Nail Biting – How to Stop Biting Your Nails
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Nail Biting – How to Stop Biting Your Nails


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A short and precise straight-to-the-point report on the consequences of nail biting and how I managed to get rid of the habit in a very simple way.



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Published 25 September 2017
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Nail biting – How to stop biting your nails biting Onychophagy, onychophagia or more commonly known, nail biting is a compulsive habit. It is very common - mostly with children, however it is not at all uncommon among adults either.
People with a habit of biting their nails often get the urge when they are either understimulated (ie. tired or bored) or overstimulated (ie. excited or stressed). Nail biting can both have a calming and a stimulating effect depending of what your body craves the most, which is why it is such a difficult habit to get rid of.
It is an easy habit to obtain in the first place. It can begin as an act of an understimulated mind looking for a momentary distraction. Wherever you are your hands are always with you and thus, your nails. Nails grow back and therefore there is always one to bite.
What can start as an unconscious act of boredom will eventually turn into a habit, that gives you pleasure. This is a 100% natural human reaction that occurs when the brain gets used to a certain action. It can cause discomfort when the habit is not maintained. Nail biting is a very easy habit to pick up and can be an
extremely difficult one to get rid of as the human brain will often seek out habits like nailbiting when it feels strong emotions like stress, anxiety or frustration.
Not only does bitten down nails look bad. There are some more serious consequences to it. Nail biting can lead to broken skin which improves the risk of infections significantly. In extreme cases, continuous nail biting can lead to 1 permanently deformation of the nails due to damage on the nail bed.
How I stopped biting my nails for good After picking up this bad habit as an adult and struggling with it for a while without really doing anything about it I managed to get rid of it in what turned out to be a very simple way, and now I want to help people in the same situation.
I assume most people who are reading this are either biting their nails or knows someone who is and are looking for a solution.
You are most likely thinking the same thing as I was back when I decided to do something about itDzI want to stop biting my nailsdz.
After trying some different hypnosis videos on YouTube without any success I decided to consider some products that might help.
I heard about some creams or gels that you would scrub on your nails to make them taste bad. Supposedly this should do the trick. After trying a couple of different kinds, I found two, that worked for me. Ican’tsay if they were better than the others or if they just worked for me, but I will recommend themafter all they did help me very easily.
1 Ghanizadeh, A (Jun 2011). "Nail biting; etiology, consequences and management.". Iranian journal of medical sciences.36(2): 739.
The first product I will recommend is by Mavala in Switzerland.
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You simply use the little brush toDzpaintdzyour nails, and if needed, fingertips. This will help you avoid putting your fingers in your mouth and prevent nail biting. You can get ithere.
The second product I found to be very useful and easy to use is the Strong Will pen by Nail Quail. It works similar to the first product; however this is a very light and easy on-the-go solution to stop biting nails.
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It tastes extremely bitter, making it very easy to resist biting your nails. I liked this product a lot. You can get ithere.
I hope you find the best solution for you to stop biting your nails!