Corrigé BAC ES / L / S 2015 Anglais LV2
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This item can be downloaded free of charge

Corrigé BAC ES / L / S 2015 Anglais LV2

This item can be downloaded free of charge
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Published 23 June 2015
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Série : L / ES / S

Épreuve : Anglais LV2

Session 2015

Durée de l’épreuve : 2h ES S / 3h L
Coefficient : es s 2 L LVO 4 L LVA 8

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Document A
A 3 his arrival in the USA 25 years ago
B. They are “ship brothers” because they crossed the Atlantic Ocean on a boat from Europe
and spent the journey together onboard.
C. Gitelson helped the narroator when he was poor when he arrived in the USA . He gave him
some money on line 15-16 “ with his ten dollars” . He also helped him start his own
business as a tailor , someone who makes clothes on line 15-16 “ it was upon his advice
…that I had become a cloakmaker”
D. Gitelson was already well-established in the USA , he is called “ an American dandy “ on
line 15 whereas the narrator was rather poor and had no situation. On line “I in tatters”
suggest he was wearing poor clothes at that time.
E. The situation is now reversed. It is the narrator who has succeeded in his life
line 12 “I was alone in my private office” and on line 13 “my eyes swept the expensive
furniture of my office”
while Gitelson still has the same position of a small tailor
on line 5 “ he was still working at his trade” and on line 18 “ Poor fellow! He was still
working with his needle”.
The narrator has climbed up the ladder whereas Gitelson has remained the same as when he
arrived, working-class.

Document B
F. The 3 adjectives which best describe Jack Ballentine are sporty , famous ,careless.
G. 1. True l.3 “ he grew up a steelworker’s son in Harrisburg”.
2. False , l. 4 “ discovered a talent for football in high school , won a full scholarship to
Michigan state .”
3. True l.5-6 “led the Dallas cowboys to three super bowl victories during his high-profile
4. False l. 10 “ becoming a self-styled real-estate developer “ l. 15 “ big buildings”

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H. His success first came a surprise because no one expected him to change careers and
become a builder “ Master Builder “ L. 13. Everyone thought that he would become a failed
sports champion like all the ones before him who had stopped their sports career and hadn’t
managed to stay at the top. ( line 7 end up as an archetypal screwed-up jock”)
I. His story ended tragically as he went bankrupt with a bad “ casino deal in Atlantic City “ l.
17 and because a “development in Battery Park” cost more money that he had planned. The
bankers decided not to trust him anymore and stopped lending him money for his building
projects. The public was delighted and satisfied because his success abruptly came to a halt .
He fell as quickly as he made it to the t

Documents A and B
J. Gitelson’s and Ballentine's careers are similar in the fact that they bi both started from
scratch : the first one was an immigrant with poor means like the second one who was
working –class. They both lived their American dream at least at the beginning of their
career. However , Gitelson never achieved anything great in his life contrary to Ballentine
who became a sports champion . Gitelson didn’t suffer from excessive failure , he just
remained in the posiotn all his life whereas Ballentine knew fame, wealth and renown.
K. (pour les L. LVO et LVA )
They are typical examples of self-made men because they started from scratch , with little
money and they overcame hurdles and hardships . the narrator had to leave his home country
probably because there were no expectations for him anymore . As for Ballentine , he had to
get out of his lower class background to be successful. They made their own way to success
and became very wealthy at one stage in their lives. Self-made men are also the reflection of
the American dream that all the immigrants want to fulfill when they enter the American
L. (pour les L.LVA seulement)
Their failure is perceived with a kind of pity and shame. The narrator feels pity for his old
ship brother while the public feels ashamed at Ballentine’s failure . There should be nothing
such as failure in the USA where everything can happen to you, the best and the worst. You
should not fail in the USA or else people despise you.

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Sujet A 1 L LVO et LVA.
What does the American Dream mean to you today ? Illustrate with examples.
-Intro : define the American dream = opportunity for all to get to the top, make successful
careers , be upper class
Question : Does the American still exists and how do I see it today ?
-Paragraph 1:
American dream : survival for immigrants from Europe during the wars , only way to escape
persecution and oppression e: Ellis Island
American dream for new immigrants from South America , they think they will have a better
life than in their country .
but the crossing is a nightmare , many immigrants don’t manage to cross the border.
Today , this isles true because it is more and more difficult to become a US citizen , the have
closed the frontiers . Barack Obama would like to give citizenship to high population of
Latinos in the US.
Paragaph 2
My conception of the American dream today is more about the opportunity to become
someone famous than someone rich . The US are not land of plenty anymore , China and
other emerging countries have overtaken the US .
Many immigrants have not become US citizens so it’s difficult for them to live in this
country. They can get high wages but they are not considered as they should .
th thConclusion : the American dream is not the same as it used to be in the 19 or 20 centuries

Sujet A 2 L LVO LVA ES S .
Article :
Let me talk about the media and its influence on the public .
-The power of the press: journalists can destroy your life by publishing things about your
private life . Why? just to please the public or to crush one’s life . So many people have
beendestroyed by the media. Ex: President Bill Clinton‘s downfall
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-public likes juicy stories, they won’t buy or newspapers anymore if the stories are not
amazing or extraordinary. There is a satisfaction to read about failure because you identify
with the person and you‘re glad it didn’t happen to you.
- is it the role of the media to please the audience or just to inform them? they shouldn’t go
too far because it can destroy lives .

Sujet B L LVO ES S
Narrator: I’m so delighted to see you again after all these years;
Gitelson: So I am. It’s been so long, can you imagine 25 years ago?
A few ideas to continue :
- So what have you done so far ?
- Same trade at the same place , boring
- What about family, wife, children ?
- My wife died and children are grown up now , left the house . What about you ?
- I started my own business, thriving , worked well recently , made a lot of money
- Great for you, do you remember last time we met ?
- oh yes ,I still owe those 10 dollars you lent me remember?
- Never mind
- I would like to offer a job in my firm .

Sujet B L LVA
Intro : define failure and success .
Question: can we overcome failure to achieve success?
Paragraph 1 : failure is important for success because it helps you build up your
temperament. You want to get higher and achieve better. Suffering makes you stronger
Paragraph 2 : if too many failures , you can become too disappointed if you’re not
strongminded enough. If you succeed, your success is even more powerful because you deserve it
even more
Conclusion : failure and success can’t be distinguished , success is the end of failure ; if you
don’t fail your don’t know what success is
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