Annals of examinations and contests

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From college to higher education, via high school, a student's life is punctuated by exams and competitions. To help you prepare for the tests that mark your school career , we offer thousands of educational documents, for free or paid download. Exam annals, subjects or corrected exams, here you have the resources you need to successfully complete your revisions.

Marks and records to prepare for your exams

Training for the college certificate , baccalaureate review or preparation for a competition , whatever your objective for this school year, Youscribe provides you with annals and exam subjects for all levels of study. With a few clicks, you can consult the annals of the patent as easily as the last subjects of the bac ( bac de philo , bac de math ES et L and many others) or the answers to an admission competition. Like this, you are sure to have good documents to review your exam !

Thousands of subjects and exam marks for your revisions

Relying on the records is one of the most relevant methods of revision to pass your exam or competition . True educational resources, these documents allow you to work in three stages.

Start by consulting the annals of the examinations offered in previous years. Thus, you will quickly identify the essential subjects for your revisions and the preparation of your revision sheets. Second step, practice with the subjects posted online! From the certificate to the admission competition, passing through the different branches of the bac, thousands of school materials are available to students. Finally, thanks to the exam annals and answer keys, test your knowledge in the real conditions of the exam. After having dealt with the subject of your mock exam, all you have to do is analyze the answer key to give yourself a score and perfect your result!

If the annals, subjects and corrected exam or competition are not enough for you to revise your exercises well, we advise you to download our courses and different reading sheets (for the French bac and the Literature bac for the L ) . Among this type of documents, you can find Hamlet and his analysis or summaries of the Grand Meaulnes .