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topology Vol. 5. pp. 21-71. Pergamon Press. 1966. Printed in Great Britain ON THE GROUPS J(X)-IV J. F. ADAMS (Recehwf 6 My 1965) $1. INTRODUCTION FROM ONE POINT of view, the present paper is mainly concerned with specialising the results on the groups J(X), given in previous papers of this series [3,4,5], to the case X = S”. It can, however, be read independently of the previous papers in this series; because from another point of view, it is concerned with the use of extraordinary cohomology theories to define invariants of homotopy classes of maps; and this machinery can be set up independently of the previous papers in this series. We refer to them only for certain key results. From a third point of view, this paper represents a very belated attempt to honour the following two sentences in an earlier paper [2]. “However, it appears to the author that one can obtain much better results on the J-homomorphism by using the methods, rather than the results, of the present paper. On these grounds, it seems best to postpone discussion of the J-homomorphism to a subsequent paper.” I offer topologists in general my sincere apologies for my long delay in writing up results which mostly date from 1961/62.

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