Directory of short-horn breeders of the United States alphabetically arranged by states, 1905

Directory of short-horn breeders of the United States alphabetically arranged by states, 1905


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LIBRARYTHEOFOF CALIFORNIAUNIVERSITYGIFT OFClass SFI93.I'ft4Qn ^nCOLLEGE OF ACiRICULTURlANIMAL IIUODANDRYDIRECTORYOFShort-Horn BreedersOF THEUNITED STATESStatesArranged byAlphabetically19O5THOFUNIVERSiTOFIVIIM isi.isii KI> mAMKKiCAN I?K K K.DKKSHORT-HORN1 A (i A \ KN I K1 KXCll N KOfficersLOCKRIDGEPRESIDENT, S. F. Ind.Greencastle,J. F. PRATHER 111.VICE-PRESIDENT, Williamsville,D. W. SMITHTREASURER, Springfield, 111.JOHN W. GROVES 111.SECRETARY, Chicago,SECRETARY. B. O. COWAN 111.ASSISTANTROY G. GROVESSECOND ASSISTANT SECRETARY, Chicago, 111.DirectorsH. F Minn.BROWN, Minneapolis,MARTIN Des Iowa.FLYNN, Moines,111.I. M Henry,FORBES,C. L Ohio.GERLAUGH, Osborn,F. W Wia.HARDING, .Waukesha,J. F Ft. Worth, Texas.HOVENKAMP,C. E Bell Mo.LEONARD, Air,F Ind.LOCKRIDGE, S. Greencastle,J. F 111.PRATHER, Williamsville,RENICK, ABRAM Sycamore, Ky.T. J Mo.WORNALL, Liberty,CommitteeExecutiveS. F. LOCKRIDGE H. F. BROWN,(ex-officio),C. E.I. M. LEONARD,FORBES,ABRAM RENICK,ANNOUNCEMENTou SKVERAL, the office of thoyearsI-Anici-icaii Short 1 lorn I'.reeders' Associa-I*s-\ tion has felt of Index of1 the need an-^ Breeders, States. No such index hasbybefore been It was undertaken thatprepared.the office belter for conven-might be equipedient inand effective and answer to manywork,from breeders therequests throughout country.Those who have had the laborious and unsat-ofisfactory experience going through the gen-eral index of our Herd in ...


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LIBRARY THEOF OF CALIFORNIAUNIVERSITY GIFT OF Class SFI93.I ' ft4Qn ^n COLLEGE OF ACiRICULTURl ANIMAL IIUODANDRY DIRECTORY OF Short-Horn Breeders OF THE UNITED STATES StatesArranged byAlphabetically 19O5 THOF UNIVERSiT OF IVI IM isi.isii KI> m AMKKiCAN I?K K K.DKKSHORT-HORN 1 A (i A \ KN I K 1 KXCll N K Officers LOCKRIDGEPRESIDENT, S. F. Ind.Greencastle, J. F. PRATHER 111.VICE-PRESIDENT, Williamsville, D. W. SMITHTREASURER, Springfield, 111. JOHN W. GROVES 111.SECRETARY, Chicago, SECRETARY. B. O. COWAN 111.ASSISTANT ROY G. GROVESSECOND ASSISTANT SECRETARY, Chicago, 111. Directors H. F Minn.BROWN, Minneapolis, MARTIN Des Iowa.FLYNN, Moines, 111.I. M Henry,FORBES, C. L Ohio.GERLAUGH, Osborn, F. W Wia.HARDING, .Waukesha, J. F Ft. Worth, Texas.HOVENKAMP, C. E Bell Mo.LEONARD, Air, F Ind.LOCKRIDGE, S. Greencastle, J. F 111.PRATHER, Williamsville, RENICK, ABRAM Sycamore, Ky. T. J Mo.WORNALL, Liberty, CommitteeExecutive S. F. LOCKRIDGE H. F. BROWN,(ex-officio), C. E.I. M. LEONARD,FORBES, ABRAM RENICK, ANNOUNCEMENT ou SKVERAL, the office of thoyears I -Anici-icaii Short 1 lorn I'.reeders' Associa- I * s-\ tion has felt of Index of1 the need an -^ Breeders, States. No such index hasby before been It was undertaken thatprepared. the office belter for conven-might be equiped ient inand effective and answer to manywork, from breeders therequests throughout country. Those who have had the laborious and unsat- ofisfactory experience going through the gen- eral index of our Herd in order to obtainBooks, a list of breeders of a will nogiven locality doubt this new isappreciate Index. It believed it will prove a convenience to those whogreat wish to advertise Sales, and it willcertainly save and conserve the of alltime, energy who wish to in touch withget the breeders of their own State. It has been prepared by carefully revising the Index of the last 18 volumes of the Herd andBook, while it contain names of a fewmay breeders who have retired from the business, and not include new whomay some breeders have made recent it will be foundpurchases, to be correct. The willessentially Secretary consider it a favor if breeders thethroughout will the name newcountry report of any breeder whose name does not in this Index.appear Also or errors thatreport any duplications they find.may As breeders of Short-Horns become more as thewidely acquainted, they study history of the and become better aboutbreed, informed its marvelous achievements and its unrivalled qualities, they will be better toprepared pro- duce Short-Horns that will contribute to the breed's continued supremacy. February, 1905. DIRECTORY ALABAMA Evans, RoundFrank, Valley Alabama J.Experiment Station,Auburn A., Milpitas L. J.Davis, H., Huntsville Flournay, D., Likely Dumas, Frey, Peter, FerndaleJoel, Arlington Neal.D. Friel, Ferndn It-Marbury, H., Marbury Robinson & C. Smith'sCo., N., HilLsboro Gallagher, Jas.. Ranch A. Gibson, B. H.. WoodlandSager, V., Citronelle J.Tolson, C., Gadsden W. B., Fred. Wheat landGlazier, ARIZONA -Glide & J.Sons, H.. Sacramento O. J.Christy, H., Phoenix Gregg, W., Monterey G.Grupe, StocktonHenry, ARKANSAS San Fran-Guadaloupe Dairy Co., G. ciscoBriggs, A., Carlisle Heilbron &E. Bro., A., SacramentoConnor, H., Augusta A.Dalton Henry, M.,Dalton, E., Farming-ton J. .Howard, William H., Estate. San DaltonW., FranciscoEzell, Geo., Wynne ConcordGeo. Hutchinson, Ely I.,Grayson, H., Dobyville Wm.W. Columbus Irvine, H., ClementsJohnson, W., H. Kausen, A. H., FerndaleJones, B., Kenyon Jos.Pine Bluff Kelly, P., W., Lauer & Sons. AltnrasP. Culberhouse I-;.,Millikan, H., Lawrence & Co., M.. TallacS. JonesboroMoreland, W., Reynolds, -Lynch, John, IVt.-ilmnaOscar, Rogers, J. Prairie Lynn, M., San JoseE., Grove A. Hindsville J. HanfordSmith, T., MeCord, W., Brownstown C. Joseph, Mack, E.. Sacramento C.Thomas, T., Alexander M;ids<-n. Mads. I'Vrn la le Megerle, L. LockefordJ., CALIFORNIA E. Visalia.Miller, O., Lakeville u Geo.Ashburner, Robt., Minges, K.. Krendi Camp A., Pacific C.rove- ( ^t Son. SanPeter, !ihle. C. M., Santa R J. FresnoDickinson, E., ..-irks. M. I ):i L-S| V., \-isvjJI,. H. WoodlandEakle, P., Jr., Sj.reckles Su.q-ar SanCo"., FranclSCO 10 UX1TED STATES DIRECTORY OF Land Tree B.Staten Island Co., Eagle Newby, N., Longmont MeekerCharles Stockton Oldland, R.,Stowe, A., San Jose Pawnee Cattle Co., DenverTaylor, Frank, The, French Farm & InvestmentTurner, James, Camp Ruckeridge Co., Pablo, Halfmoon Ft.Vasquez, Hay Logan G. MontroseW. Round Russell, G.,Wells, H., Valley W. Grand JunctionS. Santa Rosa Scheu, C.,Wright, B., & San Jose, W., JulesburgYounger Son, Coleman, Sharpe. Brady Wilder & La JaraSherwin, Neff, Com. DenverCOLORADO Sigel, Campion Co., S. ComoSlater, S.,CollinsA. I., Ft.Akin, Thos., BaditoSproull,R. J., Ft. CollinsAndrews, W. TrinidadTaylor, W.,Jas. W.,Arthur, Longmont J. TrullTrull, M.,ManzanolaBros.,Beaty Von Hagen, H., RidgewayLittletonBerdel, Chas. A., LovelandWarnock, David, F. A., ColbranBloss, F. Ft. CollinsWatrous, L.,W. PuebloBulette, W., Vain Live Stock & Land The,pa Co.,A.Burch, E., Longmont I nlaydfFt.Buzick, W. M., Morgan Calkins, I'. \\'.. CONNECTICUT J.Cat-lisle, D., Debeque Carnahan, Burlington W. G., New CanaanD., Grupe, Windsor LocksCarwin. W. B.. Wray Lootnis, Hurdette, Ft. MansfieldClem, A. D.. Morgan Rosebrooks, Charles, Ft.Colorado College, Skiff, Paul C.. Xe\v HavenAgricultural Collins Geo. DarienStarr, O., Land The, Va.n Paul, Shaker Station Valley Co., Wagner, StratfordMonte Vista Wheeler, M.,Joseph A. Ft. H. K.,Crawford, M., Morgan Wright, Map'eton Crawford & J. R., Ft. MorganSons, CollinsC. O.. Ft. FLORIDACulver, L. DenverDavis, G., Z. OcalaChambliss, C., W. A., LongmontDickens, McKeown Paul ConcordP., W.Dickens, H., Longmont F. A., Elbert,Dotson, GEORGIA O. GardnerEdie, A., T. AtlantaSawtell, R.,John DenverField, E., DecaturScott & Keller,Fred SteamboatB., SpringsFinley, Tatutn, J. W., Sylvester A. J., WhitewaterFisher, A. PuebloGarnett, C., IDAHO E. Fowler V., E. & J. kG. Monte Vista Auxier, E. W., Vanwy.Gates, W., J.A. Petersburg Bailey, M., XampaGilman, W., R. KendrickBarr Ball, C.,Grattan, John, C.Morrison Brown, H., LibertyGreen, Ed, MoscowI. Newcastle T.,Griffith, B., Byrns, Bayard Carbondale MeridianE. H., Daily, Isaac,Grubb, Collins E.Lewis H., Ft. Dewey, H., NampaHale, W. LorenzoDenver Galbraith, L.,Hall, Jas. C., E.C. Graham, N., GrangevilleHampton, E., Durango Green.H. S., Meeker Kate, NampaHarp, Idaho Insane BlackfootS., Meeker Asylum, Mountain HomeT. J., Jackson, C.,Harshman, Ridgeway GrantHarshman & Walther, Ridgeway Johnson, Nephi, Fountain C. W., BoiseHeadington, John, Joy, E. M.. ParmaC. Loveland Kirkpatrick,Jackson, E., LewistonF. Denver Leeper, C. A.,Johnson, W., BoiseMrs. S. McMillan, John,Kempf, M., EagleJohn Denver D. H.,Lowell, W., Moseley, E. A.. MiddleMcFarland, Hays P., Holyoke Nor, Valley Hebron J. MoscowMarr, William, Pfeffer, N., Orlando J.. MoscowLa VelaMathews, George, Ralph, BoiseMorgan A.,Morse, E. E., Wiggins Regan, M Geo. Hoehne W. W.. GeorgetownC., Richards,yers. Geo. BoiseM. Russell, W.,Neil, O., Julesburg