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15 - 25 February 2012

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A d o b e
b cVDP Solutions
ContentsA New Generation of Variable 1 S u cce s s f u lV D PA p p l i c a t i o n s
2 V D PS o l u t i o n sA r eA v a i l a b l e
T o d a yData Publishing Solutions
2 V D Pf o rC r e a t i v eP r o f e s s i o n a l s
3 D e s i g na n dP u b l i s h i n gHelps Marketers Meet Today’s
S o f t w a r e
4 A d o b eV D PP a r t n e r sCommunications Challenges
8 V D PS o l u t i o n sf o rP r i n tS e r v i ce
P r o v i d e r s
8 D i g i t a lP r i n t i n gS y s t e m s
We live in a media-rich world where an over abundance of mail, e-mail, bill- 9 A d o b eP r i n tS o l u t i o n sP a r t n e r s
boards, television, periodicals, and radio all compete for consumer attention.
1 1 B r i n g i n gI tA l lT o g e t h e r
With consumers receiving thousands of media impressions per day, communica-
1 2 T h eT i m ef o rV D Pi sN o wtions professionals are challenged to fnd more effective, effcient methods for
breaking through the clutter to capture attention.
Variable Data Publishing (VDP) – also known as database-driven, personalized, or
one-to-one marketing – has emerged as a key enabling technology that automates
the production of unique, relevant communications that resonate with recipients
and motivate them to take action. Whether used to acquire leads, increase sales or
secure customer loyalty, a growing number of communications professionals are
leveraging the power of VDP to achieve unprecedented results.
®Adobe is bringing together software and printing partners to educate creative
professionals and print service providers on the benefts of variable data publish -
ing, from design to output. Through Adobe’s network of software development
and digital printing partners, a new generation of VDP tools have emerged that
automate the design and production of highly personalized communications for
print, mobile devices, and the Web. Creative professionals with Adobe Creative
®Suite installed on their desktops can use Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator,
Flash, Dreamweaver and Acrobat to design, compose and publish variable data
® ®campaigns. Likewise, print professionals with Adobe PDF - or PostScript -based
workfows are positioned to drive color printing systems that produce high
quality, variable data campaigns.
Successful VDP Applications
VDP is being successfully applied in a broad range of communications programs
today, from business correspondence and simple 1-to-1 to custom publications
and more comprehensive multi-channel campaigns. Each application provides
businesses of all sizes with the opportunity to harness the power of personalized
communications.white paper
VDP market t ren Ds • Business Correspondence
Business correspondence incorporates name, address and static product informa-
N u m e r o u st r e n d s ,t o o l sa n d
tion to produce a unique piece for each recipient.
t e c h n o l o g i e sh a v eco n v e r g e dt o
s e tt h es t a g ef o raw i d e s p r e a d • Simple One-to-One
a d o p t i o no fV D Ps o l u t i o n s . Simple one-to-one incorporates some graphical elements and variable text that are
T h ef o l l o w i n gt r e n d sa r ei m p a c t - included based on a simple set of rules, to produce a unique composition that is
i n gt h ew a yt h a tm a r k e t i n gm e s - customized to each recipient.
s a g e sm u s tb ed e l i v e r e d :
• Custom Publications
• Communications o ptions
Custom publications are business applications that allow a database to drive spe-
C o r p o r a t i o n sa n dt h e i rc r e a t i v e
cifc content into an existing template for immediate publishing or for inclusion in a n dco m m u n i c a t i o n sp a r t n e r s
h a v eag r o w i n gn u m b e ro f a newsletter or periodical, for example.
o p t i o n sf o rp r o m o t i n gt h e i r • Multi-channel Campaigns
p r o d u c t sa n ds e r v i ce s .E - m a i li s
Multi-channel campaigns incorporate completely unique text, images and graph-i n c r e a s i n g l yu s e da sac o m m u n i -
ics for each recipient based on rules that make decisions on the demographics, c a t i o n sv e h i c l et oas e l e c tg r o u p
o fc u s t o m e r sa n dp r o s p e c t s , purchasing history or other descriptive methods. These communications enhance
o f t e nw i t hah o t - l i n kt oaW e b the relevance to the recipient, and are published through a combination of print,
s i t eo rP e r s o n a l i z e dU R L( P U R L ) web and email.
f o ra d d i t i o n a li n f o r m a t i o na n d
o r d e rp r o ce s s i n g .T e l e v i s i o n , These VDP applications are producing impressive results, markedly improving
c a b l e ,a n dr a d i oco m p a n i e s response rates and average order sizes.
c a nu t i l i z eu n i q u em e s s a g i n g
t ot a r g e tg e o g r a p h i cr e g i o n s . VDP Solutions Are Available Today
P r i n t e dd i r e c tm a i lp i e ce sc a nb e Adobe has taken a leadership role in the development of end-to-end publishing
c u s t o m i z e da cco r d i n gt od e m o -
solutions, and with its VDP partners, is promoting a more effcient, effective way g r a p h i cr e q u i r e m e n t s .
for communications professionals to connect with their customers. Adobe InDesign
• Government mandates
has long been an effective application for VDP solutions. Combined with the Adobe T h eS a r b a n e s - O x l e yA c ti sd r i v -
Creative Suite, Adobe offers a solid publishing platform for the development of a i n gc u s t o m i z a t i o no ff n a n c i a l
s t a t e m e n t sb e c a u s ei tr e q u i r e s broad range of multi-channel personalized communications. No other company
d i s c l o s u r eo ft h ef n a n c i a l provides a stronger foundation for developing VDP workfows from design through
r i s ko fe a c hi n v e s t m e n ti nt h e distribution.
p o r t f o l i o .T h i sr e q u i r e st h a t
e v e r ys t a t e m e n ti su n i q u ea n d VDP for Creative Professionals
t h eco m p l e x i t yo ft h ec o m p o s i -
Today, implementing VDP campaigns has never been a more fuid and fexible t i o no ft h ed o c u m e n tb e co m e s
m o r ed i f f c u l t .A sm o r eu n i q u e process than in the integrated design environment of the Adobe Creative Suite,
i n f o r m a t i o ni sm a n d a t e d ,V D P which includes a growing list of VDP plug-ins provided by independent software
s o l u t i o n sw i l lco n t i n u et og r o w . ® ®development partners including: Document Sciences , Em Software , Hewlett-
®• mailing Costs Packard/Indigo, Kodak Print On-Demand Solutions , Meadows Publishing,
M a i l i n gc o s t sco n t i n u et or i s e ® ® ® ®Objectif Lune, Pagefex , Printable Technologies , Saepio Technologies , Sansui
a st h e yb e co m ea ni n c r e a s -
®and XMPie . Adobe and these partners offer creative professionals fexible, easy-to-
i n gp e r ce n t a g eo ft h eco s to f
® ®use solutions for both Macintosh and Windows platforms, providing a complete aco m m u n i c a t i o n sc a m p a i g n .
D a t a b a s e sw i t hd u p l i c a t eo r design environment for print, mobile devices, and Web.
“ d e a de n d ”co n t a c t sm u s tb e Creative professionals that expand their offerings to include VDP solutions differ-
s c r u b b e d ,s om a r k e t e r sa r en o t
entiate themselves from the competition with a value-added service that is proven s p e n d i n gv a l u a b l em a r k e t i n g
to deliver better results. By offering customers a more successful way of conveying d o l l a r so nco m m u n i c a t i o n st h a t
w i l ln e v e rb ed e l i v e r e d . messages with clarity and impact, creative professionals position themselves as long-
term strategic partners.
Utilizing familiar applications like those in the Adobe Creative Suite, creative
professionals can explore the limits of their artistic abilities, and by using VDP tools
Variable Data Publishingwhite paper
HiGHli GHts from a that are based on industry standards like Adobe PDF and PPML, they have greater
t ren DWat CH r ePort, fexibility to collaborate with other VDP workfow partners.
“Variable Data Printin G 2006:
Adobe PDF will continue to be the standard format for fle exchange. With Adobe’s Gro Wt H an D CHan Ges in t He
® market Pla Ce.”best-in-class offerings for page layout (InDesign), Web authoring (Dreamweaver ),
®illustration (Illustrator ), video/animation (Flash), document sharing and collabo- •3 7 %o fg r a p h i ca r t sf r m s( p r i n t e r s
® ®ration (Acrobat ), and image manipulation (Photoshop ), creative professionals can a n dt r a d es h o p s )p r o d u ces o m e
s o r to fV D Pj o b si n - h o u s e–u pbe assured that these products will work reliably together in developing a variable
f r o m2 8 %o n ey e a ra g o .data campaign.
•1 8 %o fd i g i t a lp r i n t e r ss a yt h e i rAdobe InDesign Server also supports the development of personalized marketing
v o l u m eo ff u l l - co l o rV D Pj o b s
applications. Systems integrators and third-party developers can build design-
w i t h1 3 +f e l d sh a si n c r e a s e d“ a
driven publishing systems that automate template-driven document creation, such l i t t l e ”–af v ef o l di n c r e a s ef r o m
as web-based collateral creation and personalized marketing materials, using Adobe o n ey e a ra g o .
InDesign Server. •1 6 %o fc r e a t i v e ss a yt h e i ru s eo f
V D Ph a si n c r e a s e d“ al i t t l e ”( 1 - 2 5 % )With the Adobe Creative Suite and VDP plug-ins from partners, creative profession-
o r“ al o t ”( 2 5 %o rm o r e ) .als can easily create beautiful, personalized, visually rich campaigns tailored to each
•T h ep e r ce n t a g eo fp u b l i s h e r sw h orecipient. As Adobe expands its partnership base, the functionality will continue to
s e eV D Pa sat o ps a l e so p p o r t u n i t ygrow, increasing the applications that can support VDP.
h a sr i s e nf r o m2 %i nQ 22 0 0 2t o
8 %t o d a y .Design and Publishing Software
The Adobe Creative Suite – and Adobe InDesign in particular – works with plug-ins
from Adobe VDP partners to create design and composition tools that automati-
cally combine the fxed and variable elements of a VDP campaign into a single,
personalized document, ready for publication to print, email, mobile devices, or the
Web. Creative professionals who already use these Adobe applications are uniquely
positioned to extend their expertise to include VDP offerings.
Teamed with software development partners such as Document Sciences, Em
Software, Hewlett-Packard/Indigo, Kodak’s Print On-Demand Solutions, Meadows
Publishing, Objectif Lune, Pagefex, Printable Technologies, Saepio Technologies,
Sansui Software and XMPie, Adobe extends the reach of the Adobe Creative Suite
to include graphically rich, highly personalized content for a broad range of VDP
applications – from basic to complex.
Variable Data Publishing Adobe VDP Partners
Company Name Product Name and Description
Document Sciences xPression
As part of Document Sciences’ xPression product suite, xPresso for Adobe InDesign and xPresso for Dreamweaver, offer
marketing professionals best-in-class, industry-standard design environments to dynamically create highly personal-
ized communications for print or electronic distribution. Recipients of xPression-generated communications enjoy a
sophisticated and meaningful experience with communications containing content, images, colors and layouts driven
by variable data. These unique experiences dramatically improve customer satisfaction, client loyalty and retention
xPresso for Adobe InDesgin
xPresso for Adobe InDesign is a design tool within the xPression suite which allows you to quickly design and compose
highly creative, personalized customer communications using variable data, assembly logic, digital assets and approved
content for distribution across multiple channels. Create everything from personalized offers, collaterals and catalogs to
sophisticated, unique statements. Distribute these communications in high-color print or electronic PDF formats, either
on-demand or in batch at very high volumes.
xPresso for Dreamweaver
xPresso for Dreamweaver enables designers to create rich email and personalized Web pages. xPresso for Dreamweaver
links variable data with design layouts, digital assets, tables, text, approved branding and content. Designers may
preview and test personalized email and Web pages live from Dreamweaver, and then package the application for high-
volume email distribution or high-concurrency Web page generation.
Em Software InData
Em Software’s InData plug-in lets you combine data merging with the complete typographic and image handling
functionality of InDesign. InData is ideal for a wide variety of VDP projects, such as fnancial reports, postcards, catalogs,
and real estate guides.
Hewlett Packard HP Indigo Yours Truly Designer for Adobe InDesign
® ™Company HP Indigo Yours Truly Designer for Adobe InDesign is a software plug-in to InDesign providing robust variable data
printing and imposition tools designed specifcally to optimize output to your HP Indigo press. Yours Truly Designer
enables the creation of highly personalized, high-impact, full-color documents. They allow you to create, integrate, and
preview all personalization jobs, whether they contain fxed data or variable text and image elements. You can also use
HP Indigo Yours Truly Designer as an easy-to-use imposition tool optimized for the HP Indigo press – and it is all done
within Adobe InDesign.
Kodak Kodak DARWIN VI Authoring Tool
Print On-Demand Kodak’s PODS now offers Adobe In Design users the opportunity to use its popular DARWIN VI Authoring Tool. A plug-in
Solutions (PODS) to Adobe In Design CS2 and CS3 software, this new version of DARWIN software allows you to design, author, and
manage full-color variable data documents in which all elements – text, graphics, colors, layouts, backgrounds, and
even entire pages – are dynamic. DARWIN also supports advanced VDP capabilities for impressive 1:1 communications
like personalized images and dynamic charts and barcodes. Native to Mac OS X and Windows OS users (new), DARWIN
Software effciently handles large databases, allowing you to create extensive personalized marketing promotional
campaigns for increased ROI. Output formats include CREO Variable Print Specifcations (VPS), for optimal speed and
performance with CREO Digital Color Servers, Optimized PostScript, PPML, VDX, VIPP, PDF.
DARWIN Software is available in two confgurations: the industry standard DARWIN Desktop and the more advanced
DARWIN Pro with an enhanced feature set for more complex jobs.
Variable Data PublishingAdobe VDP Partners
Company Name Product Name and Description
Objectif Lune PrintShop Mail
™PrintShop Mail is a professional software tool that optimizes the process of merging variable database information
with a design. Fast, effcient and very easy to use, PrintShop Mail makes personalized printing quick and easy. It inte -
grates database information into the layout of a document. You can use any database format, and any page layout or
® ™ ™design application, including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe PageMaker , Corel , MS Word , etc. This means
there is no network congestion and it allows the PostScript Printer to print at or near rated speed. PrintShop Mail is
available for Macintosh and Windows.
Meadows DesignMerge Pro
Publishing The DesignMerge Pro Bundle is an award-winning suite of software for Adobe InDesign that provides sophisticated
Solutions variable data printing and data publishing features. The software is menu-driven, and works directly with standard
InDesign documents, allowing the user to identify variable elements anywhere on the page. DesignMerge can import
text, picture, article, or layout information from practically any data source, and merge that information into InDesign
layouts to produce unique, personalized output. DesignMerge can output to any PostScript printer and includes built-in
image caching for incredibly fast output. In addition, a number of optional print driver modules for high-end digital
presses are available, including PPML. The Pro Bundle also includes our CopyFit Software, which provides advanced
on-the-fy copyftting capability, GroupPicture Software, which provides support for fully-variable layout elements, and
the Rules Module, which can be used to construct sophisticated conditional logic (if/then/else) statements. A server
version is also under development for use in web-to-print and automated production workfows.
Pagefex, a division Pagefex server, Pagefex Storefront, Pagefex Persona Cross Media Suite
of Bitstream, Inc. The Pagefex product line enables variable data and cross-media publishing. Create simple mail merge or 100% content
customization. Quickly repurpose existing Adobe InDesign documents and Adobe PDF fles for variable data printing,
and GoLive and Dreamweaver HTML fles for personalized emails and web pages driven by personalized URLs. You
never again need to create variable content that is a specifc size, shape, or word count because Pagefex patented
fexible templates and advanced copyft settings ensure content ft with design protection. Pagefex server provides
a modular platform for enterprise-level document customization, and is especially well suited for multiple-server
installations that require lights-out administration. Pagefex Storefront is an easy-to-use e-commerce and document
customization solution for offering Web-to-print portals. Pagefex Persona Cross Media Suite gives you all of the
Pagefex document customization capabilities in a desktop application.
Variable Data Publishing Adobe VDP Partners
Company Name Product Name and Description
Printable FusionPro Desktop
T echnologies The Desktop-based VDP choice of thousands of users world-wide, FusionPro Desktop allows for the design and output
of simple through sophisticated targeted VDP printstreams (nine optimized VDP output formats are included) via an
Adobe Acrobat plug-in. Adobe InDesign templates or any Adobe PDF fle can be imported into FusionPro Desktop to
form the basis of the VDP template design. Powerful business logic VDP rules can be created via a simple drag-drop
interface or through the use of industry standard JavaScript. As the needs of the service provider grow, so do the op-
tions for scaling the VDP workfow - FusionPro Desktop VDP templates can easily be incorporated in any of the other
FusionPro VDP solutions to meet precise client needs.
FusionPro Direct, FusionPro Server, FusionPro Live
Printable Technologies Server-based VDP solutions allow for high-speed, high-volume, and extreme scalability to meet
any VDP need. FusionPro Direct powers internal workfows with tens or hundreds of thousands of data records per job
to run multiple presses at full rated speed and can be implemented with absolutely no programming. FusionPro Server
provides extreme fexibility to the service provider looking to deploy a custom Web to Print or custom designed internal
VDP workfow automation solution. Finally, FusionPro Live allows for FusionPro Desktop templates to be edited in a rich
drag-and-drop experience directly from within a web browser plug-in while uniquely maintaining the benefts of an
Adobe PDF workfow for VDP.
FusionPro Web
The Web-based VDP solution that powers thousands of corporate enterprise client workfows, FusionPro Web supports
FusionPro Desktop VDP templates in a powerful On-Demand platform which removes the burdens of guaranteeing
24X7 uptime or the need to purchase additional hardware or software for system redundancy and scalability. This
hosted solution can be confgured to offer branded catalogues of static, versioned, or VDP items and offers a wide
range of eCommerce, job tracking, and shipping options to meet the needs of the enterprise. In addition, FusionPro
Web includes the Adobe PDF JobReady technology for ad-hoc job submission, payment, and fulfllment.
Saepio Agilis Marketing Suite
T echnologies The Agilis Marketing Suite is a simple-to-manage software that provides Internet-based web-to-print technology, mar-
ket-relevant versioning, digital asset management, direct mail list creation, ad specialties cataloging and e-commerce
capabilities all in one self-creating, consumer-branded storefront. Agilis Marketing Suite is offered as shipped software
or as an ASP solution, and supports any left-to-right or right-to-left reading language for which a font library exists
including full support for the Unicode character set.
Sansui Software XPublisha
XPublisha is a tool for variable data publishing automation that offers ways to publish different kinds of data, such as
text, graphics, prices, descriptions and callouts. For example, you can create a personalized mailer with thousands of
records by connecting to any Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) compliant database.
Variable Data PublishingAdobe VDP Partners
Company Name Product Name and Description
XMPie, Inc. XMPie PersonalEffect
PersonalEffect, is a complete server-based system for creating maximum-response print or Cross Media one-to-
one campaigns. With plug-ins and XMPie’s exclusive ICPs, designers use their native tools for creating InDesign and
Dreamweaver pages and e-mail or SMS messages. Since there is no repurposing of documents from their original
source, designers retain the full creative capabilities of these programs, and changes throughout the campaign are fast
and easy. Response URLs drive the user to the web and track their activity. All communications in a campaign remain
in-sync with each other via shared data and logic. The uProduce Server is a programmable platform with APIs. XMPie is
an Adobe InDesign Server integrator.
XMPie uImage
Utilizing Photoshop and Illustrator as the design tools, uImage offers the widest range of possible Image
Personalization effects. Variable text and images can be blended with static elements to look like an original photo. You
are free to use Photoshop flters, actions and 3rd party plug-ins. uImage is integrated into the larger workfow so the
InDesign or Dreamweaver fle fnds the new images immediately, even when requested on demand in a web or Web-to-
Print application. Offered as an add-on to uDirect Professional and PersonalEffect.
XMPie uStore
Even non-programmers can easily build online stores where users can customize and purchase VDP documents. The
wizard-based interface allows you to post documents and determine the controls and workfow that suits each one.
Give each store a different branding. Extend the uStore solution to ft unique business needs by developing custom
plug-ins. Offered as an add-on to uDirect Professional and PersonalEffect.
XMPie uChart
Add dynamic, graphical charting to your InDesign layouts. Pie, bar and area charts “draw themselves” from the data,
and you style them with any fonts and colors that are available to InDesign. Charts are in InDesign graphic boxes, so
can be rotated, scaled and layered with other elements on the page. Offered as an add-on to uDirect Professional and
Variable Data Publishing white paper
VDP market t ren Ds VDP Solutions for Print Service Providers
Print service providers also have a compelling reason to expand their services to • more – and better – Data
C o s t sf o rc o m m u n i c a t i o na n d include VDP solutions: they can develop new business and revenue streams by offer-
d a t aco l l e c t i o na r ed e c r e a s i n g ing clients a proven, value-added VDP service.
d u et oi n n o v a t i o n si nt e c h n o l o g y
Most VDP campaigns are strategic in nature and involve planning, as well as the a n di n c r e a s e dv e n d o rc o m p e t i -
implementation and follow up analysis. By providing these additional services, VDP t i o n .T h e s et e c h n o l o g i e sa n d
s e r v i ce sa r ew i d e l ya v a i l a b l e printers can develop long-term, loyal customer relationships that yield repeat and
f r o mab r o a dr a n g eo fr e g i o n a l , on-going business. Further, many VDP jobs also require database management and
n a t i o n a l ,a n di n t e r n a t i o n a l fulfllment services. These requirements represent opportunities for print service
v e n d o r s .D a t a b a s ec o m p a n i e s
providers to expand their role to include valuable supporting services – and the con-a r ep r o v i d i n ga ne x p a n d i n g
venience and timesavings of a fully integrated VDP service provider. a r r a yo fs e r v i ce si nt h ed e v e l o p -
m e n t ,a n a l y s i s ,a n dm a i n t e n a n ce Adobe OEM partners, including EFI, Kodak, Print On-Demand Solutions, and
o ft h e i rc u s t o m e r s ’d a t a b a s e s .
Xerox, offer VDP-enabled servers, RIPs and output devices. Using Adobe PostScript
D a t a b a s e s ,l i n k e dw i t hq u a l i t y
and PDF technologies to drive their VDP output systems allows these vendors to c r e a t i v e ,a r ek e ye l e m e n t st o
s u cce s si nV D P . offer products of exceptional quality and performance. Leveraging VDP output
devices based on Adobe printing technologies will offer print service providers • Privacy and Privilege
M a r k e t e r sa r eb e i n gc a l l e d maximum reliability and fexibility in their VDP workfows. They will enjoy a sig -
u p o nt oe n f o r cem o r ee x t e n s i v e nifcant competitive advantage over those that utilize non-standard applications and
p r i v a c ya n dp e r m i s s i o np o l i c i e s . fle formats, and avoid the risk of not supporting new applications as they develop.
C o n s u m e r sa r eb e co m i n gm o r e
s e l e c t i v ea n dv o c a la b o u tt h e Digital Printing Systems
t i m e ,p l a cea n df o r m a ti nw h i c h
Adobe PDF- and PostScript-based digital output systems produce beautifully t h e yw a n tt h e i rco m m u n i c a -
printed, high impact VDP materials quickly and reliably. VDP-enabled servers, RIPs t i o n sd e l i v e r e d .T h i sh a sl e a d
t oco n s u m e r sb e co m i n gm o r e and digital printing systems from Adobe partners are based on open standards,
s o p h i s t i c a t e di nf l t e r i n go u t ensuring maximum fexibility for collaboration with VDP design, publishing and
u n s o l i c i t e di n f o r m a t i o n .S i m u l t a - fnishing applications.
n e o u s l y ,c o n s u m e r sw a n tm o r e
o p t i o n st oa cce s sa n du t i l i z et h e Adobe’s print solutions partners offer best-in-class VDP servers, RIPs and printing
i n f o r m a t i o nt h e yd ow a n t . systems that automate the production of customized, high-impact materials, bring-
ing new levels of speed and quality to VDP output.
Variable Data PublishingAdobe Print Solutions Partners
Company Name Product Name and Description
EFI Fiery Print Production Servers and EFI Digital StoreFront
®The EFI Fiery color digital print server, with more than 14 million users, offers unparalleled color quality, open VDP
workfow fexibility, and expert-level tools for graphic arts professionals. EFI collaborates with the leading VDP software
™vendors and supports such VDP languages as Fiery FreeForm , industry standard PPML, and a host of legacy proprietary
languages, ensuring that the Fiery server readily integrates into existing workfows and delivers consistency regard -
less of whether the job is VDP or non-VDP. Because the Internet is an easy way for EFI customers to work with their
™customers on VDP projects, VDP is incorporated into EFI’s web-to-print solutions, including Digital StoreFront and the
PrinterSite family of products. These integrate with EFI Fiery and Print MIS solutions, creating an effcient, proftable
way for EFI customers to handle the increased business VDP makes possible.
Kodak Kodak NexStation front ends
Kodak NexStation front ends drive Kodak NexPress digital production color presses, monitor all press functions and
support the more proftable “Operator Replaceable Component” (ORC) business model. They are designed to meet
real-world customer demands for high quality and high-productivity in both static and variable information jobs. Built
around open standards, Kodak NexStation front ends leverage industry standard fle formats such as Adobe Postscript,
PDF and PPML/VDX, while utilizing powerful RIP’ing technology such Adobe PDF Print Engine. They cater to the wide-
ranging production needs of commercial printers, quick printers, and in-plants as well as direct mail houses creating
customized 1:1 products.
Print On-Demand Creo Color Server Product Line
Solutions • Spire CX250 color server driving the Xerox DocuColor 240/250 digital color printer
• Spire CXP3535e color server driving the Xerox DocuColor 3535 printer/copier
• Spire CXP50 color server driving the Xerox DocuColor 5000 digital press
• Spire CXP5000 color server driving the Xerox DocuColor 5252 digital color press
• Spire CXP6000 color server driving the Xerox DocuColor 6060 digital color press
• Spire CXP8000 color server driving the Xerox DocuColor 8000 digital color press
• Spire color server for iGen3 driving the Xerox iGen3 110 and iGen3 90 digital production presses
• HP Indigo production stream server, Powered by Creo for the HP Indigo 5000, 3000, and 1000 press series
• IC-301 print controller for the Konica Minolta bizhub PRO C500 printer
• IC-304 print controller for the Konica Minolta bizhub PRO C6500 printer
• PowerPro 500 color server for the IKON CPP 500 printer
• PowerPro 650 color server for the IKON CPP 650 printer
Print On-Demand Solutions’ Creo color servers – the premier color servers for print on-demand professionals. Creo color
servers optimize the performance of high-end digital color presses, enabling you to take advantage of all the benefts of
color digital printing on-demand. The digital color servers can be confgured to suit your needs, whether you are a com -
mercial printer, creative services shop, quick printer, or in-house printer. They are effcient, cost-effective and fexible,
able to manage your entire print production cycle and meet a variety of workfow requirements. Their superior image
quality, high productivity, and robust Variable Data Printing (VDP) capabilities make Creo color servers the smart choice
for your business.
A leader in the VDP market, Print On-Demand Solutions group has created a partnership program that brings together
leading vendors of VDP applications. The program provides the broadest array available of market-ready solutions-
tested and ready to work with Creo digital color servers for personalized printing.
Variable Data Publishing Adobe Print Solutions Partners
Company Name Product Name and Description
Xerox Xerox FreeFlow
iGen Digital Production Press
Xerox FreeFlow software applications create integrated, fexible, cost-effective workfow solutions enabling a vast
range of applications and growth opportunities. Designed to help you achieve the right workfow, Xerox FreeFlow
applications have the potential to connect you with your customers, reduce your costs, and enable new applications in
your business.
The FreeFlow Variable Information Suite is a collection of tools and technologies for producing a full range of variable
data jobs ranging from simple personalization to promotional transactional and sophisticated one-to-one publishing
• Pr oduces optimized variable print streams using the VIPP document composition language, resulting in improved
printing productivity
• R educes variable printing production costs and development time
• U niquely supports most any PostScript output device, including the entire Xerox family of production printers –
monochrome, highlight color, and full color.
VDP t ools an D t eCHnolo Gy
I na d d i t i o nt oA d o b ea n di t sp a r t n e r s ’V D Ps o l u t i o n s ,t h e s et o o l sa r eh a v i n gas i g n i f c a n ti m p a c to nt h ea d o p t i o no fV D Ps o l u t i o n s :
• Customer r elationship management (Crm ) systems
C R Ms y s t e m sa r ea su b i q u i t o u sa st h e ya r ev a r y i n gi nco m p l e x i t y .AC R Ms y s t e mc a nb ea sb a s i ca sas m a l lb u s i n e s so w n e r ’ sc u s t o m e rl i s t ,o ra s
co m p l e xa sa ne n t e r p r i s e - w i d es a l e sf o r cea u t o m a t i o nt o o l .I nb o t hc a s e s ,t h e s ev i t a lt o o l sco n t a i nd a t at h a ti su s e dt oc r e a t ec u s t o m i z e dm e s -
s a g e si naV D Pw o r k f o w .
• f aster, more Powerful Computing systems
I n c r e a s e dp r o ce s s i n gs p e e d sm a k ei tp o s s i b l et od e v e l o pi n c r e a s i n g l ys o p h i s t i c a t e dV D Pa p p l i c a t i o n st h a ts u p p o r tm o r ed e t a i l e d ,g r a p h i c a l l y
r i c hco n t e n t .L i k e w i s e ,f a s t e r ,m o r ee f f c i e n tR I P sd r i v eV D Po u t p u td e v i c e sa th i g h e rs p e e d s ,s a v i n gt i m ea n dm e e t i n gd e m a n d sf o rm o r er a p i d
j o bt u r n a r o u n d .
• Digital imaging
N o to n l ya r ed i g i t a lp r i n t i n gd e v i ce sf a s t e r ,b u tt h e i ri m a g eq u a l i t yh a sa l s or e a c h e dal e v e lw h e r ei ti sd i f f c u l tt od i s t i n g u i s hf r o mt r a d i t i o n a l
o f f s e tp r i n t i n g .N e t w o r k sa n dco m p u t e r sh a v eb e co m ep o w e r f u la n dm o r ee c o n o m i c a l .R I Ps p e e d sa n dr e l i a b i l i t yh a v ei n c r e a s e dd r a m a t i c a l l y
d u et oi n c r e a s e dco m p u t i n gp e r f o r m a n cea n do p t i m i z e ds o f t w a r ea l g o r i t h m s .
T h eW e bi sn o wf r m l ye s t a b l i s h e da sav e r s a t i l ea n di n d i s p e n s a b l ec o m m u n i c a t i o n sv e h i c l ef o rb u s i n e s s e so fa l ls i z e s .V D Pa p p l i c a t i o n st o d a y
a r ef e x i b l e ,s u p p o r t i n gt h eo u t p u to fV D Pc o m m u n i c a t i o n st oc o m b i n a t i o n so fW e b ,m o b i l ed e v i ce s ,e m a i lo rp r i n t .
• mobility
B i l l i o n so fp e o p l es u b s c r i b et om o b i l ed e v i ce s ,i n c l u d i n gP D A sa n dce l l u l a rp h o n e s .T h a tn u m b e rr e p r e s e n t sa ne n o r m o u sp o t e n t i a la u d i e n ce ,
b u to n et h a ta l s od e m a n d st h a tco m m u n i c a t i o n se n h a n ce ,n o ti n t e r r u p t ,t h e i rl i v e s .A sw i r e l e s sa n db r o a d b a n dn e t w o r k sg r o wi nco v e r a g e
a n di m p r o v ei nq u a l i t y ,A d o b ei sl e a d i n gt h ew a yw i t hr o b u s t ,s t a n d a r d s - b a s e ds o l u t i o n st h a ts u p p o r ta ne v e r - i n c r e a s i n gr a n g eo fm e d i aa n d
d e v i ce s .
10 Variable Data Publishing