Acupuncture treatment for postmenopausal hot flashes
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Acupuncture treatment for postmenopausal hot flashes

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  • mémoire
  • dissertation - matière potentielle : for the degree of philosophiae
1 The ACUFLASH study Acupuncture treatment for postmenopausal hot flashes Can traditional Chinese acupuncture in addition to self-care reduce hot flash frequency and intensity, compared with self-care alone? Einar Kristian Borud A dissertation for the degree of Philosophiae Doctor UNIVERSITY OF TROMSØ Faculty of Medicine Department of Community Medicine National Research Center in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NAFKAM) October 2009
  • acuflash study
  • hot flushes among menopausal women
  • flash frequency
  • whq
  • addition to self-care
  • hot flashes
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  • acupuncture
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It has been a great autumn term in
Welsh 3 Peaksschool with the highlight being our 2
winning entry in the Pearson UK
Teaching Awards. To win a UK 'Schools
Anti BullyingOscar' is a great achievement but I'm 3
even more delighted that we won the Clear Skies – Astronomy
only Oscar awarded to pupils. We’re Club
also very proud of Tomos Nicholls in
Year 13. Tom has won a much
sought-after place in the National
Year 9 – Careers Convention4Youth Orchestra of the UK. Along with
Mums and Dads do MathsRyan Sweet, he is also being
interviewed for a place at Oxford Film Club
University next year. Good luck to
them both and to all students
preparing for modular examinations in Music Department5
the New Year.
The Governors and staff know we are
We're looking forward to Christmas much better than the official grade Media4Schools Awards6celebrations now of course and we have suggests. They want me to tell you so.
Successa musical show to enjoy in the last We think Lewis School Pengam is a
week of term with the Drama and very good school with very good Performing Arts Events
Music departments putting on a stage prospects for getting better still. Christmas Lunchesversion of Charles Dickens’ Next term we will be inspected by
“A Christmas Carol”. I hope you can Estyn. It will be interesting to see
come and enjoy it; tickets are £4 and whether Schools Inspectors agree
Lewis Rugby£2 from the school. 7with us or the Government's number
crunchers. Science gets a MakeoverThis month the Welsh Government will
publish grades for secondary schools. In the meantime we look forward to a
The grade we will be given compares us peaceful and restful holiday break.
unfairly with mixed and all-girls Merry Christmas and a Happy New 8&9
Year to all our young people and theirschools because it is based only on the
Film Winnersloved ones and compliments of theresults and attendance of 16 year olds.
season to all the adults who make ourIn general girls do so much better than
school a special place to learn andboys across Wales and we get unfairly Year 7 – It’s All About ME10work.downgraded as a result.
Dot’s Story11
Sixth form student David Lloyd is Lewis School Pengam Voice12
making quite a name for himself
Drama Department
in the world of Art. David’s
favourite medium is chalk
drawing, a process which he has
New Facility for Caerphilly13had perfected by Head of Art
ReadathonMrs. Sharon Price. His latest
offering, which has been snapped
up by the school and is now
proudly on display, is based on 14&15
the World famous photograph
Army Visitimmortalised in the Manic Street
Preachers song ‘Kevin Carter’. “I saw the picture of the little child suffering with
the vulture waiting for her to die and it moved me to draw my picture” said David. Sports Roundup16We at the school are very proud of him and are sure that this is the beginning of
Maths Solutiona great career.
In April several members of staff came
up with the idea of walking the Welsh 3
Peaks to raise some money for the charity
Help 4 Heroes and Macmillan.
The date was set for 25th June: Miss
Owen, Miss Elliot, Mr Richards, Mr
Thomas and me, Mr Blackford, went home
after school on Friday 24th, packed our
rucksacks and left partners with the
immortal phrase, “I’m just going out I may
be some time…” together we headed
North for the 4 hour drive to Nant Peris
at the foot of Snowdon.
The group were full of energy at 3am the
following morning. After a brief
breakfast of coffee and chocolate, at
4am the group started walking.
It was a typical Summer morning on
Snowdon with visibility at 50ft and
driving horizontal rain but after 4½ hours
the group were back in the car park
having successfully completed the 3560ft
climb and 10 mile round trip. But, Miss
Owen had picked up an injury.
Next: Cadair Idris. This was the worst
one. The weather had cleared up earlier
but now rain had returned with a
vengeance. Visibility dropped even further
and it rained for the entire 2930ft
ascent and descent. After a mere 3½
hours we were back in the cars and ready
for the off.
The drive to Pen-y-fan was done in
glorious sunshine, but when we arrived it
was raining.
Nearing the end and we were a little
tired; Miss Owen’s injury was now giving
her quite a lot of trouble, her ankle had
seized up during the drive South. Despite
this, we set off with high spirits.
After only 2 hours we were back in the
car park. We had done it.
Struan Houston with the Meet the year 7 newsletter
Spitfire model that he team; the boys will be
assembled and painted visiting a classroom near you
himself, Struan is very soon to find stories for
interested in helping the year 7 page to be
others who may like to join produced in future editions.
in a model making club. If If you have a story or wish
you are interested please to get involved please find
see Mr Oliver. Ms Taylor and let her know.
The Astronomy club has recently gained access to a robotic telescope on the island
of La Palma and the pupils have begun to use this resource very effectively. Jordan
Jones (Year 8) has set himself the task of mapping the Moon in detail using this
telescope. So far he has a quarter of the Moon mapped and the level of detail can
be seen in his pictures.
Anti-Bullying week took place from
the 14th November and the theme
this year was ‘Stop and think –words
can hurt’.
While undertaking this task he has also managed to snap the elusive Red PlanetIn their pastoral lessons Year 9
Mars! And the Little Dumbbell Nebula m76!have worked on understanding what
bullying is and the devastating
effects it can have on young people’s
We have also learned that there are
many different types of bullying and
what to do if you know someone who
is being bullied.
Using words and language to bully
people is emotional abuse. If you are
being called names it can make you
feel scared, lonely and sad.
Using the equipment based at Lewis School Pengam
What do I do if I am being
the pupils have planned to take detailed pictures of
bullied? Jupiter and its Moons. The following picture was
taken by Joseph Cresswell (year 11).
If you are being bullied in school it
This picture shows Jupiter over brightened so thatis very important that you tell
the three large moons of Ganymede, Europa andsomeone – if we don’t know what is
Callisto can be seen. Europa is currently one of thehappening, how can we help you?
most studied objects in the Solar System due to it
You can see your pastoral tutor,
being the most likely place other than Earth to find
Head of Year or any adult in school
that you trust, it doesn’t matter who
The pupils have also taken video footage of the Gasyou tell as long as you do tell
Giant Jupiter. The video enables the pupils to putsomeone.
together much more detailed photos of Jupiter.
Video taken by Joseph Cresswell, Tom Petty and
Tom Morris (year 11) has produced this detailed
picture of Jupiter.
The Winter months should provide the pupils with
many more opportunities to enhance their Astronomy
skills further. Liam Gough, Joss Evans and Rhys Davies
(year 10) have started to map star movement using
long exposure photograph. It is hoped that some high detailed pictures can beChildline is also there to support
obtained from our school site. Some of the first pictures contain over six hours ofyou, you can call them or go online
photography and show the star movement to the North of the school.about anything that is making you
sad or unhappy and they are there As the pupils gain the skills to improve their Astro-imaging it is hoped that they
to listen and help you. can pass the skills onto others within the school.
On Wednesday 9th November Year 9 visited Llancaiach Fawr to attend a Careers Convention held by Caerphilly Education
Authority. The purpose of the trip was to let them experience a range of different activities and interests to help them in
choosing their options.
There was loads on offer and it was fantastic to see how the boys responded and got involved in everything from making bird
boxes, practising paint techniques like rag-rolling and learning the correct way to build a wall.
As we moved between the halls we were then faced with the delicious smell of freshly cooked Welsh cakes and the
opportunity to get creative by decorating cup cakes, embellishing false nails and using straighteners to curl hair.
The organisers on the day remarked how well behaved our boys were and that they
had done us proud. Well done Year 9.
Fun was had by all at a recent maths
workshop held at the school on 15th
Nov. Parents had the chance to try
their skills at the new ‘Singapore
Maths’ that we offer to years 7 and
This initiative is aimed at developing
reasoning and problem solving skills
and to date, our pupils have been very
Try your hand at this problem –responsive to the new method.
solution on the back page.
It was great to see some of the mums
‘On a shopping trip, Miss Owen spentand dads with puzzled looks on their
1½ times as much money as Miss Elliot.faces and scratching their heads over
If they spent a total of £90, calculatethe problems, alongside our pupils.
how much money Miss Owen spent.’
If you haven’t already signed up, come
and see Miss Treweek or Miss Clark
for a consent form. We can then sign
you up to our web page where you can
explore the catalogue of films,
Lewis School Pengam has launched its recommend films for us to watch,
write reviews, enter competitions andown Film Club. This is your perfect
much more.opportunity to watch and discuss films
with pupils from all year groups and The club will run every Monday after
members of staff. We will watch a school until 5:30 and is totally free,
range of different genres and films look at the announcement page on the
website for details of the nextfrom different time periods and
screening. There will also becountries. We will also explore
information posters displayed arounddifferent aspects of the film industry
school.and hopefully meet some stars and
professionals who will come into school Take a look at if you
would like more information about howto talk about their experiences.
Film Clubs work.
Here’s a brief account of some of Lewis School Pengam’s Music highlights since last January.
We hit the New Year running with a performance by our Sixth Form on the Glanfa Stage at the Millennium Centre for a
lunchtime concert on Friday Jan 14.
A few weeks later, Tom Nicholls Y12 won the title of Caerphilly Young Composer thus maintaining the school’s fine tradition in
this competition. Richard Morgan Y12 also won the overall percussion competition.
The following week we were back on the competition trail, taking part in the Bath and Mid Somerset Festival on Tuesday
March 15. We were able to follow up last year’s success with Richard Morgan, this time singing FooFighters’ Best of You,
accompanied by Tom Nicholls, winning the overall Vocal/Instrumental Solo competition. This was matched by the achievement
of sixth-formers Andrew Evans, Daniel Jones, Phil Court and Greg Davies, who won the Rock/Blues Band Competition. Richard
and Tom also had the honour of being invited to take part in the Festival’s Celebration Concert on the following Saturday.
Overall, a rewarding raid over the Severn Bridge!
A busy Spring term’s activities climaxed with our involvement in the Caerphilly Borough Spring Showcase at St David’s Hall on
Wednesday April 6. Pupils were involved in the various County Ensembles and we were invited to provide twenty-one Y7, 8 and
9 for a Samba band which (almost literally!) brought the house down! Another highlight of the evening was the performance of
Coldplay’s Viva La Vida featuring our Y13 student Jac Jones as vocalist, accompanied by string orchestra and rock band - he
carried off the performance in front of an audience of some 1500 people with real panache!
Tomos Nicholls (Y13) has been selected as one of eight
students from across the UK as a young associate composer
with the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain. This
was as a result of his submission of two compositions -
“Hungarian Rhapsody” which won the CCBC Young Composer
competition, and “It will all be over in three weeks”. There
will be a chance to hear a performance of “HungarianHighlights of the Summer term included our involvement in
Rhapsody” at the Christmas Concert on Dec 15. Tom alsoa concert to celebrate Bargoed Male Choir’s 50th
attended an interview at Oxford University at the end ofanniversary and a “Schools Tour” of our feeder primary
term to study music. We wish him all the very best of luck!schools in the first week of July.
It’s been a busy and successful start to the new school year.
Firstly came the news of Tom Nicholls’s success with the
National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain.
Then, another successful day at the Caerphilly County
Borough Young Contemporary Musician Competition. We
followed up last year’s success (when we swept the board,
winning all categories) as Sam Williams won the title of
CCBC Young Contemporary Instrumentalist.
Also, Evan Marshall won theYear 7/9 Drums category and
Richard Morgan won the Year 12/13 Vocal category.
Throughout the term, some of our pupils have been taking
part in THE NEXT BRIT THING. This is a national UK online
competition which has major prizes. The closing date is
Dec 16 and at the time of writing, Lewis School entries
occupy some of the places in the UK chart as well as the top
three places in the Wales region. Please vote online for our
pupils at
Finally, as we prepare for the Christmas musical activities,
which includes the Christmas Showpiece on Dec 15, we were
delighted to be announced as one of the four winners of the
Gwent Police Region of the all-Wales Anti Drink-Drive
Competition. This was a multi-media competition for which
Richard Morgan (Y13) composed the music and Amanda
Leaver (Y13) produced the film. Their winning film can be
viewed on the Gwent Police’s Website.
On Tuesday the 15th of November, myself, Connor Ford and Joe-Lloyd Allen were ARTS EVENTSshortlisted for ‘Best Animated Film’ at the Media4Schools awards 2011. We
entered Part Two of our cartoon ‘The Funeral’ which we had won the same The Performing Arts department will
category with Part One the year previously. We were highly optimistic and be hosting some events in the up and
excited for our creation which was written by me and animated by Joe. We both coming weeks to celebrate and
voiced characters in the short, all based on people we know. showcase the work of the BTEC
We made our way to Cineworld, Cardiff, by train where we were greeted with Performing Arts students.
stewards with bags of popcorn (practically winners already!). Then, we made our
On Tuesday 6th December at 7pm in
way to the screen where all the finalists were to be shown. Eventually, ‘Best
the hall, the year 12 BTEC
Animated Film’ came up on the screen, we were shortlisted with two other pieces.
Performing Arts class will be
One was a stop-motion lego piece and the other was an animated rendition of ‘The
showcasing their exam work to anTelltale Heart’ – they were both fantastic animations and we really had our work
audience of family, friends and staff.cut out.
Tickets will be available on the door
They showed our animation and it was amazing to hear people laughing at OUR
for all to come along and enjoy the
creation. I myself felt an immense pride. We were filled with delight seeing our
hard work the pupils have put in.
cartoon on the screen for a second year, but little did we know that soon after..
the presenter read out our name! We had won for a second time! – And yes.. we’re The evening will be made up of solo
going for the hat-trick next year! performances, where the pupils will
perform a story they have writtenWe are currently making the Christmas special, ‘The Crackers’, which will be
themselves and then a group piecerecorded and uploaded VERY soon!
based on a Christmas theme, a pieceConnor Ford and Joe Lloyd Allen.
they have written themselves. Please
To see our cartoon go to
come along for an evening of fun and
Congratulations also to Declan
On Thursday the 15th December theMorris and Tom Parry who were
Year 13 BTEC Performing Arts classshortlisted for ‘Best Community
will be showcasing their ChristmasFilm’ for their film called ‘OAP
performance of ‘A Christmas Carol’dinner’, documenting our school’s
community and intergenerational by Charles Dickens in the annual
work. Jac Jones, was shortlisted Christmas school show. A mean-
for his music video, ‘Colour Coded’. spirited, miserly old man named
Ebenezer Scrooge is taught about
the real meaning of Christmas.
Tickets can be purchased on theCHRISTMAS DINNER night and I’m sure the classic tale will
put you in the mood for Christmas.This year’s annual Lewis School
Christmas dinner was its usual fun In January 2012 the BTEC
packed extravaganza of music and Performing Arts Year 13 group will
laughs brilliantly compared by Mike also be putting on Arthur Miller’s
Cameron. He introduced musical acts classic ‘The Crucible’ for an audience
Mary Osborne, Christopher Paul and of staff, family and friends. The date
local entertainer Jason Price who is yet to be confirmed but please
entertained a packed Hall with a contact the school if you wish to
fantastic selection of old and new
attend this exciting event.
songs. A massive thank you to Deb
Williams and her team for once again
pulling out all the stops and producing
a memorable event.
Year 7 embarked on their first rugby There were some excellent (3) and Danny Morgan, with Conan
league campaign ever when they Hathaway goaling 3. This set up aperformances on the day many by
attended the qualifying event at Afon rematch of last year’s Centralboys who were playing rugby league
Taf. In their first game against a Region Final with reigning championsfor the first time, but the stand out
strong Cwm Rhymni side the boys Afon Taf. Lewis managed to upsetperformers were Luke Cusack, Ciaran
the odds and get a victory against aperformed heroically in the first half Davies, Jay Lewis and Morgan
very strong Afon Taf side this time,to keep the score tied at 0-0. Griffiths.
with Patric Lewis again in tryUnfortunately, in the second half, Year 9 entered the Champions
scoring form.Cwm Rhymni pulled away and scored 3 Schools Competition on the back of a
The whole squad were verytries to win 16-0. strong showing in last year’s
committed with notable performancesScorpions Cup where they were losingIn the second game against Afon Taf
from Patric Lewis, Conan Hathaway,the Year 7 team put in an improved finalists in the Central Region. In
Jamie Franklyn, Tyler Porter, Dannyperformance and managed to get their opening game Lewis came up
Morgan and Owen Turk. The Year 9their first victory. A tight encounter against home side Cwm Rhymni and
side with now compete in the Welsh
managed to get a reasonablywas won thanks to a try and
Cup Semi Finals after Christmas. Well
comfortable victory by 22 points toconversion from Ciaran Davies, final
done boys!
10. Tries being scored by Patric Lewisscore being 6-4.
If you go down to the Science
corridor today you’re sure of a big
surprise…it’s now a lot more
Recently in Science we have decided
to use the corridors as new
classrooms and these are the
results! Many of the paintings are
interactive so that pupils can see
how to draw graphs; have a virtual
tour of the solar system or have a
game of element splat using the
giant periodic table. You can even
visit a jungle scene!
Three of the main murals have been
designed by students: the graffiti
Chemistry prize was won by Scott
Greenway in Year 11; the Physics apple design was won by Lewis
Nicholls and Ben Bush in Year 10; and the Biology montage was
won by Jordan Davies in Year 10. Congratulations and thank you
to you all.
There will be more painting in the future; maybe you will get the
chance to design the first floor Science corridor?
On Tuesday 22nd of November, fiv
Awards, ‘Film My School’ competition,
award in the Councilor’s Chamber at
Jenkins of Caerphilly County Borough
Daniel Davies one of the winners said,
officially presented the award back at
After receiving the award the winning
responded with many kind comments. T
time a schools community focus initiat
Liam Gough, Joss Evans, Jack Nicholls
10 pupils) created a film for yr 6 pupi
the sixth form. The film shows them w
what the average school day is like her
as it is sometimes used in assemblies a
In July, we entered it into the Pearso
School Award”. The film was shortlist
ceremony in the West-End Theatre,
October. This was a great achieveme
national award!
We got dressed up in our suits and m
Lenny Henry presented the ceremony
celebrities such as Al Murray, Vivien
presented the awards. Our award
McGovern, actress in “Downton Abbe
After the awards we attended the
London, where Liam and Rhys were
congratulated by many of the other win
Teaching Awards.
The next morning Joss was up early as
When we got back to school, we had t
the BBC came in to interview us for t
Joss were then shown on the news tha
It was a great honour for us to repre
event and on the TV. We had a great
Miss Treweek, Miss Clark and Mr Parr
To view our film
By Liam Gough, Joss Evans, Jack Nic
(all yr 10
ve winners of the Pearson Teaching
, were officially presented with their
t Ty Penallta. The Mayor, Cllr Vera
Council, presented the award.
‘I appreciated the fact that we were
t home in Caerphilly.’
g film was shown to the Chamber, who
They mentioned that this was the first
tive had won such a prestigious award.
s, Rhys Jones and Daniel Davies (all yr
ls with music by Nathan Battersby of
why they should come to our school and
re. Some of you may have seen the film
and open evenings.
on Teaching awards category “Film My
ted and we were invited to the awards
The Palace Theatre, London on 30th
ent in itself, being shortlisted for a
made our way to London on the train.
y and he was joined by many famous
nne Westwood and Minnie Driver who
was presented to us by Elizabeth
ey”, “Clash of The Titans” and many
reception at the Park Plaza Hotel in
staying. At the reception we were
nners, including the chairperson of the
s he had a live interview on BBC Radio
to get changed into our suits again as
he BBC Wales Evening news. Liam and
at night.
esent the school at such a prestigious
t weekend and we would like to thank
ry for giving us this opportunity.
m, please go to:
cholls, Rhys Jones and Daniel Davies
0 pupils)
Year 7 have been working on a project
called ‘All About Me’. During their
first half term they explored
different ways of talking about
themselves and listening to others.
The end product was a ‘showcase
evening’ held on Wednesday 12th
October. Guests were invited;
parents, teachers and friends and
this is what out talented year group
came up with:
Some of our pupils created
powerpoints, others collages, some
brought in artefacts and objects that
represented them and some built a
model that was all about them. There
was plenty to see and discuss during
the evening and it was a great
opportunity for parents to see their
sons’ work and to meet some of the
There will be many more evenings like
this in the near future so watch this