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Microsoft Research
FOUNDED IN 1991 to user interfaces as a key area
advance computer science, of research. We collaborate
software engineering, and with leading researchers in
scientific discovery through medicine, education, and earth craig mundie
Chief Research and Strategy Officer both basic and applied and environmental sciences to
microsoft corporation
research, Microsoft Research transform society for the better
has a long history of through technology.
valuable collaboration with
These principles provide
the academic and research
the foundation for the
communities across a range
work of Microsoft Research
of computing disciplines.
Connections, the division
We envision a future in which of Microsoft Research that
computers increasingly work promotes and facilitates
on your behalf rather than collaboration between
at your command, and we academic and research
see the emergence of natural communities. lMAglNE
We BeLieVe THaT WorKing T oge THer— Microsoft Research
across industries and disciplines, Connections
collaboratively—is the only way we can
OUR VISION IS to seek out develop new solutions, and
solve the most urgent global challenges.
worldwide thought leaders we strive to inspire those
researchers who are pushing in computer and scientific
the envelope of scientific research and establish
discovery. collaborations with them
to advance knowledge and
In collaboration with the world’s
development in computer lNVENT top scientific researchers,
science and enable computing
computer scientists, and commiTed T o reSearcH, we strive to
to accelerate the pace of academic institutions, we
accelerate time-to-insight by working with the scientific exploration. pursue data-intensive scientific
research to shape the future academic community to release open tools and At Microsoft Research
of computing in fields such as Connections, we imagine a services that extend microsoft platforms and Tony Hey parallel programming, software
future in which computing Corporate Vice Presidentproductivity software. engineering, and natural user
microsoft r esearch connections research transforms society’s
ability to respond to critical
global challenges. We We offer various fellowships,
collaborate with computer grants, and awards to help
scientists and scientific cultivate future world-class
researchers in academia to computer and research lNSplRE
invent new ways through which scientists. These programs
THrougH a SerieS oF educa TionaL
seek to help bright young computing enables innovation
oPPor TuniTieS, awards, and diversity scientists succeed and facilitate for a better world, we extend
their research as they work the Microsoft platform to initiatives, we’re inspiring both emerging and
to develop the next critical the academic community as
experienced scholars to delve further into scientific breakthroughs.a resource to help scientists
computer science and scientific research fields.Contents
24 Education 12 Computer 18 Earth, Energy,
and Scholarly Science and Environment
30 Health and 36 Natural User
Wellbeing Interface
WELLNESS WITH TECHNOLOgYWe enjoyed working with Microsoft to “
FoSTering innoV aTiVe produce teaching material for students
reSearcH T o adV ance to learn F#. With TryF#, anyone can
SociaL and Human learn F# on any platform.”
Po TenTiaL
Imperial College London, UK our computer science
projects promote and support
innovative research in software
engineering; semantic
computing, parallelism, and
concurrency; programming
languages; and mobile-
plus-cloud computing. We
12 13
collaborate with academics
and researchers to identify
future crucial requirements,
and work with them to find
technological solutions. We
then take these technologies
to universities worldwide
through outreach programs,
often through competitions
that challenge bright young
computer scientists.Computer Science
r esear ch.micr oso f t.com/comput er science
Mobile and
Cloud Computing
nec, vulputate eget, arcu. in
enim justo, rhoncus ut, imperdiet
innovations in wireless
a, venenatis vitae, justo. nullam
networking technology are dictum felis eu pede mollis
pretium. integer tincidunt. cras driving our increasingly
dapibus. Vivamus elementu
connected world; the
vast majority of mobile
Student creativity project Hawaii, Windows Azure, ”applications now rely on
and Windows phone 7 have cloud services to deliver in project Hawaii
collectively enabled my students user experiences. project
to explore and develop new Hawaii, which currently ACADEMIC OUTREACH
technology applications that 14 involves more than 30 15IN pROjECT HAWAII
push the boundaries of scientifc universities worldwide, AS SMARTpHONES ARE
data gathering beyond what was is fostering the creation increasingly used for both
possible just a few years ago.”professional and private use, we of the next generation of
are witnessing a correspondingly mobile applications that pROFESSOR jAY BORENSTEIN
rapid growth of innovations Computer Science Departmentexploit enriched cloud
Stanford University in wireless networking
Hawaii have access to a set services on the Windows
technologies. We anticipate
of innovative cloud services Azure platform. that the majority of future
that are accessed via Windows
smartphone applications will rely
phone 7 and use Windows
on cloud services to enhance the
Azure for computation and
mobile-computing experience.
data storage. In short, we
provide students with the tools, Through partnerships with
services, and mobile-plus-cloud universities around the world,
platforms that they need to we empower students to develop
Project Hawaii consists of a Windows Phone 7 smartphone and
create their applications; the novel cloud-enhanced mobile
various cloud services, including Windows azure for storage and
students bring their creativity applications. The universities computation, optical character recognition, speech to text
and imagination.conversion, relay, and rendezvous. that are participating in project We are offering a set of Language DATA/INFORMATIONLack of access to large-scale, real-world “
Model Services to the research
TO HELp EXpLORE the data has been a long-standing barrier for
community through a cloud
data value chain, Microsoft academia research in data science-related
infrastructure. These take the
Research Connection’s “Thank you for the wonderful areas. The Language Model Cloud-based form of web language models
collaborations provide opportunity you provided for the Services provided by Microsoft have and query language models that
scientists with access to data
research community to test new ideas can be used to research topics broken this barrier with a very promising that promotes:
such as human speech, spelling, in the feld of spell checking and query novel model for data sharing.” • Innovation—through the
information extraction, learning, recommendation.”opportunity to access novel,
pROFESSOR CHENgXIANg ZHAI and machine translation.
real-world, web-scale data Dr. ALEXANDRU CEAUSU Computer Science Department
The Language Model Services School of Computing University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign services
Dublin City Universitygenerate more than 10 billion
• Scientific discovery—by
queries per week for users
allowing wider use of data
and validation of large-scale
data analysis in a domain KNOWLEDgE/INTELLIgENCE future of information processing we explore how to transform
where the sheer size of the and discovery at web scale semantic knowledge in a way TO ADVANCE BEYOND data/
data under investigation and use the power of collective that is useful for commodity information and attain
16 17makes the reproducibility of intelligence. Each year, Microsoft computing and that aids in the knowledge/intelligence, we are
research a major challenge Research Connections hosts creation of knowledge services investigating the development
a series of “mind swaps” and that are relevant to the research • Training—real-world, large- of semantically-rich knowledge
“think tanks” during which community. scale data is a powerful services that enable agile
tool for training the next experimentation. To progress
Professor Haym Hirsh of rutgers university computer Science
generation of data analysts from data services to knowledge department discusses how collective intelligence helps advance
and researchers services, we look towards the human knowledge. Semantic Computing
assists users as they explore complex data from To further efforts in this field, we are creating research
disparate sources. One might say that it creates a path programs that are associated with computational
that leads from data to information, from information intelligence to encourage innovation and
to knowledge, and from knowledge to intelligence— experimentation via semantically-rich, cloud-based
we call this the data value chain. Semantics has the services. We are also establishing projects to advance
potential to unify our approach to data encoding, the state of the art in knowledge representation and
thereby making it easier to access and use data, and, reasoning under uncertainty at web scale (petabytes of
ultimately, help researchers gain new insights. data and beyond).“This [WorldWide Telescope] puts
not the world, but the universe at a
student’s fngertips—and challenges
acceLera Ting ScienTiFic
them to explore. It’s simply an
inSigHTS THa T adV ance
amazing tool. We envision open-
our underST anding oF
ended curricula that encourage the
THe na TuraL WorLd
student in everyone.”
earth, energy, and
environment researchers Director of the
Open Educational
focus on advancing insight
Resources Initiative,
into environmental and Hewlett Foundation
earth sciences. We work
with academics and
scientists across the globe
to explore ways in which 18 19
computing platforms
and tools can better
serve the needs of this
scientific community so
that they can gain a better
understanding of the
world in which we live.
Earth, Energy,
and Environment
r esear ch.micr oso f t.com/ear thener g y envir onmentAtlantic Rainforest Sensor
Networking project
rainforest ecosystems
are an area of immense
scientific importance to
r esearchers deployed a sensor network into and above the rainforest
the earth’s biosphere.
canopy by using six towers. each network node (box shown
at right) gathered sensor data that were periodically They are a vast reservoir
harvested by radio.
of species biodiversity,
they help regulate climate,
and they play important
Sensor 20 21roles in the earth’s cycling
of carbon and water. nodes record
eager to study how a small
Ecologists and biologists section of rainforest behaves on approximately
have been able to develop a minute-by- minute basis. We 18 million recognized that this scientific a picture of how rainforest
motivation afforded us an data points ecosystems operate on
opportunity to collaborate, Rainforests provide a habitat for biodiversity.a large scale; however, it per month. building upon our earlier sensor
is very difficult to gather network experience in southeast
johns Hopkins University to form the atmosphere of a section of the need to physically intrude
Alaska and collaborations with information on how heat, the Atlantic Rainforest Sensor rainforest on the southeast coast into the study space to collect
johns Hopkins University in soil
Networking project. of Brazil. the information.moisture, and energy
ecology. By recognizing the
transference occurs within In November 2009, the project The sensor nodes recorded The project significantly advances significance of rainforest research,
the rainforest canopy. deployed a network of 600 approximately 18 million researchers’ understanding Microsoft Research Connections
Microsoft-developed sensor data points per month—an of how the forest functions created a scientific partnership
nodes along a grid of cables. extensive collection of rainforest and will help them develop between the University of São
The sensors gathered detailed atmospheric data. The data was better solutions to climate and paulo, the São paulo Research
data on humidity, temperature, delivered to researchers via radio environmental issues that extend Foundation, the Brazilian National
and solar radiation levels within transmission, thereby eliminating far beyond the rainforest.Institute for Space Research, and