Communication Strategies and Boosting Oral Proficiency
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Communication Strategies and Boosting Oral Proficiency


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This speech/presentation is authorized by the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center and the Department of Defense. Contents of this presentation are not necessarily the official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, DoD, Department of the Army, or DLIFLC. Jung Ho Yoon Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center Communication Strategies and Boosting Oral Proficiency
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Using the Advanced
Rich Text Editor
R:BASE Technologies, Inc.Using the Advanced Rich Text Editor
by R:BASE Technologies, Inc.
The Advanced Rich Text Editor is the new graphic user interface for
working with Rich Text data in R:BASE eXtreme 9.1.Using the Advanced Rich Text Editor
Copyright © 1982-2010 R:BASE Technologies, Inc.
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We also reserve the right to change the specification without notice and may therefore not coincide with the contents
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Printed: November 2010 in Murrysville, PA
First EditionI Using the Advanced Rich Text Editor
Table of Contents
2Part I Advanced Rich Text Editor
5Part II Menu Bar
8Part III Toolbars
10Part IV Font
13Part V Paragraph
17Part VI Bullets and Numbering
22Part VII Context Menu
24Part VIII Using Rich Text Controls to Mail Merge
27Part IX Feedback
29Part X Useful Resources
Copyright © 1982-2010 R:BASE Technologies, Inc.Part
I2 Using the Advanced Rich Text Editor
1 Advanced Rich Text Editor
The Advanced Rich Text Editor is the new graphic user interface for working with Rich Text data in R:
BASE. The Advanced Rich Text Editor allows for the rich formatting of text, images, tables,hyperlinks,
lists, with ease-of-use manipulation with drag-and-drop and sizing support for content. The editor's
toolbar is extensive allowing users to achieve a high degree of customization.
The editor can be accessed from within R:BASE forms using the Advanced DB Rich Text Control. In
reports, there are three specific "Advanced Rich Text" controls that allow the placement of rich text with
the advanced formatting the control supplies. The Advanced Rich Text Editor is also built into the R:BASE
BLOB Editor when creating or editing rich text data.
When added to R:BASE reports, the built-in "Mail Merge" option can be used to insert R:BASE columns
and variables with text to create table driven output.
The Advanced Rich Text Editor can also be used to import existing files into R:BASE or even create rich
text files for external file use.
Other features include:
Text Formatting
· Paragraphs , Borders, Backgrounds, Indents, Spacing, etc.
· Select the font face and font size and font color for selected text
· Standard formatting (Bold, Italic, Underline, Strike out, Overline)
· Left, Center, Right and Full Alignment of selected text
· Remove formatting from selected text
· Indent and outdent selected text
Table Formatting
· Insert tables
· Insert table row before current row
· Insert table row after current row
Copyright © 1982-2010 R:BASE Technologies, Inc.Advanced Rich Text Editor 3
· Insert table column before current column
· Insert table column after current column
· Delete current column
· Delete current row
· Edit table properties
· Create hyperlinks
· Remove hyperlinks
· Edit Hyperlinks
· Insert images
· Change layout properties such as alignment and spacing
· Insert numbered lists
· Insert bulleted lists
Other Functionality
· Insert R:BASE columns
· Insert R:BASE variables
· Insert horizontal lines
· Insert symbols from character map
· Undo/Redo
· Cut, copy and paste
· Select all
· Print
· Print Preview
· Page Setup
· Find and Replace
· Toggle the display of not-printing characters
Copyright © 1982-2010 R:BASE Technologies, Inc.Part
IIMenu Bar 5
2 Menu Bar
· New - allows you to create a new file
· Open - opens an existing file
· Save - saves the current file
· Save As... - saves the current file as a new file
· Export - exports the current file to an RTF or text file
· Print Setup... - opens the Print Setup dialog for changing page specific settings
· Print Preview - opens the Print Preview dialog
· Print - prints the current file to the default printer
· Undo - undoes the last change made
· Redo - reverses the effect of the last undo
· Cut - cuts the currently selected object(s)
· Copy - copies the currently selected object(s)
· Paste - pastes the currently cut or copied object(s)
· Paste Special - pastes text as Richview, rich text, text or Unicode format
· Make Line(s) Read-Only - current file becomes read-only or removes read-only status
· Find... - opens Find Text dialog box to locate text
· Find Next - locates the next text where matches search
· Replace... - opens Replace Text dialog box to locate and replace text
· Character Case - alters the case of the selected text
· Insert Page Break - adds a page break
· Remove Page Break - removes the page where the cursor is located
· Select All - selects all of the items
· Font - alters a text font type, size, style, effect, character spacing, horizontal spacing, and offset
· Style - alters the select text style
· Size - alters the selected text size
· Text Color - alters the text color
· Text Background Color - alters the text background color
· - specifies paragraph indents, spacing, tabs, and text flow
· Paragraph Borders and Background - specifies paragraph border options and color settings
· Align Left - aligns text to the left
· Align Center - aligns text to the center
· Align Right - aligns text to the right
· Justify - justifies text to fit within the window
· Bullets and Numbering - allows customized options for bulleted and numbered lists
· Bullets - adds list bullets to the selected text
· Numbering - adds list numbering to the selected text
· Word Wrap - specifies if text is wrapped within the window
· Decrease Indent - decreases the indent for text
· Increase Indent - increases the indent for text
· Single Line Spacing - enables single line spacing
· 1.5 Line Spacing - enables 1.5 line spacing
· Double Line Spacing - enables double line spacing
· Background - adds an image to the background
· Background Color - specifies the entire background color
· Fill Color - specifies the fill color
· Object Properties - used to edit Table Properties
Copyright © 1982-2010 R:BASE Technologies, Inc.6 Using the Advanced Rich Text Editor
· File - inserts a rich text or text file
· Picture - inserts an image
· Horizontal Line - inserts a horizontal line
· Hypertext Link - adds a hypertext link
· Symbol - inserts a character symbol
· DB Label - inserts a database label for a column
· Variable Label - inserts a variable label for a defined variable
· Insert Table - inserts a table
· Insert Column Left - inserts a column to the left of the cursor within the current table
· Insert Column Right - inserts a row to the right of the cursor within the current table
· Insert Row Above - inserts a row above the cursor within the current table
· Insert Row Below - inserts a row below the cursor within the current table
· Delete Rows - deletes the selected rows
· Delete Columns - deletes the selected columns
· Delete Table - deletes the current table
· Select - allows a table, the columns, rows, or all to be selected
· Align - allows alignment options
· Cell Borders - toggles the display of the table cell borders
· Split Cells - splits a current cell
· Merge Cells - merges the selected cells
· Show Grid Lines - toggles the display of the table grid lines
· Table Properties - displays the Table Properties
Copyright © 1982-2010 R:BASE Technologies, Inc.