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2007 Activity report 55 institutional dat a 56 Financial resources and expenditures 57 Human resources 58 composition of the lcPc board of Directors 59 composition of the lcPc Scientific council 60 lcPc's administrative organisation 61 list of lcPc research and development projects

  • françois raymond

  • scientific director

  • ex-officio members

  • jean bonny

  • deputy

  • financial resources

  • state representatives responsible

  • engineering staff

  • director



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56 Financial resources and expenditures
57 Human resources
58 c omposition of the lcPc
board of Directors
59 c lcPc
Scientifc council
60 lcPc’s administrative organisation
61 l ist of lcPc research
and development projects
55 2007 Activity report
atad lano

revenue, not including depreciation
2007 accounting data
Euros %
ministry of ecology, energy, sustainable development
43,693,164 83.3
and regional Planning
Subsidies for public service missions 83.3
ministry of higher education and research 93,828 0.2
Postdoctoral research 0.2
research contracts and fnancial support granted for research 3,760,257 7.2
Research contracts with public or private third parties 2,441,135 4.7
Subsidies earmarked for research projects or programmes 1,319,122 2.5
end products generated from research activities
4,099,951 7.8
and services provided
Royalties for patents and licenses 274,038 0.5
Services provided (testing, expert evaluations, certifcations) 3,654,879 7.0
Sale of products 171,034 0.3
other subsidies and revenues 794,192 1.5
other subsidies 465,005 0.9
Financial revenues and other ordinary management revenues 207 769 0.4
Exceptional revenues 121,418 0.2
t otal revenues 52,441,392 100
carryover from 2006 6,371,278
t otal resources 58,812,670
mandated expenditures
2007 accounting databreakdown of mandated expenditures by destination
euros %
activities led by research entities 31,624,052 61.9
Road safety 5,570,985 10.9
Environment, natural hazards and sustainable development 8,711,744 17.0
infrastructure 17,341,323 33.9
Joint actions 4,392,416 8.6
large-scale facilities 528,713 1.0
Research applications 543,927 1.1
international exchanges 559,227 1.1
Scientifc and technical information 2,137,405 4.2
Scientifc partnerships 235,244 0.5
ongoing training 387,900 0.8
support functions 15,086,314 29.5
Social actions 747,868 1.5
Shared computing resources 2,502,411 4.9
Premises – maintenance 1,609,518 3.1
Premises – Structural remodelling, acquisitions, new construction 137,571 0.3
operating expenses for main offce services 4,854,338 9.5
operating expenses for research entities 2,643,345 5.2
other overhead expenses 2,591,263 5.1
t otal expenditures 51,102,782 100
carryover to 2007 7,209,880
t otal 58,312,662
2007 accounting databreakdown of mandated expenditures by type
euros %
Personnel expenditures through subsidies for public service missions 33,905,422 66.3
other personnel expenditures (research contract expenses) 565,249 1.1
unscheduled operations and capital investment 15,965,827 31.2
Scheduled investment programs 666,284 1.3
t otal expenditures 51,102,782 100
562007 Activity report
as of December 31, 2007, lcPc employed a total of 537 permanent staff.
breakdown by both gender and professional category
8580 79
40 35
21 21
a b c PNta PNtb
men Women
breakdown of personnel by the laboratory’s major sectors of activity
65 6058
60 56 56
50 44
45 41
40 35
20 1615
13 1215 98
Environment, Support functions infrastructure Road safety Research
natural hazards applications,
and sustainable dissemination
development and international
a b c
breakdown of personnel by age bracket
< 25 25-29 30-34 35-39 40-44 45-49 50-54 55-59 > 60
572007 Activity report
ON JUNE 1, 2008
President state rePresentatives resPonsible For industry
Yves bamberGer appointed board member:
Director of Research and Development, EDF François raymond
Assistant Director of Mines and Raw Materials / Energy and Mineral
vice President Resources Division (DIREM) / Ministry of the Economy, Finances
and Employmentmichel ray
Director of Technical Operations and Innovation / EGIS Group alternate:
Xavier Foata
Assistant Director of Mines and Raw Materials / Energy and Mineral state rePresentatives resPonsible For Public
Resources Division (DIREM) / Ministry of the Economy, Finances Works – transPort – environment (meeddat)
and Employment
a ppointed board members:
Régine bréhier President oF the scientiFic council
Director of the DRAST Agency / Ministry of Ecology, Energy,
christine bénard
Sustainable Development and Regional Planning
Director of Research / MICHELIN
Dominique hucher
Roads Directorate Deputy Manager / Ministry of Ecology, Energy,
other key FiGures on the board
Sustainable Development and Regional Planning
Philippe bisch
Eric vindimian Scientific Director / IOSIS
Head of the Research and Prospective Studies Unit / Ministry of
Dorothée briaumontEcology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Regional Planning
Deputy Director, Comité 21 / French Committee
for the Environment and Sustainable Development
Pierre valla
Jacques couvertDeputy Director of the DRAST Agency / Ministry of Ecology, Energy,
Managing Director, SNCF / Head of Facilities, Sustainable Development and Regional Planning
Research and Engineering Staff
Xavier PiechacZyk
antoine FrérotHead of the Road Policy and Development Unit / Roads
Deputy Managing Director / VEOLIA EnvironnementDirectorate / Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development
and Regional Planning Eric vantal
Director of Streets and Utility Systems / Aisne Departmental Councillaurence colinet
Agency Supervisor / Research and Prospective Studies Unit / Ministry
of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Regional Planning elected Personnel rePresentatives
state rePresentatives resPonsible For research Patrick PaPon
appointed board members:
marie-line Gallenne
Dominique Goutte
Jean-louis chaZelasDirector of the Department for Energy, Transport, the Environment and
Natural Resources / Research and Innovation Directorate / Ministry of marc quiertant
Ecology, Energy
claude leGris
thierry chaussadent
Research and Innovation Directorate / Ministry of Higher Education
and Research Fabien chiaPPini
alternates: Pierre-olivier vandanJon
Eric lemaitre Frédérique larrarte
Head of the Transport Mission / Research and Innovation
Directorate / Ministry of Higher Education and Research
board meetinG attendees With consultative status
Frédérique Fournier
Patrick roGer
Research and Innovation Directorate / Ministry of Higher Education
Head of the Budget Control Department / Ministry of Ecology,
and Research
Sustainable Development and Regional Planning
Hélène Jacquot-Guimbalstate rePresentative resPonsible For the budGet
Executive Director / LCPColivier Gouirand
Budget Division / Ministry of the Budget, Public Accounts Rémi Pochat
and Public Services Scientific Director / LCPC
Jean bonny
Programme Director / LCPC
christian GavÊriaux
General Secretary / LCPC
Josianne lebailly
Accounting Officer / LCPC
582007 Activity report
ON JUNE 1, 2008
President other key FiGures on this council
christine bénard anne bernard-Gély
Director of Research / Michelin Managing Director / CIMBETON
michel camPillo
Professor / Laboratory of Internal Geophysics vice President
and Tectonophysics / Université Joseph FOURIERPierre-Yves hicher
Director / Civil and Mechanical Engineering Research Institute Pierre-Étienne Gautier
Innovation and Research Division / SNCF(GeM) / UMR CNRS – Ecole Centrale Nantes – University of Nantes
Jean-Pierre marchand
François moisan(meeddat)
Executive Director of Strategy and Research / ADEME Energy a ppointees:
Management AgencyRégine bréhier
aurelio muttoniDirector of the DRAST Agency / Ministry of Ecology, Energy,
Director of the Structural Institute / Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale –
Sustainable Development and Regional Planning
Dominique hucher
Suzanne lacasseRoads Directorate Deputy Manager / Ministry of Ecology, Energy,
Managing Director / Norwegian Geotechnical Institute
Sustainable Development and Regional Planning
alain Peckeralternates:
President and Managing Director / Geodynamique et structure SA
bernard soyeZ
Yves PerrodinHead of the Civil Engineering Mission – DRAST Agency / Ministry
Director of LES Laboratory / ENTPE Construction Engineering School
of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Regional Planning
Ginette arliGuie
Philippe redouleZ
Professor / Construction Materials and Durability
Director of the SETRA Engineering Agency / Ministry of Ecology,
Laboratory / INSA – Toulouse
Energy, Sustainable Development and Regional Planning

elected Personnel rePresentatives
a ppointees:
Patrick PaPon
Gilles bloch
laurent Gaillet
Managing Director of Research and Innovation / Ministry of Higher
mickaël thierryEducation and Research
Frédérique larrartealternates:
Hieu-thao huynFrédérique Fournier
Head of the Mission on “Chemistry, Engineering Sciences, Nuclear louis-marie cottineau
and High Energy Physics and Sustainable Development” / Ministry alternates:
of Higher Education and Research Véronique bouteiller
olivier burban
ex-oFFicio members Sylvie Proeschel
a ppointees: marc quiertant
Guy bourGeois Jean-michel simonin
Managing Director / INRETS
Jacques ehrlich
bernard cambou Permanent Guest member
Managing Director / INRETS
armel de la bourdonnaye
Director of Research / ENPC
r ePresentatives From the cete Public Works
research netWork scientiFic council members are assisted by
Jean-Daniel vaZelle Hélène Jacquot-Guimbal
Director of the CETE Nord-Picardy Office / Ministry of Ecology, Managing Director
Energy, Sustainable Development and Regional Planning Rémi Pochat
Scientific Director / LCPC
cnrs rePresentative – (mesr)
Philippe bomP ard Guest members
Deputy Scientific Director / Department of Information Sciences François de larrard
and Technology and Engineering / CNRS Permanent Secretary
Jean bonny
Programme Director / LCPCuniversity rePresentative – (mesr)
Yves lichtenberGer
President of Université Paris-Est / Ministry of Higher Education
and Research
592007 Activity report
ON JUNE 1, 2008
executive directors christian tessier
Division of metals, Reinforcements and cables in
hélène Jacquot -Guimbal
Structures (macoa)
managing Director
Philippe tamaGny
olivier havas Division of Sustainable approaches in civil Engineering
Deputy Director, Nantes centre (DDGc)
rémi Pochat Philippe mestat
Scientifc Director
Division of Soil and Rock mechanics and Engineering
Geology (mSRGi)Jean bonny
Programme Director Jacques Garnier
Division of Soil mechanics and Site Surveying (RmS)christian GavÊriaux
General Secretary chantal de la roche saint -andré
Division of Structures and materials for transport Patrick salaun
infrastructure (Smit)Deputy General Secretary (Nantes)
Frédéric bourquinPatrick malléJacq
Division of metrology and instrumentation (mi)offce of international affairs
loïc divetbéatrice revol
Division of material Physicochemistry (Pcm)offce of Scientifc and technical information
and of communication
olivier coussyPatrick ménanteau
Navier cross-Disciplinary instituteoffce of quality and Standardisation
Jacques ehrlichJosiane lebailly
laboratory for Vehicle-infrastructure-Driver accountant
interactions – liVic (iNREtS – lcPc)
Pierre-yves bardtechnical directors
laboratory of internal Geophysics and
michel boulet t ectonophysics – lGit (université Joseph
bernard Jacob Fourier – cNRS-lcPc)
infrastructure and Road Safety
Jean-Pierre maGnan suPPort services
Geotechnical Engineering
Jean-luc buisson
bruno Godart computer Services
Structural engineering
sylvie leGret
Documentation unit
research units
Pierre rossi
Division of concrete and cement composites (bcc)
hervé andrieu
Division of Water and the Environment (Eau)
michel bry
Division of Road operations, Signalling and lighting (ESE)
François toutlemonde
Division of Structural behaviour and Durability (FDoa)
Philippe lePert
Division of Road maintenance, Safety and acoustics
1. i nvolvinG inFrastructure more in road 4. E NhANCING ThE uSE Of ExISTING INf RASTRuCTuRE:
saFety imProvement eFForts diaGnostics and maintenance
• Trucks (project devoted to the lorries of tomorrow) 4.1 Infrastructure diagnostics
• Tools for road operations
• Physical characteristics of materials
• INFRASURE • Diagnostic evaluation of inaccessible tensioned cables
• Metr ology of trajectories and traffc • Optical methods
• Visibility and r oad safety • Diagnostic evaluation of structur es by means of imaging
• Skid resistance and controllability (impact of road techniques
infrastructure characteristics on vehicle controllability)
• Sensors and information processing
• Road risks (Methods for evaluating r oad risks associated • Characterisation of thin pavement layers, cover concrete
with infrastructure characteristics) and infrastructure cladding materials by means of non-
• PL infra - Lorry infrastructure (2008) destructive methods
• Physical characterisation of the state of soils and built
infrastructure (SolEm)
2. d eveloPinG materials and structures that • Structural risk management (2008)
consume FeWer non-reneW able resources
• Earthworks and behaviour of fll materials 4.2 Infrastructure maintenance
• Urban and r emovable pavements • Structural safety
• NR2C (New Road Construction Concept): Project from the
• Structural durability of pavements
6th R&D Framework Programme - lcPc named to head • Prevention, modelling and repair of structures subjected
the consortium to the internal sulphate reaction
• Str eamlining earthworks to promote cost-effcient and • Durability of r einforcements using bonded composites
sustainable structures • Diagnostic and tr eatment of structural pathologies
• Environmental concretes
• Optimisation of pavement maintenance: Inclusion of
• OPTIMIRR: Optimisation of r oad materials incorporating user and neighbour expectations and environmental
recycled waste considerations
• Performance-based and pr obabilistic approach to the life • Maintenance and life cycle extension of steel and cable
cycle of reinforced concrete structures structures (maDmEca)
• Durability and ageing of polymers used in civil engineering
• Internal pavement damage: Mechanisms and detection
5. d eveloPinG civil enGineerinG tools and
3. ProvidinG For inteGration oF inFrastructure methods
Within the environment, With emPhasis on
• Identifcation, controls and inverse problemsurban and suburban settinGs, and natural
• Impact of concr ete cracking on the mechanical behaviour haZard Prevention
and durability of cementitious composite structures
3.1 Environment and urban engineering • CESAR-LCPC: Performance enhancements and
• Acoustic pr opagation within a complex outdoor environment development of professional applications
• Comprehensive environmental approach within the roads sector • Concrete fow and setting
• Geotechnical r econnaissance techniques and geotechnical • Contr olling movements related to building works in urban areas
• Pr edicting noise in urban settings site and structural modelling: Soil and rock rheology
• Impact assessment of concr ete cracking on the mechanical • Hydr ology of urban environments in the aim of mitigating
water and soil pollution behaviour and durability of cementitious composite
• Characterisation and management of stormwater drainage structures
• Advanced computational and design tools for pavement residue
• Reducing the level of urban vibrations structures
• Modelling and numerical simulation of heter ogeneous • Urban infrastructur e featuring a high environmental quality
materials with a discrete structure
3.2 Natural hazards • Physical premises of the mechanical behaviour of
pavement structure materials
• Rockfall risks
• The physicochemistry of porous materials• Hydraulic loading of transport infrastructure embankments
• Soil foundations and impr ovements (FONDAMS)
• Seismic hazards and risks
• Modelling methodologies for geotechnical structur es by • Dr ought and its effects on buildings
use of the fnite element method (2008)• Structur es built in seismic zones
• Impact of urban amenities and transport infrastructur e on
the hydrological operations of surrounding
catchment basins
612007 Activity report
acqP a association for the c ertifcation and Fdoa Structural behaviour and Durability
qualifcation of anti-corrosive Painting
aFPs French Earthquake Engineering association Fehrl Forum of European National Highway
Research laboratories
aiPcr World Road association Fui Single interministerial Fund
aliZe-lcPc Software package devoted to computing inrets National Research institute on t ransport
loadings created by traffc in pavement and Safety
structures and to pavement design assistance
andra National Radioactive Waste management irstv Research institute on the u rban Sciences
agency and techniques
anr National Research agency iter international t hermonuclear Experimental
bcc concretes and cement composites livic laboratory for Vehicle-infrastructure-Driver
brGm bureau of Geological and mining Research macoa metals, Reinforcements and c ables in
bsnr Soil and Road Standardisation offce meeddat ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable
Development and Regional Planning
cstb Scientifc and technical centre for the mi metrology and instrumentation
building industry
cer Road testing centre msrGi Soil and Rock mechanics and Engineering
cesar-lcPc Finite element computation software nr2c New Road construction concept
cete Public Works Research centre Pcm material Physicochemistry
cetu t unnel Engineering Resource centre Pcrd Research & Development Framework Programme
cFo Fibre optic sensor PGco Western France civil Engineering cluster Group
cGncG General c ivil Engineering Standardisation PnPrs National Seismic Risk Prevention Plan
cie international lighting commission Predit Research and innovation Programme in l and
t ransport
ciFre industrial agreements on Research-based Pres Research and Higher Education cluster
t raining
ddGc Sustainable approaches in civil Engineering PWri Public Works Research institute
dGac civil a viation Directorate rGcu civil and urban Engineering Network
dPPr Division of Pollution and Risk Prevention rms Soil mechanics and Site Surveying
eau Water and the Environment rst Scientifc and technical Network
elGiP European large Geotechnical institute Platform setra Highway Engineering agency
enPc National ‘Ponts et chaussées’ c ivil smit Structures and materials for transport
Engineering School infrastructure
ePcs Public Enterprise for Scientifc cooperation umr Joint Research unit
esar Road maintenance, Safety and acoustics usirF union of French Road industry associations
ese Road operations, Signalling and lighting viF interactive Vehicle of the Future
esiee Engineering School devoted to information and WPs Wlan Positioning System
communication Sciences and t echnologies
622007 Activity reportIDEX
title PaGes
ali ZE-lc Pc 63
PIARC/AIPCR / World Road Congress 7/62
ANR / National Research Agency 7/12/24/25/37
assistance (driving) 13/15/16
Diagnostic evaluation 13/22/29/31/37/41/50
betonl abpro (software package) 41
Concrete (environmental) / HPFC 22/29
Patent / patenting 17/40/56
Fog 8/11
Noise / acoustic / partial reverberation / noise protection 12/13/19/23/24/26/31/37/44/50 to 53/60 to 63
cable 20/29/31/36/44/46/50 to 53/60/61/63
Sensor 8/13/15/17/18/29/31/36/40/47/50/52/61/62/63
Certify / certifcation 6/39/44/48/49/56/62/63
cES aR-lcP c 34
Pavement (urban, removable) 6 to 8/10/11/17 to 19/21/22/28/29/30/33/37/
40/42/49/50 to 52/61 to 63
Cement / cementitious 7/8/11/21/30/31/33/34/36/41/45/50/51/60 to 62
Climate (change / warming) 6/11/62
c omposite 11/12/22/29/33/34/60 to 63
c ompression 34/37/62
c ontrol (non-destructive) 11/13/15/16/20/30/31/33/36/40/47/58/61/62
Corrode/corrosion 21/29/30/31/44/48/62/63
Flood / fooding 28/40/62
Deform / deformation 25/26/34/40/45/62
Detect / detection 16/17/20/29/31/30/40/47/50/61/62
Diagnosis / diagnostic 27/29/31 to 32/36/37/44/50/61/62
Design / design dimensions 24/25/33/35/41/42/61 to 63
Direct_mat 62
Doctorate / doctoral student 8/9/28/39/50/56/62
Sustainable (development / construction) / sustainability 6 to 8/10/12/13/18/19/21 to 23/29/31/46/49/
52 to 54/56/58/59/61 to 63
Savings (materials, energy) 6/19
Damage 6/18/19/23/25/46/54/56/58/59/62/63
Energy 6 to 8/12/13/15/19/21/23/24 to 29/34/39/40/42/45/50/52/5
Environment / environmental 3/56/58/60 to 62
Railroad / rail (network 7/13/20/47/62
Filter / fltration 17/35/50/62
Crack / cracking 6/20/30/33/34/51/61/62
Grenelle Environment Roundtable 6/13/15/29/39
Image / imagery 17/18/27/29/30/36/37/40/61/62
innotrack 7/10
Localise / localisation / geolocalisation 16/17/50/54/62
632007 Activity report
nmaintenance 7/8/12/20/21/29/31 to 32/37/44/50/61/62
material (granular) 6/8/9/10/13/12/18/19/21 to 23/25/26/29/31/33 to 37/
41 to 43/45/47/50/51/54/59 to 63
mikti 20
Model / modelling 12/15/18/23/24 to 26/28/29/33 to 37/
MUSC / Laboratory of Contact-free Ultrasound Measurement 37/62
Standardise / standardisation 49/60/62/63
NR2C/New Road Construction Concepts 10/18/19/22/61/63
Optimirr / Optimisation of road materials incorporating 19/22
recycled waste
Partnership 7/9/17/21/52/53/56/62
Permeable / permeability 26/47/62
c luster (competitiveness)) 8/9
PRES (Research and higher education cluster) 7 to 9/62
Pollute / pollution / pollutant 6/12/19/23/45/54/61 to 63
Pollux-lc Pc
Bridge / footbridge 11/15/17/20/22/29/31/36/41/44/45/48/52/53/62
Prevent / prevention / prediction 16/23/17/24/29/31/35/46/50/51/54/61 to 63
Qualify / qualifcation 8/40/48
Recycling / recycle 10/12/13/19/22/61
Embankment 19/23/27/26/42/61
Renewable (material / resource) / non-renewable 6/13/19/22/50/52/61
Overturn / overturn protection 15/17
Resource (savings / non-renewable)) 6/19/26/50/52/61
Surfacing/covering 18/19/29/40/50/51
Risk / hazard (natural) 23/27/44/46/50/52/54/56/61
Rock 33/47/60/61
Fail / rupture 31/34/35/44/50
Safety (road) 7/13/15/41/44/52/56/60/61
Earthquake / seismic / seismological 23/24/25/37/50/53/61
Simulate / simulation 7/8/13/18/24/26/33/40/42/43/50/51/61
Load / loading 12/22/25/29/34/41/42/43/44
Sustainable bridges 20
Monitor / monitoring 12/20/27/28/31/34/40/45/46/48/50/52/54
Sysldent-lcP c
Traffc (road / rail / maritime / air) 7/10/15/18/20/22/29/41/45/61
t ransport 7/8/10/11/12/13/17/23/45/49/50/54/58/60/61/61
t unnel 18/42/47/48
Urban (environment / noise / soil) 12/19/21/23/26/61
Reuse / application 7/29/31/39/42/50/53/56
Vibrate / Vibration / Vibratory 19/23/25/31/36/37/45/61
ageing (concretes) 18/19/51/61
VIF / Interactive Vehicle of the Future 12/17
Viscoanalysis 40/43
Visibility / vision (foggy weather conditions / night-time driving) 10/11/13/15/18/52/53/61
642007 Activity report