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Turning Your Case Management Nightmare into a Profitable Practice 1.Each attorney performs a juggling and balancing act to provide client services.



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Published 09 December 2014
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Turning Your Case Management Nightmare into a Profitable Practice
1.Each attorney performs a juggling and balancing act to provide client services. If your law firm is too busy to allow you to manage your cases properly, you could wind up with an Emergency Roomstyle triage system, where you tackle the biggest cases while leaving your other clients waiting or defecting to the competition.
14 Features You Must Have When Choosing YourLaw Case Management SoftwareBefore the world went digital, lawyers and their support staffs had to perform Herculean tasks simply to stay on top of their caseloads. It seems like ancient history, but it wasn’t that long ago when attorneys and paralegals had to Sherardize their cases manually, spending countless hours in law libraries. Theses day LexisNexis and Westlaw do the dirty work. Just as important to the productivity and profitability of the digital law firm is the ability to manage your practice as seamlessly as you’re now able to Shepardize. You MUST
multitask effectively, productively and quickly. However, unless yourlegal case softwaredelivers the features you need to stay you’re going to let matters slip through the cracks. You simply can’t keep up with the many facets of a successful practice with inferior software. Following are 14 case management tools a solid case management system must perform flawlessly if you are going to stay ahead of your competitors: Case Management Tools  Calendaring  Case Status  Case Value  Client Relationship Management  Customization Capabilities  Data Storage  Document Assembly  Document Scanning  Image Scanning  Insurance Adjuster Information  Matter Management  Messaging  Notes  Rolodex Information
What About email Management? Good question! And onlyNeedles.comhas the answer. A complete email management system that leaves nothing to chance. Needles features a bidirectional interface with Microsoft Outlook, which allows information to flow seamlessly between Needles and Outlook for calendar entries, managing contacts and managing daily tasks. You can send email, then post it to your Clients file with one click. Any attachments posts directly to a client’s document folder within the client case file. And Microsoft Outlook is universal –it syncs with all mobile devices, and allows Calendar integration with Outlook on all mobile devices. Plus, Needles’ calendars, contacts and tasks are also available on all your mobile devices. For more information about NeedlesLegal Case Management Softwarevisit Needles.comor call 410.363.1976


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