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The academic success through the circulation of knowledge as well as the adaptation of educational materials at each level. This is why offers you a wide choice of educational documents that will allow you to improve and succeed in your education.

Among the documents to download that we offer, there are of course reading sheets, exercises and their answers or annals and test subjects . You will therefore have everything you want to help you on your  educational journey .

Education: learn and train

Do you have a test, an examination or a simple assignment? Don't worry, we have everything you need to succeed in your education and year, whether you are in primary, secondary or even higher education .

To help you, you will therefore find courses on different subjects such as math (for example the course on logarithms ), French (for example reading cards on Dom Juan ), history-geography or sciences. Of course learning the lessons is not enough, that's why we suggest improving your teaching with exercises and answers. So don't hesitate to download our different exercises like those on SVT in 6th grade ( click here )

For all those who have a dissertation, a comment or a dissertation, the simplest solution is to download our methodologies to succeed in making the perfect document. This way you don't risk making basic mistakes, like forgetting certain parts.

From school education to professional life

In this topic, you will also find other things than educational or school documents . In fact, we suggest that you download writings that will allow you to make your academic or professional orientation. This will make it easier for you to find your way to professional life.

An essential stage in the journey towards working life, the internship is a very interesting professional and educational experience . However, if you are having trouble figuring out how to make an internship report , we can offer you more than 2000 documents on it!

A large selection of educational information materials

Professionals education , you can download pedagogical and educational resources directly on the publishing platform YouScribe content . You can therefore study them immediately or save them in your library. At your own pace, deepen the key concepts and develop your work methodology, with practical advice, to teach well.

Teachers of schools, middle school, high school or even higher education, you will find thousands of publications , for all subjects and all levels on Youscribe. Whether it is primary education, secondary education or even higher education, teachers or school staff can learn, practice and broaden their knowledge.

In addition to learning materials, we also offer writings on the sciences of education and teaching. Everything to further improve his skills and his in this particular area.