Developpement decimal Fermat Demi periodes Gauss
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Developpement decimal Fermat Demi periodes Gauss


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Niveau: Elementaire
Developpement decimal (Fermat) Demi-periodes (Gauss) Longueur de la periode (Artin) Miscellanea Mysteres des nombres periodiques (d'apres O. Mathieu) Lycee Chaplin, 8octobre 2007 Jerome Germoni (universite Lyon 1 – IREM) Lycee Chaplin, 8octobre 2007 Mysteres des nombres periodiques (d'apres O. Mathieu)

  • esquisse de preuve du theoreme

  • nombres reels

  • conjecture d'artin resultats partiels

  • miscellanea

  • artin



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Stalingrad News
Nina Bourdin et Élodie Seigneur N°2 30/01/09
The Cold War
A victim of Mc Carthysm : Charlie Chaplin
His life
Name:Sir Charle Spencer Chaplin Surname:The Tramp Born:April 16, 1889 – in London Nationality:British Died :December 25 .1917 Profesion: film maker,actor,compose Best films:-Mrs Verdoux  -theDictator  -theModern Times  -theGold Rush Wives :-Mildred Harris (1918-1920)  -LitaGrey (1924-1928)  -PauletteGodard (1936-1942)  -OonaO’neill (1943-1977)
Charlie Chaplin ( April 16, 1889 – December 25, 1977[1]) was a famous English actor and movie maker. Charlie Chaplin was a performer for nearly 70 years, starting at the age of five, and until the age of 80. The character that Charlie Chaplin played most was called "the Tramp". The "Tramp" was a man of good manners but poor, who wore a coat, a pair of big trousers,big shoes, and a black hat.
Charlie first started acting at age five. He acted in a music hall in 1894, standing in for his mother.At Who was psycatrics problems. His first important job came when he joined The Eight Lancashire Lads. In 1903 he was in a play called “Jim:A Romance of Cockayne”. Chaplin was in Casey's 'Court Circus' variety show. The next year, he became a clown in Fred Karno's 'Fun Fac-tory' comedy company.
Award Chaplin won two special Oscars. Chaplin had first been chosen for both "Best Ac-tor" and "Best Comedy Directing". But then, instead, he was given a special award "for versa-tility and genius in acting, writing, directing and producing". Chaplin's second special award came 44 years la-ter,in 1972.
Becoming a knight On March 09/1975 Charlie Chapling was knighted in England by queen Elizabeth 2. -chaplin_fun
Victim of Mc Carthyism
Mc Carthyism: Victim of Mc Carthyism (hisname was on the “black list”), he was pested by the FBI because of hisleftist opinions which he always denied. He said he was "citizen of the world". For this reason , he refused the visa to return to Eu-rope for the presentation of his film. He left the U.S definitely disappointed by the attitude of the U.S government.