Dynamics GP Tech Support Team Overview And FAQ_
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Dynamics GP Tech Support Team Overview And FAQ_


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proceed and put tech support team situation directly via customer source (typically faster and liked by


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Published 28 September 2012
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Dynamics GP Tech Support Team Overview And FAQ

For those who have Microsoft Dynamics GP implemented as the Corporate ERP application, or
intend to acquire it soon, it's good idea to examine support options. The very first factor to is most
likely to go over tech support team plans and hourly rates together with your Microsoft Dynamics GP
Partner, implementation consultant or Merchant. Sometimes these individuals, however wish to
provide complete support by themselves, so they don't stress other available choices inside your
disposition. Let?s review all of the options and then try to provide you with the most widely used
support issues and just how they may be resolved:1.Microsoft Business Solutions tech support team.
Should you just acquired Great Flatlands licenses, you ought to have annual enhancement plan with
MBS. There can be some confusion around the role of MBS as well as your Dynamics GP VAR.
Microsoft doesn?t sell licenses straight to the client, it really works through Dynamics GP merchant
funnel as well as your GP merchant accounts for Sales cycle, modules selection and following
implementation, data conversion, user training. Dynamics GP consultants are certainly great people
and also have a large amount of understanding and experience, however MBS Dynamics GP
software programs are offered with needed annual enhancement plan. This plan of action provides
you with, as finish customer use of CustomerSource (here we provides you with self-support
scenario, available through CustomerSource), free registration answer to the near future versions,
reduced tech support team cases via MSB GP tech support team along with other benefits. When
you're choosing the amount of the direct MBS support plan, we advise you to definitely consult with
your Dynamics GP Partner what's expected quantity of support cases ? should you expect technology
challenging implementation (where you might have several exterior legacy systems to become
integrated, Integration Manager data migration, or just when you're large organization and also you
expect a lot more than twenty Great Flatlands user licenses) ? we advise you to definitely think about
the plan with limitless quantity of tech support team cases incorporated. This plan of action should
help you save lots of money and talking to hrs (paradoxically out of your Dynamics GP Partner, who
may be interested that will help you directly and don't delegate support completely to Microsoft tech
support team team)
2.What's typical scope of MBS tech support team situation? Please, observe that the situation is one
thing small in the scope which is not since the whole Implementation or Version upgrade, or complete
data massage and migration. When you're coming through implementation phase, it's typically your
Dynamics GP consultant, who calls or contacts MBS support via PartnerSource website. Support
situation is usually just one problem, that is likely to be resolved within 24 hours or just being
reopened and resolved within couple of working days. When implementation has ended, and you
want to reduce Dynamics GP maintenance cost, we advise you to obtain a tour in your
CustomerSource and learn to do self-support and when it doesn?t work, how you can place support
cases directly with MBS (without the assistance of your Dynamics GP consultant)3.Dynamics GP
Self-support around the Customer Source. You're titled to have the Customer Source, please request
your Dynamics GP VAR to help you to get needed qualifications. Around the CS, please findUnderstanding Base, where one can use key phrases (for instance, should you got error popup
message, attempt to type in its number or several words from the message within the search edit
area). If you're pretty confident with web searches (google, yahoo, msn/bing), you are very likely rate
of success to find relevant fix (understanding base article) to become 50% as well as much greater. In
some instances, the fix may need Microsoft SQL DBA abilities (fix is performed via SQL update
queries), and when here's your fix situation, MBS might restrict the content to Dynamics GP Partners
only, since you may have high-risk to break your SQL database (or any other Great Flatlands
resource). If you don't begin to see the matching fix via Customer Source understanding base query,
proceed and put tech support team situation directly via customer source (typically faster and liked by
Microsoft) or via telephone call. Dynamics GP Specialist from Microsoft will reply or take you step-by-
step through via phone conference
4.What if you're on older Dynamics GP or Great Flatlands Dynamics/eEnterprise version and don't
have support plan with Microsoft? Well, within this scenario, you need to call your Dynamics GP
Merchant, who are able to call at your records via Microsoft Business Solutions Partner Source and
then try to discover the treatment for you (odds are also high that the Great Flatlands Consultant
knows the solution from their mind). In cases like this you ought to be prepared to pay hourly talking
to rates for that talking to time spent. If you're on archaic Great Flatlands version, for example Great
Flatlands Comprising DOS, Home windows or Mac (9.5, 9.2 and earlier), Great Flatlands on
Pervasive SQL 2000/Btrieve or Ctree: 7.5, 7., 6., 5.5, 5., or earlier ? these versions are no more
based on MBS directly and are looking for Dynamics GP Consultant who's familiar and may support
these versions5.Dynamics GP Typical Tech Support Team issues. Here i am attempting to apply
statistics from your Great Flatlands talking to practice. Within our opinion, the most frequent technical
support call may be the Batch unsuccessful to publish completely through. And considering the
potential causes, they are either unpredicted computer crushes (or when user initiates Batch posting
process and switches the game to surfing the web, where adware and spyware stalls the pc). Second
in the recognition may be the user, already drenched and went in limbo in wiped out Dynamics GP
session (especially when you're Great Flatlands Dynamics 7.5 and earlier version). If this sounds like
associated with that which you got, have the customers to leave and remove Activity in SQL Query
Analyzer (SQL 2000), or remove Activity.BTR file in Dynamics/System folder around the server if
you're on Btrieve/Pervasive SQL (similar fix is relevant to Ctree, however the file title is
Activity.DAT)6.In case your Dynamics GP implementation unsuccessful ? how to proceed? Here
you'll need second opinion. We're really sorry if this sounds like what went down along with you, and
we're prepared to apologize, as you may be walked through Dynamics GP Sales Cycle by Dynamics
GP Merchant, who's really a new comer to the truly amazing Flatlands implementation practice (who
got its certification needs via exterior Dynamics GP consultants or perhaps Companies). Please, try
to look for local Dynamics GP consultants, who've proven record of getting effective implementation
in your town and industry, or attract USA, Canada countrywide Dynamics GP Merchants. You can call
us for Second Opinion of Microsoft Dynamics GP recovery7.Local Service. We offer local Dynamics
GP support in Michigan (area code 269 ? St. Frederick, Benton harbor, South Haven, Kalamazoo),Chicago (downtown, 773 northern sub-lower town, with western and southern and surrounding
suburbs reinforcement from Naperville location area code 630). Next areas for local support are
Houston, North Park, La, Oc California. For local service don't hesitate to give us a call 1-866-528-
0577, send us an email help@albaspectrum.com 8.Worldwide and Worldwide Dynamics GP support.
Please, you can share your Dynamics GP implementation or support situation around. We're
especially targeted that will help you with Dynamics GP implementation such nations, as Honduras,
Mexico, Panama And Nicaragua ,, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Columbia,
Peru, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Venezuela, Canada (including French speaking
Quebec), Turks and Caicos, Bahamas, United kingdom, Australia, Nz, IrelandAndrew Karasev, Great
Flatlands Dynamics GP and eEnterprise Licensed Master (both in tracks: Functional and Technical
Talking to), Microsoft MVP and consultant with ten years and plus expertise and experience. Alba
Spectrum, 1-866-528-0577, help@albaspectrum.com. If you're thinking to employ Dynamics GP in
challenging atmosphere, we advise you to definitely call us. Our information portal is Pegas Planet
http://world wide web.pegasplanet.com

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