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Do you soon have an assignment on the table, an exam or a simple question? You should therefore start to revise and proofread your lessons to be sure that you pass your exam well .

To help you in revisions , whether for the baccalaureate (for example the French baccalaureate revision ), the patent or for any other examination, Youscribe undoubtedly has the documents you need. Indeed, we have about a thousand documents to download (free or paid) directly on our site. So go ahead!

Revise well with revision sheets

What better way to review than review sheets . Indeed, this type of writing allows to have the most important information on a page or only some. Thanks to this type of file, you are therefore sure that you can correctly review any subject: French, mathematics, English, German, Spanish, history-geography, physics or SVT.

If you have particular difficulties with French, you will find - in addition to revision sheets on French - on our platform, reading sheets and summaries. Among these, you can find a summary of the book Viper in the fist and many other files on many works.

For your math revisions , we also have a lot of very practical content with lessons and exercises on part of the program. For example, you can download our contents on the PGCD or even courses on factorization .

Revise the patent, the bac

Important moment in your education, these two exams must be passed. This is why you need to make exam revisions on the patent and the baccalaureate . In addition to the documents we offer, such as our revision sheets , you can also look at our section on annals and answer keys .

Besides, in addition to revision sheet, Youscribe also offers in this thematic uncorrected checks or homework. With these, you should have less trouble revising.

Online quizzes to test your knowledge

To revise an exam or an assignment , there are not only courses and exercises. This is why we also offer multiple choice questions and quizzes to review .

What is your level in mathematics? In history ? To assess your knowledge and understand which subjects deserve to be studied more carefully, in order to fill your gaps, nothing like the quiz and multiple choice questions. Youscribe therefore offers to download them.

Quick to perform, multiple choice questions have the advantage of sweeping across a wide range of subjects in no time, while taking stock of your level of general knowledge. Proof of their effectiveness, teachers regularly use this practice to assess their students in a few minutes. Revising with multiple choice questions and quizzes also allows you to practice doing this type of exam.

In any case, with Youscribe, you are sure to find the right document to review your exams or other homework .