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You have class work to do soon and you want to prepare to do it well. Don't worry about that, because our site has several thousand documents that can help you with a presentation , practical , homework or tutorial .

Class work is a very broad category which in fact includes many types of work. Among these there are homework, interrogations , DST or control , tutorial (TD) , lectures and practical work (TP) . Go and discover these different types of class work.

Duties on table, controls and interrogations

It is not always easy to revise a check or a query. Of course there are the courses (to find our different courses and exercises online, click here ), as well as other documents that will allow you to revise in the best way. However, if you do not feel ready enough, our platform also has DST, homework, checks or questions that will allow you to maximize your chances of success .

The presentation to do at home or in the classroom

Making a presentation can be individual or group work. It is also possible to do it directly in class or at home. To help you do this particularly long and sometimes complicated type of work, you can browse our documents and find what you need.

Tutorials: presentation and methodology

A special form of teaching that involves applying the knowledge you have learned during your lessons. You will therefore work alone on application exercises, the professor being there to help you if you have a problem and to correct the exercises.

So if you need documents to help you do your tutorial better (often abbreviated TD) , you will probably find what you need on

Download lots of practical work

As the name suggests, practical work or practical work is a type of practical learning which consists of carrying out experiments to verify or supplement the validity of knowledge that one has learned in a course. Since this type of exercise consists of experiments, it is mainly carried out in the subjects of experimental sciences.

You will find several dozen documents on practical work directly on our site, so do not hesitate to download them.