2011 - 2012 FYBA Special English Semester 1 Paper 101: Core Paper ...
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2011 - 2012 FYBA Special English Semester 1 Paper 101: Core Paper ...


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2011 – 2012 FYBA Special English Semester 1 Paper 101: Core Paper Name of the Paper: Introduction to Literature Text (Particular Chapters are titled wherever applicable) Unit Author/ Topic Text 01 Introduction to Literature 1. What is Literature Terry Eagleton. Literary Theory: An Introduction. Oxford: Blackwell, 1983. Chapter: ‘What is Literature?' 02 Introduction to History 2. The Historian and His Facts E. H. CARR: What is History: Penguin Books Ltd, 03 3.
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Alles Introductory Biology: Illustrated Lecture Presentations
Instructor David L. Alles
Western Washington University
Part Three: The Integration of Biological Knowledge
Vertebrate Evolution in the Late Paleozoic and Mesozoic Eras
-----------------------Vertebrate Evolution in the Late Paleozoic and Mesozoic
• Amphibians to Reptiles
Internal Fertilization, the Amniotic Egg, and a Water-Tight Skin
• The Adaptive Radiation of Reptiles
from Scales to Hair and Feathers
• Therapsids to Mammals
• Dinosaurs to Birds
Ectothermy to EndothermyThe Evolution of Reptiles
The Phanerozoic Eon
444 365 251
Paleozoic Era
542 m.y.a. 488 416 360 299
Devo. Carbon. Perm. Camb. Ordov. Sil.
Pikaia Fish Cambrian Fish First First
w/o jaws Explosion w/ jaws Amphibians Reptiles
210 65
Mesozoic Era
251 200 180 150 145
Triassic Jurassic Cretaceous
First First First T. rex
Dinosaurs Mammals Birds
Cenozoic Era
Last Ice Age
34 65 56 23 5 1.8 0.01
Paleo. Eocene Oligo. Miocene Plio. Ple. Present
Early Primate First New First First Modern
Cantius World Monkeys Apes Hominins Humans A modern Amphibian—the toadA modern day Reptile—a skink, note the finely outlined scales.A Comparison of Amphibian and Reptile ReproductionThe oldest known reptile is Hylonomus lyelli dating to ~ 320 m.y.a..The earliest or stem reptiles radiated into therapsids leading to
mammals, and archosaurs leading to all the other reptile groups including the
thecodontians, ancestors of the dinosaurs.Dimetrodon, a Mammal-like Reptile of the Early PermianDicynodonts were a group of therapsids of the late Permian.
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