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What could be more annoying than reading a book imposed by your teacher and having forgotten almost everything on the day of the exam? Our reading sheets and summaries will be of great help to you in synthesizing a book. Like that no more anxiety when approaching duty!

Reading sheets for all types of books

Need to read a book but don't have time to write a summary ? You do not know how to go about it and are afraid of forgetting essential elements? Youscribe works for you and lets you download the document you need.

In a few clicks, find the summary sheet corresponding to your book, and whatever the genre of literature ( classic , contemporary, heroic fantasy, detective, spy…), then download it to print it and be able to revise it just before your control.

Do not hesitate to enrich our database by adding your own files or summaries . Indeed, you can publish the documents that you have written yourself to help students and students in difficulty.

Download summaries of the greatest literary works

We offer online reading sheets on the works of great authors of French or foreign literature . For Baudelaire, we offer for example summaries and comments on  Les Fleurs du Mal . Molière is in the spotlight with several summaries of plays, including reading sheets on L'Ecole des Femmes . In fact, all summaries of major Molière plays are available for download directly from our site.

You will also find other works by well-known authors, such as summaries on Voltaire's Candide or an analysis of Figaro's Marriage . In fact, on YouScribe it is all the most important books of classical literature which are available in files or summaries.

Rich and well-constructed summary sheets

Because we often need to immerse ourselves in a book before a check, an exam or with the French bac , the reading or summary sheet , is the essential element to optimize your time.

Rather than re-reading the entire work, this type of document will refresh your memory by only reminding you of the essentials:

  • summary of the work ,

  • writing context and genre,

  • quick biography of the author,

  • subject covered, character analysis,

  • style study,

  • moral of the work and comparison with other works.

Lots of other documents to help you review

The reading sheet is not the only document we offer in this part. Often your teachers ask you to make compound comments on certain works, which requires your by an analytical reading of the book . You will therefore find this type of document and you will no longer need to break your head to study the text and analyze it in depth .

Thanks to Youscribe you will therefore have access to several thousand files, summaries, comments or analyzes to download (free or paid) directly on our site. This will allow you to make a literary commentary , an explanation of quality text and above all not to miss your homework!

Learn the methodology to build your reading sheet

Do you want to write your reading notes but don't know where to start? Youscribe offers many courses on the subject, in order to acquire a flawless methodology that will allow you to create synthetic and organized files. That way you will know how to summarize a text or a book .

Whether you are a fan of chronological sheets or summaries focused on the highlights of the story, you will quickly find the type of documents  that will suit you for your revisions.