The Author Who Never Was: Nicolas Bourbaki
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The Author Who Never Was: Nicolas Bourbaki

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Features 82  Science Editor  May – June 2005  Vol 28  No 3 Claudia Clark “Secret societies.” These words may call to mind two recent bestsellers, The DaVinci Code1 and Angels and Demons.2 These books tell the stories of ancient societies, shrouded in mystery, that used mathemat- ics to protect themselves and their beliefs. Look into the more recent past, and you'll find another secret society, but a very dif- ferent one.
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1sT ediTion
The Ar TisT-run sp Ace of The fuTure
mycelliAl neTwork
The Artist-Run Space of the Future is a compendium of The Ar TisT-run resources and ephemera on artist-run culture, gathered
by the Institute for Applied Aesthetics. Inside is a spAce of The
collection of resources, essays and ideas concerning the
future of artist-run spaces and their evolving models of fuTure
operation and connectivity.
Institute for Applied Aesthetics
www.applied-aesthetics.org1st edition
the Artist-r un sp Ace of the future
Institute for Applied AestheticsContents
field reseArch
cAse study
funding ModelsThe Ar TisT-run sp Ace of The fuTure
Artist-Run Space (n.)
Artist-run spaces ft all kinds of models. They are testing grounds and springboards to the
commercial art world, intimate gatherings in apartments, and places for reading groups
and shared meals. They are little pockets of activity that serve particular audiences
at particular times, flling gaps and holes for all that the art-world fails to pr ovide.
Sometimes they are meant to be temporary, and other times they can grow to become
professionalized institutions that a later generation of artists defne themselves against.
InCUBATE. “Making-do: a pragmatist approach,” Artist-run Chicago Digest, Copyright
threewalls/Green Lantern press, Chicago, IL: forthcoming October 2009 The Artist-Run
Space of the Future
The artist-run space of the alternative modes of cultural The artist-run space of
future is many things: a production. A movement
the future is a mushroom,
space for people, a space that is best characterized as
delicate yet deadly, and able
for production, a space for patternless, while at the same
to eat oil spills. At its core
work and a space for living. It time supporting the idea that
is a formidable network,
provides for communities, both the artist-run space is part of a
sometimes unseen and other
artistic and situated, plausible larger culture of collectivity and
times visible. A network, much
alternatives to housing, collaboration – a way of making
like the rhizomatic structure of
cultural production and fscal art that is built upon the idea of
fungi, encompassing neither
sustainability; a working working together. [1]
a beginning nor an end, but
model of ideation, an affront
always a middle from which it
to the challenges that paralyze
grows and overspills.
the notion of a lifelong and
community-centered practice.
The artist-run space of the
future will be found below
Yet, the struggle of the
our feet, in soil and nutrient
artist-run space is a well-
deposits, inhabiting cracks
known story. Historically
and places that otherwise
marginalized and oftentimes
prove inhabitable; vacant lots,
ephemeral, the artist-run
abandoned buildings and
space is dependent on
unlikely storefronts. At these
discernibly diffcult to measure
junctures a fruiting body pierces
and fuctuating variables
the surface and spreads
such as time, commitment
spores across the landscape.
and collective participation.
These spores begin the vital
As such, the commonplace
break down of the surrounding
depiction is often one of
organic matter, the starting
disorder and fringe culture,
point of a vast cycle that serves
yet the roots of the artist run
as the catalyst for whole cultural
space are noble: a response
to the absence of space for The Ar TisT-run sp Ace of The fuTure
[1] Bloom, Brett of Temporary [2] Gilles Deleuze, Félix [2] Gilles Deleuze, Félix
Services. Groups and Spaces, 2005. Guattari. A Thousand Plateaus. Guattari. A Thousand Plateaus. Capitalism and Schizophrenia. Capitalism and Schizophrenia.
Translated and Foreword by Translated and Foreword by
Brian Massumi. Minneapolis: Brian Massumi. Minneapolis:
University of Minnesota Press, University of Minnesota Press,
1987. 1987.The Ar TisT-run sp Ace of The fuTure
And so our story about the defne themselves against.”
future of such spaces begins The artist-run space of the
with a mushroom, the oldest In the future, these models future is also a school, a
and largest organism on our and experiments will evolve classroom and a vehicle for
planet, an ancient archetype and morph, recognizing a new learning; a space for kids, for
for longevity and health and sense of continuity and time, seniors, for dogs and cats.
perhaps the mascot of a responding in interesting ways A landscape saturated with
new paradigm of networked to the current tendency toward diverse age discrepancies
creative infrastructure. For the temporary and ephemeral. united under one roof.
the artist run space of the In the future, the sign to look The space is a home, a
future will embody many of the for will not be “Artist Space” comfortable home, legal with
characteristics of a mushroom, hanging over a door, but the good indoor air quality. The
and with this a new landscape space itself may be disguised building produces food and
will emerge. A rhizomatic as a hybrid non-proft/for- sometimes talks to you.
landscape that Deleuze and proft venture, a cooperative The artist-run space of the
Guattari would be happy to or storefront, perhaps a three future is a community think
enumerate on. [2] story home or warehouse, tank. It’s like a detective
perhaps housed in a public agency where kids, adults,
So what will the artist-run school, a community center, males and females merge.
space of the future look adult-living center or maybe Microscopes, maps and
like? Currently, “artist-run even a treehouse setback in measuring tapes are handed
spaces ft all kinds of models. a public park. It may have no out. Issues are discussed and
They are testing grounds offcial designation, perhaps solutions proposed; a place
and springboards to the it encompasses aspects where things can be built,
commercial art world, intimate of a community-based tested and implemented.
gatherings in apartments, and organization, 501(c)3 non-
places for reading groups proft, charitable organization, And what is unique about the
and shared meals. They are non-governmental artist-run space of the future
little pockets of activity that organization, limited liability is that actions and events will
serve particular audiences corporation, company or take place in collaboration
at particular times, flling venture. Perhaps nothing like with the situated community.
gaps and holes for all that this at all. Not just discussed, with slick
the art-world fails to provide. renderings displayed on walls
Sometimes they are meant to The door to the space is and talked about at meetings,
be temporary, and other times almost always open during the but rather in real time and in
they can grow to become day. Maybe in fact there is no real space, the artist-run space
professionalized institutions door but instead a series of of the future becomes the new
that a later generation of artists windows with plants; maybe model for a creative consulting
a skylight with a ladder or a agency that will consider and
treehouse swing. No matter attend to the challenges down
what form the door may take, the street and maybe some of
it will open up into a space that the problems that will emerge
will support the artists who live in the 22nd century. And from
and work there, both fscally this, the formation of ideas,
and culturally, operating with of new policy and cultural
a new model reminiscent of structures will extend beyond
a workers cooperative or a the threshold of the front
slightly altered notion of the door and into the surrounding
L3C (low-proft limited liability neighborhood like the roots of
company) or B-Corporation of a tree.
yesteryear. The Ar TisT-run sp Ace of The fuTure
middle from which many services or perhaps shared
things disperse, the artist-run bank accounts and rotating
space of the future follows a payment.
similar model – a path through Despite the inevitable
which many lines intersect and complications of money and
extend from. the valuation of property,
space and time - the real
And it is precisely this, a objective of the artist-run
medium through which things space of the future will be
emerge rather than begin to create place where art,
or end, that represents the production, life and the pursuit
true value of the artist-run of currency meld together
space of the future. For it is into one endeavor. Your life
here that we can witness, endeavor, your community
we can taste and touch a . Not the community
tangible interface through you associate with by
which art and life merge, not proxy, not the community of
in a neat little packet, not in a acquaintances you interact
In a similar way to the
renovated condominium, but in with on the daily, but YOUR rhizomatic roots of a
a way that is messy and real, community – the people you mushroom growth, the
reactive to its environment and trust, the people you care for, space soaks up surrounding
dependent on the people and the people you love.
resources like nutrients, water
situations in relationship to this
and sun, growing to support
interface. the emergent undergrowth
and the newly formed soil
What do you need for the spreads from the mycorrhizal
artist run space of the future?
structures expanding beneath
Sometimes you may need a
your feet. In this sense, the
storefront, sometimes just a artist-run space of the future
shelf or a wall and sometimes becomes the anchor for a
a desk and chair is suffcient. new kind of ecosystem, a
Of course it’s always a
cultural ecosystem, where
question of capital, but what
practice and theory merge
isn’t? Currency shouldn’t be and become one. Not the kind
something that stops you of “community anchor” that
– in fact it should be your beckons the creative-class-
motivating factor. The artist-
bull-shit that Richard Florida
run space of the future won’t
espouses, but instead the
have to think about “how artist-run space of the future
to make money” or support becomes the focal point for
the artists who live and work something autonomous and
there, because that will be the
specifc to the community in
formative reason for starting
which it is found. The artist-
the space. The artist-run run space of the future is the
space of the future will make new model for “school”, for
enough money to support “job center”, for “community
the people that invest their
center”, laboratory or
time and energy in the space
consulting agency. Just as
– cooperative job sharing, a rhizome has no beginning
consultation and design and no end, but merely a The Ar TisT-run sp Ace of The fuTure
But take heed! What is the people down the street,
required and what is needed sound like the local fauna and
for the success of the artist- fora, it will taste like the food
run space of the future is you’re growing inside. Through
shared experience with your this process, a rhizome will
community and meaningful form and you will understand
dialogue about the space of completely that it was already
your dreams, the project of there to begin with and it oject for was just a matter of seeing it
your life. For the artist-run clearly.
space of the future will house
this project and the project When is the future? It can be
of your situated community. yesterday or today. Maybe
The challenge: how to ft both tomorrow. But the artist-run
the needs of yourself and the space of the future need not
intentions of your community exist merely in your dreams
into one space, a collaborative when you can wake up today
and dynamic space. A possible and manifest it tomorrow.
solution?: research your terrain
through learning, reciprocal
engagement and legitimate
participation. The kind of
research that is authentic and
allows you to become the
instigator of your artist-run
space of the future simply by
knowing and understanding
what’s around you, the people
that are around you.
We’re not talking about
Wikipedia and internet
searches, but rather real
research and learning that
makes you uncomfortable,
that challenges your resilience
and your understanding of self
and other. Research about the
people in your surrounding
neighborhood and region, the
landscape you inhabit and the
many intersections therein.
Because, the artist-run space
of the future responds to its
situated environment. That
means you have to know what
to respond to, for whom and
why. And through this, the
artist-run space of the future
will take the form of your local
landscape, it will look like The Ar TisT-run sp Ace of The fuTure