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Test your “brain architecture” knowledge and its impact on Maine’s future!
Brought to you by Maine Head Start Directors Association
“Inequality in early childhood experiences and learning produce inequality in ability, achievement, health and adult success.”
“The deterministic factors of genetic, parental and environmental resources can be overcome through investments in quality early childhood education that provide children and their parents with the resources   they need to properly develop the cognitive and character package that drive productivity.”
James Heckman, Department of Economics, The University of Chicago, Report to National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Reform
A healthy Maine workforce depends upon it.
rought to you by Maine Head Start DirectorsA ssociation
Question 1
What percent of the brain’s architecture (that is the foundation for   all future development) is built before a child reaches the age of 5?
Brought to you by Maine Head 
 .AB . .C
 DirectorsA ssociation