• show that a given sequence is either arithmetic, geometric or ...
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• show that a given sequence is either arithmetic, geometric or ...


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12 5. Algebra 5. A lg eb ra Sequences and series You should be able to: • show that a given sequence is either arithmetic, geometric or neither • fi nd any given term in an arithmetic sequence or a geometric sequence • fi nd the common difference in an arithmetic sequence and the common ratio in a geometric sequence • fi nd the number of terms in an arithmetic or a geometric sequence • fi nd the sum of the fi rst n terms in an arithmetic or a geometric series • apply the concepts of arithmetic and geometric sequences in the solution of problems • determine when it is possible to fi nd the sum
  • problem into equations
  • combination numbers results
  • use of the inductive hypothesis
  • geometric sequence
  • mathematical induction
  • complex numbers
  • probability
  • formula
  • term
  • answer



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Reefer Madness Side 1
Please prepare a short selection of music to sing a cappella at the audition which showcases your talents as a vocalist (a verse and chorus will be sufficient) and choose one of the following sides to read. A scene partner will be provided for sides with more than one character. Do not feel like you need to read for your gender; pick a side and character with qualities you want to emphasize in your performance. SIDE ONE LECTURER Good evening. Id like to thank everyone for braving the weather and coming out here tonight. Over the years, Benjamin Harrison High School auditorium has been home to numerous functions -- graduations, for example, our annual Christmas Pageant, the Drama Clubs much lauded production ofGreen Grow the Lilacs-- but no purpose this room has ever served is more important than the one which brings us together this evening. One month ago, I received a letter from no less a luminary than Harry J. Anslinger, Chief of the newly formed Federal Bureau of Narcotics. It is one of the thousands of identical letters posted to concerned community leaders across the nation. In these letters, Mr. Anslinger urges -- no, commands us --- to take up arms against a leafy green assassin. An assassin... of youth.
Reefer Madness Side 2
SIDE TWO - read for Mary MARY Its sure sweet of you to help me studyRomeo and Juliet. Without your help? Come exam time, Id have been on a trip for biscuits! JIMMY My pleasure. Where do you want to start? MARY How about the pruh-low-gwee? JIMMY The pro-low-gwee...? I think you mean the prologue! MARY Oh. I keep getting that confused with Mon-tay-gwee. Thats not even a real word. I looked for it in two different dictionaries.JIMMY Montague. Thats Romeos last name. MARY You are so smart. My mother says youre a boy whos going places! JIMMY Aw, you dont talk about me to your mom, do you? MARY I talk about you to everybody.
Reefer Madness Side 3
SIDE THREE - Read for Jack JACK Cmon, Mae, get up off your duff. MAE What time is it? JACK Time to give this place a goin over. Looks like the Marines have landed. That bunch last night was high enough to take over the marines AND the navy. We need a better class a clientele. Ralph, keep your ham-hocks off my product! MAE At least theyre old enough to know what theyre doing. Not like those young kids YOU bring up here. JACK Oh, why dont you button your lip? Youre always squawking about something. Ya got more static than a radio. Im gonna press bricks over at the Five and Dime and bring back a couple more kids. You got a problem with that? MAE Maybe I do. JACK (he slaps her)You better tune me in and get my signal right. Round here, I call the shots! Oh... I almost forgot. You cant get through the morning without a little “treat,” can ya?(he throws Mae a joint)See ya in the funny papers.
Reefer Madness Side 4
SIDE FOUR LECTURER The American Five and Dime, a place for young people to convene and socialize under the watchful eye of the friendly proprietor. Although some modern dance steps might seem a bit risqué, parents usually turn a blind eye, assuming its all in good fun. But when the dancings done... who shall pay the piper? The music and dancing seems harmless, but clearly Jimmy had now veered from the Garden Path to the Slippery Slope of Hell. And what of your own children? Do they enjoy “jazz music?” For M. Anslinger warns us, ladies and gentlemen, that Cab Calloway, Fats Waller, Louie Armstrong and the whole weed-blowing, ginger-colored lot are merely masquerading as musicians and are in fact Agents of Evil. Reefer slows down the smokers sense of time, allowing him to squeeze in unnecessary “grace notes,” giving this voodoo music the power to hypnotize white women into indulging in acts of unspeakable degradation. And make no mistake, from here on in, the music would become increasingly strange and profane.
Reefer Madness Side 5
SIDE FIVE - read for either Ralph or Mary RALPH Hi there. Im Ralph. MARY Hello. My names Mary Lane. I was told I might find my boyfriend here. Jimmy Harper? Have you seen him? RALPH He... just stepped out to pick up some Bibles for our prayer breakfast! MARY Thats my Jimmy. Say, is that a fraternity sweater? Is Jimmy hanging out with College Boys? RALPH Why yes. Yes he is. We here at Phi Beta Cannabis were so taken with Jimmy that we decided to pledge him early. While hes still in high school. MARY Thats the bees knees! Wait till that Susie Mayberry hears about this... RALPH Lets celebrate with a smoke. MARY Hold on -- this isnt that “reefer” Ive read about, is it? RALPH No, no of course not. Never touch the stuff. MARY Well, if Im going to be dating a fraternity man...