Directory of the City of Newark, for 1851-52
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Directory of the City of Newark, for 1851-52


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0.WILL FURNISHHARNESS MAKERSWITHLOOP PLATESOf and thesize,every description bysett or single.EMBOSSING&PRINTINGHFORROLLS,and TrunkSaddleMAKERS.Brands forAnd Names,MarkingPost office Society and officestamps.Seals and Stamps.GILDINGHATTERS' DIES,&EMBOSSING SECTIONAL WREATHS*&c., &c.,At the lowest market prices.of be seenA CASE, work,) containing specimens mayStore of R. H. cor. of Broadat the Drug Trippe,Market Newark. N.and streets, J.,|Where all orders will be attended toleft, punctuallyCABINET MANUFACTORY,AND119 Market Street.ALSO,.General Furnishing Upholstery,FeatherSuch as Mattrasses, Beds, Church cushions,GiltWindow Curtains, and metal Cornices,Draperv,Cords, Shades of Linen trans-orGimp Fringes, Tassels,&c.Hangings,parencies, paper1FOWLER'S Patent Premium BEDSTEA1Improved(VN. B. Black and Whit, ;Walnut, CherryMahogany,''Wood Coffins, also, Plates, Shrouds, &.^< >be found India RubberMP the articles are toAmong Shoes^Gentlemen and Children, of the most///for Ladies, beauti-^for this all ofwhich>y>ful finish yet acquired article, are^^warranted. \fo< CARRIAGE CLOTHS. >Coach curtains and Enamelled Cloth,trimmings, aprons, o^xa ...


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0. WILL FURNISH HARNESS MAKERS WITH LOOP PLATES Of and thesize,every description by sett or single. EMBOSSING&PRINTINGH FORROLLS, and TrunkSaddle MAKERS. Brands forAnd Names,Marking Post office Society and officestamps. Seals and Stamps. GILDINGHATTERS' DIES, &EMBOSSING SECTIONAL WREATHS* &c., &c., At the lowest market prices. of be seenA CASE, work,) containing specimens may Store of R. H. cor. of Broadat the Drug Trippe, Market Newark. N.and streets, J., | Where all orders will be attended to left, punctually CABINET MANUFACTORY, AND 119 Market Street. ALSO,. General Furnishing Upholstery, FeatherSuch as Mattrasses, Beds, Church cushions, GiltWindow Curtains, and metal Cornices,Draperv, Cords, Shades of Linen trans-orGimp Fringes, Tassels, &c.Hangings,parencies, paper 1FOWLER'S Patent Premium BEDSTEA1Improved( VN. B. Black and Whit, ;Walnut, CherryMahogany, ''Wood Coffins, also, Plates, Shrouds, &.^ < > be found India RubberMP the articles are toAmong Shoes^ Gentlemen and Children, of the most///for Ladies, beauti-^ for this all ofwhich>y>ful finish yet acquired article, are^ ^warranted. \fo < CARRIAGE CLOTHS. > Coach curtains and Enamelled Cloth,trimmings, aprons, o^x a most beautiful article. 3& INDIA RUBBER CLOTHING, i commended toof which isevery highlydescription, No should be without this who hasperson article, the^; of a on their It is dura-wHydrant, premises. very and becan taken into of the HPperfectly clean, any part S house without or other furniture.soiling carpets )^ S India Rubber Machine >>>Banding, " v V^i has this article to be the best now1* Experience proved ^ in use for thisJS purpose. ^ INDIA RUBBER WHIPS. > These thisV> Whips (made exclusively by Company,) are^ a most excellent and are warranted to allarticle, purcha-^v and will be furnished in on liberal^quantities veryjNsers, 5^terms to the trade. Jfr 3s The above are warranted to be of the bestgoods quali-w and this hold themselves to^ty, company make^r responsible the warrantee. // v^good ^ H.(&(<< President.HUTCHINSON, s^PW ^M^ f^\ -AND ^\iENGRAVER, M the Turnpike Roar Pi ak i N.J.ic-hl, with andsupplied Gilding Blank Rolls and SideStamps. Hack Orn: Pi-ess Steel and VWork, Border lines. Blocks andLettering Boxes for Press, Leiic-rintr for Eipallets Round and Back.ers, Flat, Har,iting &c.Plates, The above are offered to the atreduced and war- 1public prices, I rallied to an>\vi-r tin- o-pu: ; are made, or the ar-{which they be reiurned and themay 'fiicle with &> Holbrook.Tuti-:. FeTt A- ai.d Job icarBook Primer, or J. Smith Book333 Broad St., No. 1 Commerce st.Binder. cor-crR. EL DruggistTrippe, i Broad and A1;i Coff.e : G. IJ. Jones' City 1J52 Mari. . No. attended to& prompt-punctually DODD & AKEIAI, AND SUSPENDER WEBBING. No. 131 Market Street, . )DODD, N. J.NEWARK, . P. WAKEMAN. \ J MANDFACTURERS OPALSO, ! St VEST AND PANTAI.OON BUCKLES.SPENDER, DODD &SCARLETT, CO., MANUFACTURERS OF StJSPiNDBHS, anaPantaloon Inclined Plane.Hedenbergs Works, SCARLETT, BETHUEL DODD. ? N. J.NEWARK, . P. WAKEMAN. GlassLooking Manufactory, 125 Market Street, )A FEW DOORS WEST OF BROAD STREET.! andEvery size of Glassesdescription Looking be|may had at the above of the best and at as low ( | Factory, quality as can be had where forprices the sameany quality of( (articlei FRENCH PIER GLASSES, Of the sizes in the mostlargest up fashionableput Framesstyle. PORTRAITS AND PICTURE FRAMES, On hand and made to of the newest andorder, most ! fashionable Portrait Cer-pattern. Frames, Engravings, Needlework and Pictures of alltificates, framedkinds, at short notice in Gold or Rosewood. | GLASS. size Window and Picture French andGlass,Large cut to order.American, N. B. All kinds andRepairing, Regilding Plating] with despatch.Jdone C. G. A.Campbell, Campbell. CORNELIUS WALSH, 52THD d_i=i3 o & VEST BUCKLEiIPANTALOON MANUFACTURER, Road Avenue.Foot Hamilton RailStreet, :O^CXCXQ^OCCXCKCXOXOCO:CXCXCXCXC:( sST