Writing – First Course Writing and Communication – Second Course
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Writing – First Course Writing and Communication – Second Course


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1 Updated: December 2011 Writing – First Course Semester Course (Units) Quarter Course (Units) ENGLISH 1110.01 (3) - (UGRD) First-Year English Composition ENGLISH 110.01 (5) - (UGRD) First-Year Engl ish Composition ENGLISH 1110.01H (3) - (UGRD) Honors First-Year Engl ish Composition ENGLISH 110.01H (5) - (UGRD) Honors First- Year Engl ish Composition ENGLISH 1110.02 (3) - (UGRD) First-Year English Composition ENGLISH 110.02 (5) - (UGRD) First-Year Engl ish Composition ENGLISH 1110.02H (3) - (UGRD)
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Strategic Management
Dairy Production Systems – ANS 440 P. D. French
Management Pyramid
Goals Objectives Mission Statement Vision Statement
Vision nAn organizational dream  it stretches the imagination and motivates people to rethink what is possible nML King's "I Have a Dream", he elucidated his vision of a nonracist America nA vision is not the same as a mission, strategic objectives, or philosophy nVisions tend to be evocative, rather than precise
nYou can't get there if you don’t know where you are going nAll of us have a mission nWhat is your current or future mission? nGet out of or get through this course nGraduate nEstablish a successful career
Vision nA vision is an attempt to articulate what a desired future for a company would look like nIt gives the company direction and it's the basic premise for the success of the mission statement nBigpicture thinking with a little bit of soul
Michael Jordan
nIt is a rare person who comes along and raises the standards of excellence, who captures the hearts of many, and who inspires a group of individuals to achieve the impossible
nLeprino Foods nTo make the finest mozzarella cheese available anywhere nDeLaval nWhenever dairy farmers have a need they should think first of DeLaval. We aim to always be there, always available, always working on their behalf
nA mission statement is a brief explanation of the organization's purpose nIt tells who we are and what we are nShould articulate the principles that will guide the business and its employees to grow, advance, and prosper
Mission Statements
nSurvey of Companies  commonalities nProducts marketednInfluence on environment nQuality of products nStewardship of nProfit resources nRole in the industry nFamily values nReputation nFuture configuration nContribution to of business community
nLand O’Lakes nBe one of the best food and agricultural companies in the world by being: Our customers' first choice; Our employees' first choice; Responsible to our owners; and A leader in our communities. nMcDonalds nBe the world's best quick service restaurant experience nHenry Ford nMake the automobile accessible to every American
nA mission statement should include nsocial responsibility nquality ncommitment to survival, growth, and profitability nidentify customers and markets nidentify products and/or services nfamily values
nShould not designate nDetails nTimetable nAssignments nMeasurements nTasks
Leprino Foods Mission
nCustomer service nProduct quality nHuman resources nEthics nCitizenship
McDonalds Mission
nBe the best employer for our people in each community around the world nDeliver operational excellence to our customers in each of our restaurants; and nAchieve enduring profitable growth by expanding the brand and leveraging the strengths of the McDonald's system through innovation and technology.
Land O’Lakes Mission
nWe are a market and customerdriven cooperative committed to optimizing the value of our members' dairy, crop and livestock production.
DeLaval Mission
nWe aim to be at the cutting edge of the industry, to preempt farmers’ needs through superior resources, technical expertise and service second to none. nWe will focus our attention on dairy farming as a whole and each individual farmer, whatever the size of their business and whatever environment they are working in.
Wendy’s Mission
nOur guiding mission is to deliver superior quality products and services for our customers and communities through leadership, innovation and partnerships.
Mission Statement 1
Get the milk from the cows to the plant for as little cost as possible.
oProduct ü oQuality oProfit ü oCustomers oComm/Enviro oValues
Mission Statement 2
Our mission encompasses three major areas for improvement. The first area is to produce a high quality product more efficiently. The second to implement a computerized record keeping program, and last to improve upon the current ration, by an in depth evaluation if the current program, followed by a precise implementation of an improved ration/program
Mission Statement 3
Our mission is to operate a dairy farm that will provide:
3. Arural family living environment with ample time for recreation and personal growth for all involved
4. Opportunitiesfor family member involvement and advancement in the farm business
oProduct oQuality ü oProfit ü oCustomers oComm/Enviro oValues
oProduct ü oQuality ü oProfit ü oCustomers oComm/Enviro oValues ü
nObjectives reflect the desired future look of the business nReduce mastitis nReduce feed costs nImprove herd health nIncrease conception rate nGeneral, observable, no time table, and no numbers
Mission Statement 3
Our mission is to operate a dairy farm that will provide:
1. Financialsuccess through the marketing of high quality milk
2. Ahigh standard of living for our family and a comfortable retirement for family farm participants
Mission Statement 3
Our mission is to operate a dairy farm that will provide:
5.Recognition for accomplishment
The farm should be comfortable to work around, be labor efficient, provide a happy work environment, and express a high degree of pride.
oProduct ü oQuality ü oProfit ü oCustomers oComm/Enviro oValues ü
oProduct ü oQuality ü oProfit ü oCustomers oComm/Enviro oValues ü
nGoals or strategies describe how the objectives will be accomplished nSpecific nMeasurable nNumbers given nTime table outlined
Goals nObjective: reduce mastitis nGoal: By April >85% of cows <100,000 SCC/ml nObjective: reduce feed costs nGoal: reduce feed costs to 45% of cash expenses in first quarter of next year nObjective: improve herd health nGoal: reduce calf mortality to <5% this year
Weighting Decision Alternatives
Weight Each Criterion
n4 = Most Important n3 n2 n1 = Least Important
Goals nObjective: increase conception rate nGoal: achieve 55% first service conception rate first half of this year
Decision Criteria
nStartup Cost nCost to Maintain nEase to Implement nEffectiveness nManagerial Time nGeneral Appeal
Rate Each Alternative for Each Criterion
n4 = Excellent n3 = Good n2 = Fair n1 = Poor
nThis is not a ranking, all can be 3
Combine Weight w/Ranking
nFor each alternative nMultiply Weight by Rate nSum nRank alternative by totals nGreatest Sum being best alternative and so forth
Human HeatWatch Criteria Weiht RatinPoints RatinPoints StartUp Cost1 4 4 2 2 Cost to Maintain3 412 26 Ease to Implement3 1 3 2 6 Effectiveness 41 4 416 Managerial Time3 2 6 3 9 General Aeal 41 4 312 Total Points33 51 Final Rank2 1