Blackberry Operating System
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Blackberry Operating System


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  • mémoire - matière potentielle : card slots
  • mémoire - matière potentielle : management
  • mémoire - matière potentielle : card slot
  • exposé
BlackBerry Operating System By GradDip Students: Liam Barrett – 0429848 Mary O'Riordan – 0243132
  • feature colour screens
  • blackberry operating system by graddip students
  • memory card slots
  • own system
  • early versions of blackberry
  • xscale micro- processor core
  • versions
  • blackberry



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JA C O BF E IG EBorn Albany, NY, USA, 1979 E D U C A T I ON : C r a n br o o kA c ad e m yo fA r t,2003-05 MFA, Painting C ar ne g ieM e l lo nU n i ve r si t y,1998-2002 BHA (2002), Visual Art & Perceptual Psychology Dual concentrations in Painting and Electronic & Time-Based Media  (withCollege and University honors) S OL OE XH I B I T I O N S: F r o mt heB e llo n aM u se umo fN a t ur a lH i st o r yLombard Freid Projects, NY Oct-Nov 2011 T h eU lt im a teP a i nt i n gwith Gene Bernofsky filmsMovement, Worcester, UK, Oct-Nov 2010 A f te rDe n seF o g Lombard-Freid Projects, NY, Nov 2008-Jan 09 N e ar l yF al l in g Lombard-Freid Projects, NY, Nov 2006- Jan 07 Jac o bF e i g e :P ai n ti n g s Penn Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA, Oct-Nov 2002 OT H E RE XH I B I T I O N S:(Includes two/three person exhibitions and solo collaborations) T h eD e a t ho fA f f e c tArt Blog Art Blog, New York, NY 2011 M e m o r ie sL as ta Lif e t im e(solo, in collaboration with William Earl Kofmehl III) Jolie Laide Gallery, Philadelphia, PA 2011 R I S DF ac u l t yB ie n n ia l Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design, 2011 I nB e t we e n(with Jeffrey Schwietzer, two person)Chambers Fine Art, Beijing, China, 2011 T r iSt a teS ho w Jolie Laide Gallery, Philadelphia, PA 2010-11 F r am e wo r k s(with George Rush and Trygve Faste, three person)David Richard Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM 2010 N e wW o r kN e wYo r k(curated by Jacob Robichaux)Chang Art, Beijing, China, 2010, Watergate Gallery, Seoul, South Korea 2009-10 Artspace@Helutrans, Singapore, 2009 F u t ur e sc a p eUniv of Connecticut Contemporary Art Galleries, Storrs, CT 2009 N e xtW a ve(curated by Dan Cameron)Brooklyn Academy of Music, 2009
Di s o r g a n iz e d(curated by Jacob Robichaux) Museum 52, NY, 2009 I fth eDo g sA r tB ar k i n g Artists Space, NY, 2009 F r ac tur ea n dF id e l it y(curated by Christopher Bedford)Memorial Hall Gallery RISD, Providence, RI 2008 E c o - C e n tr ic Rule Gallery, Denver, CO 2008 C o ve rV e r si o n(curated by Timothy Hull)Taylor De Cordoba Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 2008 A u d ac i t yi nA r t Orlando Museum of Art, FL 2007-08 50/ 5 0 (collaboration with Ivin Ballen) Susanne Hilberry Gallery, Ferndale, MI 2007 F r e s h Lemberg Gallery, Ferndale, MI 2007 L e t sB o lt Metro Color Collision, NY 2007 T e l lP it if u lSt o r y(collaboration with William Earl Kofmehl III) Lombard-Freid Projects, NY 2007 A r t wo r k s Mt. Clemens Art Center, MI, 2006 A tt heE ndo ft heDa y,W e  r eA llSo o t y (solo, in collaboration with William Earl Kofmehl III) Lombard-Freid Projects, NY 2006 S um m e rGr o u pS h o w2 00 6 Lemberg Gallery, Ferndale, MI 2006 E x q u is i teC o r p se/ Cad a vr eE x q u is e(curated by Bob Nickas)Mitchell Algus Gallery, NY 2006 T hr e eP o s it io n s:S hi v aA h m ad i,J ac o bF e i ge ,E v aS tr u b le(three person) Lombard-Freid Projects, NY 2005 E m e r g i n gA r ti s tA w ar dE x hi b it io n Daimler Chrysler, Berlin 2005 S um m e rGr o u pS h o w Lemberg Gallery, Ferndale, MI 2005 M a d eH e r e(degree exhibition)Cranbrook Museum of Art 2005 E xc h a n geS ho w Wayne State University Gallery 2004-05
F e e l i n g s Forum Gallery, Cranbrook Academy of Art 2004 I n f o r m a ti o nM a n Space 801, Pittsburgh, PA 2003 Se n io rE x h ib i ti o n Carnegie Mellon University 2002 Se le c ti o n s Seton Hill College, 2001 S up e r f a n t as t ic Baltimore, MD, 2000 A W A R D S:
Jo a nM i tc he l lP a i nt e r sa ndSc u lp to r sA w ar d Nominee, 2010 P ar t- T im eF ac u l t yA s so c ia t io nGr a n t Rhode Island School of Design, 2010 D ai m l e rC hr y sl e rE m e r gi n gA r t i s tA w ar d Finalist and Painting Representative, 2005 Jo a nM i tc he l lM F AA w ar d Nominee, 2005 M e r itSc ho l ar s h ip Cranbrook Academy of Art, 2004 Sa m ue lR o s e nb e r gS e n io rA war d Carnegie Mellon University, 2002 SE L E C T E DB I B L I OG R A P H Ya ndP R E S S: “Galleries- Chelsea: Jacob Feige,”The New Yorker,January 12, 2009, p. 9.
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W R I T I N G,L E C T U R E S,A N DP R O JE C T S  Co-editorand co-founder,, 2011  VisitingArtist, Corcoran College of Art and Design, October 2010  (conductedcritiques and delivered lecture to Fine Arts division)  ArtistLecture, Rhode Island School of Design, December 2009  (presentedmy work to the Painting Department)  VisitingArtist, SUNY Oswego, November 2009  (conductcritiques and delivered University-wide lecture)  ArtistLecture, Museum of Modern Art, March 2009  (presentedmy work to students at the museum)  Commission,Target/Alexander McQueen, 2009  (producedartwork for a fashion label)  GuestArtist/Designer, Tenant, Brooklyn, NY 2008-09.  (collaborationfor wall covering and furniture design)  “PsychopathiaPastoralis,” The Highlights Online,,September 2007.(authored article)  VisitingArtist, Pont Aven School of Contemporary Art,  Brittany,France, March 2007  (conductedcritiques and delivered school-wide lecture)