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A model toolbox facility to evaluate innovative solutions for a cleaner


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A model toolbox facility to evaluate innovative solutions for a cleaner airport L. Basora? S. Aubry M. Brunet T. Chaboud T. Riviere Onera Centre Midi-Pyrenees, 2, Av. Edouard Belin, BP 4025 - 31055 Toulouse Cedex 4 France 23 October 2008 Abstract IESTA (Infrastructure for evaluating air transport systems) is a global eval- uation facility for air transport systems that is currently being developed at Onera. The project aims to build a generic simulation platform, designed to ease the integration of new or existing models in order to assess new air trans- port concepts. This paper describes the model toolbox capability developed within the context of Clean Airport, the first IESTA application. Clean Air- port will allow the assessment of the effect of innovative concepts on air traffic noise and chemical pollution on airports' surroundings. Starting from a set of existing models, an effective modelling capability has been built and achieved by integrating Onera's expertise in physical modelling. The simulation envi- ronment is based on the fast-time paradigm, and so time constraints on the models are strict. Building such a platform means enabling the interoperabil- ity of a wide range of models, so a different integration approach is necessary depending on the model. This paper overviews the approach followed and the resulting model toolbox architecture. ?, tel: +33 (0)5 6225 2699, fax: +33 (0)5 6225 2593 1

  • global eval- uation facility

  • model toolbox

  • air traffic

  • modelling capability

  • developed

  • clean airport

  • iesta



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