A'BKCKHTT, (iiU.ert Ahhot. Comi.' History of England. liy lie .Serielaiy nf ."^tiitc muler tin- KaitoiyI ami Wiirksliop Acts; with Kxiilaiiatury Xnlcs, ami nilVol.1. Illustrated. Hoy. Svo Lond. (n.d. ) J 22 V I Apiii'iiijlN iniilaiiiiiig a full list of Hpei'ial iiiIch iiiailf Tahlc hook. (J.]George Cruickshaidv's [See (.'ruikshank, fill- ilaiigi'ious I'liiiiloyiiU'iitM, luiil a eoiiiplt'ti' Imlcx to .) r>22 T liiiUi Tarts. -t^03;L>8G 1 South Walea.Fublic Libranj Neioof Kendall. Johnson'sADAMS, Dr. Charles UABRAHAM, Dr. Phineas Simon. Leprosy. (AUbutt. clopiedia. \_See Johnson s Universal CyckDr. T. C— Medicine.) A l'6 T 35System of \ Israel.ABRAHAMS, Jewish Life in the ilidclli! Ages. ADAJMS, Francis William L. The Australians : a Sociai Svo. 1S96. TLond., B 16 1 Sketch. 8vo. Lond., 1893. MF 5 P 4 of Adam Lindsay Gordon. (Mellx)urneThe PoetryACADEMIE SCIENCES, L'. Comptes rendusDE8 Review," ME 1810.) Q hebdomadaires des Seances de. Tomes 1-125, 1835- 97. 125 vols. 4to. Paris, 1835-97. E ADAilS, Dr. Frank Dawson. Report on the Geology of a Laurentian area lyingto theportion of the North of the ACADEMIE RATIONALE, L'. Journal Mensuel de, Island of [Montreal. [^See McGill L^niversity.—Papers 1895-97. 3 vols. imp. 8vo. Paris, 1895-97. E from the Department of Geology.] A 40 S 9 Architec- and BARLOW, Alfred E. On the origin andACADEMY ARCHITECTURE and Annual , Review. 1896-98, Supplement, relations of the Grenville and Hastings series in thetural Vols. 9-13, and 1894-95. 7 vols. sm. 4to. Lond., 1894-98. E Canadian Laurentian with remarks by R. W. Ells. ; \_See McGill University.—Papers from the Department ACADEMY XOTES. ^See Blackburn, Henry.] of Geology.] A 40 S 9 , and HARRINGTON, Bernard James. New OF NATURAL SCIENCES OF PHILA- Alkali Hoi'nblende and a Titanifcrous Andnadite fromDELPHIA, The. Proceedings, 1841-97. 49 vols. Dungannon, Hastingsthe Nepheline-Syeiiite of County, 8vo. Philad., 1842-98. E JIcGill L^niversity.—Ontario. [See Papers from the Department of Chemistry and Mineralogy.]A 40 S 22ACLAND, Arthur Herbert Dyko, and JONES, Benjamin. Working-men Coiiperators : what they have done and ADA:MS, Dr. Henry C. Relation of the State to Indus-what are doing.they l8mo. Manchester, 1897. (American Economic Association.)trial Action.F 12 S 26 VF4 11 ACLAND, Charles Thomas Dyke. Teaching Agricul-of ADA:\IS, J. C. Sketch of. [_See Ball, Sir R. S.—Great ture. (Internat. Health Exhib.—Health Exhib. Astronomers.] A 20 U 8 Literature.) A 41 V 10 ADA:MS, J. R. G. Registration f)f Colonial Puljlications.ACLAND, Sir Henrv Wentworth, F.R.S. Health in the (Internat. Libr. Coiif.—Trans, and Proc, 1897.) Village. (Internat. Health Exhib.— Exhib. Cat. Room Literature.) A 41 17U Village Health and Village Life. (Internat. Health ADAMS, James. Botany of Hikurangi Mountain. (N.Z. Exhib.—Health Exhib. Literature.) A 41 V 5 Inst., Trans., 1897.) ME 2 S ACLAND, Dr. Theodore Dyke. Actinomycosis and ADA^NIS, John. The Herbartian Psychology applied to JIadura Foot. (Allbutt, Dr. T.C—System of Medi- Education : being a series of Essays applying the cine.) A 26 T 35 Psychology of J. F. Herbart. 8vo. Lond., 1897. G 23 Q 1 COPEMAN., Dr. Monckton, and HART, Er- Rev. John. jModern Voyages containingADA^IS, : a nest. Vaccinia. (Allbutt, Dr. T. C.—System of :SIedi- variety of useful and entertaining facts respecting the cine.) A 26 T 35 Expeditions and the principal' Discoveries of Caven- 3Iouk,dish, Dampier, Spilhergen, Wallis, Carteret,ACTON, Lord. A Lecture on the Study of History, Bougainville, Dixon, Portlock, Paterson, and others, delivered at Cambridge, 1895. ]2mo. Lond., 1895. comprehending the most interesting particular ofB35Q11 Brisson's Narrative of his Shipwreck and Captivity, ADA^MI, JohnDr. (Jcorge. Inflammation. (Allbutt, the Shipwreck of the Antdujic, East India Packet, and Dr. T.C—System Description of amiable inhabitantsof Medicine.) A 26 T 34 a of the Pelew Islands, never before known to any European, also -, and KUIKPATRICK, Dr. Robert the latest authentic accounts from Botany Bay, asCharles. Notes upim a case curious information fromof ]\Ia(Iura Foot. \_See ^IcOill well as several ingenious University.—Papers from writere and travellers for the amusement and instruc-the Department of Path- ology.] tion of youth of both sexes. 2 vols. 12mo. Lond.,A 40 S 23 1790. MD 3 P 14, 15 ADAMS, Brooks. The Law of Civilization and Decay: an Ess ly on History. 8vo. ADAMS, John Quincy. Portrait of. \_Sce Brooks. Noah.Lond., 1898. F15R13 Party—Short Studies in Politics.] F 10 V 1 ADA!MS, C. E. An Investigation into the rates of mor- tality in New Zealantl Prof. John W. Text-book of Horse-shoeing.during the period 1881-91. ADAMS, (N.Z. Inst., Trans., [See Lungwitz, A.] A39P71896.) ME 2 S —SKpplemcnlavy Catalogue 1896-98. OscarADAM.S, Fay. Dictionary of American Authors. ADELAIDE OBSERVATORY. Meteorological Obser- 8v... Boston, vations1897. K 19 R -J:! made at the Adelaide Observatory and other places in South Australia and the Northern Territory. ADAMS, Pliilip Francis. Fruit-dryer.The "Casula" 1870-94. 10 vols. sm. fol. Adelaide, 1878-97. ME (Farmers and Fruit-growers' Guide.) !MA -l U 1 ADELAIDEAVine-making PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY. [Seefor Beginners. (Agricult. Gazette, N.S.W., Royal Society of South Australia.]1890.) ME 9 R ADAMS, "W. M. Popular History the Fisheries and 1883-of ADELAIDL rXlVEHSlTY. Calendar, 1879-81, Fishei-mon of all Countries, from tiie Earliest Time. IK97. vols. 8vo. Adelaide, 1879-97. ME 5 U (Internat. Fisheries E.xhilj.—Fislieries Literature.) A 3i R 1 ADENEY, Prof. Walter The Songs of Solomon andF. th(! Lamentations of Jeremiah. Expositor's[SeeADAMSON, W. Hints on Laying down Land to Grass. Bible, The.] G 19 S 23 (West Australian Settler's (Juide.) MD 8 5iQ ADIE, R. H., andWOOD, T. Chemistry.B. AgriculturalADAMSON, Rev. William. Life of Rev. James Morison. 2 vols. 8vo. Lond., 1897. A 33 P 2726,[See Morison, Rev. J.] -U P 9 ADDERLEY, Augustus Fisheries of the Bahamas. ADRIAN IV, Pope. Nicholas Breakspear, EnglishmanJohn. and Pope; 8vo. Lond.,(Internat. Fisheries Exhib. Jilerature.) by Alfred H. Tarleton. Imp.— A 3-1 R 5 189G. C10T18t Pope Adrian IV: an Historical Sketch; bv RichardADDERLEY, Papers Intro-James. Looking Upward : " T.Kaby. [See Raby, R.] G 9 Wductory to the Study of Social Questions from a >\'religious point of view. 8vo. Lond., 189G. G 9 17 ADY, Julia Early Work[Mrs. Henry] Julia Cartwright. of Raphael. [See The.—Monographs, EADDISON, (4. Campbell. The Miner's Manual. 12mo. Portfolio, 13.] 189;"!.Sydney, MF 2 P 44 Jean Francois Millet : his Life and Letters. [See Tenements Recovery with Introduction explanatory Millet, J.' C19XJ18Act, F.] of the Procedure under the Act. 8vo. Svdnev, Lifi^ and Work of t!. F. A\'atts. [See Watts, G. F.] 1896. MF"iS75 A 13W 8 t Synopsis of Oti'ences puni.shable on sunnnary conviction by Raphael in Rome. [See Portfolio, The.—Monographs, Justici-s nf thf Peace. [See Macfarlane, W. M.] E20.] 3 R 71MF AEBI, James. The AuatrnJinn Pholoijraphic Jounial An-ami THOMSON, Alexander. The Small Debts Recovery Acts; the Bills of the Bank- imal and Year-book. [See AnflniUan I'luiloi/rajihirSak; Act and ruptcy Act Amendment Contractors' Jonnuil.] ME 15 PAct, 189G; the Debts Act of 1897 the Acts Shortening Act and the ; Interpretation Act of 1897. With Notes, Sets of Oct., -Ito.AEROXAUTICS. Vol. I, 1893-Sept., 1894. Rules, Reports of Cases, and index. R"y. i^^'o. New York, 1893-94. E Sydney, 51898. MF R G OnniiiiyESCHYLUS. ..Eschyli qua^ Supersunt ; recousuit ADDISON, Joseph. on Ancient and et brevi vols.commontario instruxit F. A. Paley. 2 Learning. (Rhys, Literary Pamphlets.) IIllT.')E.— 8vo. Lond., H \ V IS1846. 17, [Criticism of.] [See Worsfold, W. B.—Principles of .1Criticism.] 10W 2 ^STIIETK; SCHOOL, The. Leisure Readings.)[See A 19 16Q ADDISON, W. H. Education and Tnuning of Deaf 2.").Mutes. Love, Dr. J. E.--Deaf Mutism, 28U[Sec A AFFLECK, T. and CO. The ISonler J'osI Almanac for j l,t1890-98. 3vol.s. 12mo. Allmry, lK'JG-98. M K I ADELAIDE OF SAXE-MEININGEN, Queen of Eng- land. |Sketcliof.| [Sef (.'rowM Jewels. C 2:! S 7 I W.AFFLECK, Christian Ethics. [See Martensen. Jl. Bish.-p.] (! 3 11-13U ADELAIDE. Fair Adelaide, South Australia. Illus- 12nio.trated. 01). Adelaide (n.d.) iMD 4 t^ 28 Account of theAFLALO, l-'rederick (Jeorge. Sea-fish: an Mayor's Report, 1887-88. 8vo. 1H88.Adelaide, ME 1 S Mi'thods of practiseil on the English (.'oast,Angling as with Notes on tlii' capture of the more sj.orting Fishes ADKLAini: ALMANAC and Dircctorv for S.)Utli Aus- Waters,in Conliiu'ntal, South African, and Australian 1804-0"., 1.S72, 1879,"tralia, 1807, lS82-S:i by J. ; 28 P 3:.lllu.strated. 8vo. Lond., 1898. A I!n,,tliby. vols. 8vo. 1-8:!.7 Adelaide, 180 ME 1 2 T 8vo.Sketch of the of Australia.Natural History ' Vl^.nd., 1896. MA 1 7ADKL.MDK K.X'il IIIITIOX, of1887. Catalogue Ex- hibits in the Victorian Herkshirc,Court. 8vo. Melb., 1887. The EncyclopaMliji of Sport. [See Suffolk and MK R 182 S 3 18th Earl of.] A 17 f . — Neio South Wales.4, Fublic Lihrary of Islands AGRICULTURALEXPERIMENT STATIONS- con<(/.AGASSIZ, Alexander. and Coral Reefs of the Fiji Group. (Annals and :Mag. of Nat. Hist., 1898.) E Cattle Feeding contd. Gluten Feeds.16. Digestion Experiments.17.AGASSIZ, Louis. Life, Letters, and Works Julesof ; by IS. Feeding Marcou. Illustrated. 2 vols. 8vo. New York, 1896. 19. C 22 S U, 15 20. Feeding for Beef. Experiments in Cattle Feeding.21. Biographical Notice. Smithsonian Inst. Kept.,\^See 22. in the Feeding of Steers. 1878.] E The Digestibility of Soiling Rye.•K 24. Rational Feeding. 2.->. Steer Feeding, and Composition and Valuation of AGE, The, Oct., 1895-Sept.,' 1898. 12 vol'.. f..l. Melb., Indiana Feeding Stufe. 1895-98. 26. Stock Feeding.ME Soiling and Soiling Crops, and Feeding Experiments with Soiling Crops. 28. Corn Fodder.AGRICULTURAL BUREAU OF SOUTH AUS- 29. Steer Feeding. TRALIA. Journal. Vols. 1, 7. 9, Jan^une, 1889, 30. Effects of Cotton Seed and Cotton Seed Meal on Butter, Aug., 1894-Julv, 1895, Aug., 189G^ulv, 1897. 3 Beef, Tallow, Lard, and Sheep Suet." Soiling Steers, or Green r.vols. 4to. Adelaide, 1889-97. ME 31. Dry Food. .32. The Digestibility of Green and Dry Timothy. also Gardeti and Field[See 33. Feeding Root Crops v. Dry Food. J\ 34. Ensilage r. Dry Food. 3.5. Steer Feeding. 36. Dairy Herd Record for 1894-95, Winter Feeding Ex-AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATIONS. periments w ith Dairy Cows, and some Suggestions OBArtesian "Waters and Irrigation. 22 Pamphlets, Building and Equipmentthe of Factories. 8vo. Various Places, 1891-97. A 38 R 5 The Feeding of Farm Animals.37. 38. Steer and Meteorological1. Irrigation in Arizona. Record. Water and Water 39. Steer and Pig Feeding.'i. Analysis. 't. Kxperimental Work at Willcox. Clieesemaking. 1 7 Pamphlets. 8vo. Various Places,4. Pumping Water for Irrigation. i). The Artesian Wells of Colorado and their relation to 1891-96. A 38 9Q Irrigation. 1 Cheese and Butler Dairying. 6. The Measurement and Division of Water. and its Manufacture.2. 7. Seepage or Return \\'aters from Irrigation. Investigation of3. Cheese. 5. The Artesian Waters of South Dakota. 4—6. Experimnets in the Manufacture of Cheese. 9. Shallow Artesian Wells of South 7. Summary of Results of Experiments made in the Manu- 10. Irrigation in .South Dakota. facture of Cheese during 1892. 11. Irrigation. S, 9. Experiments in the Manufacture of Cheese. 12. of fiarden Crops. 10-14. Investigation relating to the ilanufacture of Cheese. 1."!. \'alue of Rio Grande Water for purpose of Ii-rigalion. 1.5. Some reasons why there should be a legal standard for 14. Irrigation. Cheese in Xew York State. 15. Sub-Iirigation r. Surface Irrigation, and Water for 16. Results of Investigations relating to the Manufacture of Cheese during 1894. 16. Irrigation. 17. Experiments in Cheesemakiug.Irrigation17. : Amount of Water to use, and relative Feed- ing Values of Timothy. Lucerne, and Wild Hay. Corn. .30 Pamphlets. Various Places, 1889-97. 18. Preliminary Report on Seepage Water anil the "Under- A 38 13flow of Rivers. Q Cotton, Rye, Chufas.19. Farm Irrigation and 1. Corn,Orchard Irrigation. '211. Wheat, and Oats.Karthen Dams. 2. •21. The 4. Experiments with Com.Artesian Wells of South 3.Wyoming. 'il. AVater .5. Fertilizer Experiments with Corn,Analvsis. ti. Field Tests upon Indian Com. Cattle Feeding.39 Pamphlets. Svo. 7. on Corn, Culture ExperimentsVariou.s Places, Corn, and Varietyon Tests of Com.lf