Nursery and primary school

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Exercises to calmly approach kindergarten and primary school:

Parents are often anxious when their children enter school. To reassure them and support their offspring during kindergarten or primary school, Youscribe offers to consult exercises, educational books and informative documents around the school.

Books and exercises from kindergarten to primary:

Do you want to monitor your child's progress and help him in matters where he does not feel completely at ease? Youscribe offers many references suitable for all ages and all levels.

Their educational content is presented in a fun way, so that learning is a pleasure. Whether your child is in kindergarten or elementary school, you will be able to do exercises adapted to his level and make sure that he assimilates what he learned in class, and this from CP.

Find the book recommended by specialists:

Thanks to Youscribe, you will no longer choose a structure with your eyes closed but will be able to ensure the reliability of the structure upstream. Indeed, many analyzes of children's books are available online, to inform you about the content of each manual and select the most acclaimed. You can also opt for the most downloaded and best rated.

Official information on small classes:

In addition to books and learning exercises dedicated to kindergarten or primary, we also offer the download of studies carried out on the education level of children.

Do you want to know the overall success rate of CP students in each department or the result of the assessment of achievements in primary students? This information, as useful as it is interesting, is available for download, free or paid. An original way to take stock of your child's educational level.