Computer Science Introductory Course MSc - Introduction to Java ...
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Computer Science Introductory Course MSc - Introduction to Java ...


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Computer Science Introductory Course MSc - Introduction to Java Computer Science Introductory Course MSc - Introduction to Java Lecture 2: Object Oriented Programming Pablo Oliveira <> ENST Computer Science Introductory Course MSc - Introduction to Java Outline 1 References 2 Inheritance 3 Encapsulation 4 Polymorphism 5 Interfaces 6 Summary
  • abstract methods
  • classes from unexpected side-effects from the outside
  • java encapsulation
  • java references references
  • subclass constructor
  • java inheritance
  • classes
  • class



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Hall Davidsons very rough guide to some teacher and lesson sites using Google Earth.Also, some great information sites. Accompaniment to Google Earth Webinar. 4/4/2007 Lessons and Curriculum Material Good starting site:s own educator site their site for Google Earth from that site: Here are some other ideas for using Google Earth in your classroom:
Have students track routes of chimpanzees in Gombe Forest in Tanzania. See the Jane Goodall Institute Chimpanzee bloghere. Have students check Alaska's global warming problems. See how the Sierra Club used Google Earth to depict this problemhere. Zoom in to Environmental Hot Spots. Check out more at theUnited Nations Environment Programme. Have students explore theNatural Resources Defense Council's BioGems. See thesix-meter sea level rise in Vancouver. See theNorthwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument. See thereal-time James Reservefor meaningful climate changes. Seeproposed logging plans in Santa Cruz Mountains, California.
Learn more about Google Earthandhow to use it in your classroom.Found or developed a lesson using Google Earth?Tell us about it!
Also, cool posters there: the Keyhole Community site (below):An art example:Cezanne Earth lessons on dedicated site of Shakespeares geographic references are linked at their actual locations here: on Shakespeare n=shakespeare&utm_medium=cpc
Discovery Education Google Lessons Educationhave teamed up to make it easier for K-12 educators to use technology in the classroom. We've created a series of lesson plans that use Discovery Educationunitedstreamingand a couple ofGoogleproducts, Earth and SketchUp, to teach social studies, language arts, math and geography. Available for elementary, middle and high school classrooms, these lessons are available for download on theGoogle for Educatorssite.
Along with the lesson plans, you can view relevant videos fromDiscovery Educationunitedstreaming. Unitedstreamingprovides educators with a multimedia library of educational videos and images appropriate for every age and learning level. Resources include rich multimedia content correlated to individual state education standards such as more than 4,500 full length video programs - chaptered into more than 45,000 content-specific video segments - and thousands of images and clip art to enhanceGoogle EarthandSketchUplesson plans. Check to see if your school has a subscription or sign up for a free 30 day
This page includes lessons developed for use withGoogle Earth; for lessons that use Google SketchUp, click on the SketchUp tab at left.
For a quick overview of how to get started with Google Earth, download the Google Earth Getting Started PDF below.
The Google Earth Showcase Earth Community Trips Far::Traveling with P.G.Wodehouse The AeneidThe Odyssey (two versions)Under development are Macbeth SlaveDancer Candide MyBrother Sam is Dead Night Bythe Great Horn Spoon The Grapes of Wrath Thanks,Jerome Burg, Technology Integration Coordinator, Granada High School, Livermore CA 94550 Google User Guide
Getting Started with Google Great ExplorersEarthPDF Middle School Geography Lesson Plan My Summer VacationRelive the exploits of Great Elementary School Explorers using Discovery Geography Lesson Plan Educationunitedstreaming& Google Earth. Lesson PlanPDF Create a Travel Journal using Great ExplorersKMZ (Google Discovery Education Earth file) unitedstreaming& Google Earth. Referencedunitedstreaming from Discovery Education and Google Earth Great eMints lesson using Google Earth from thegreateMints site (below) Introduction to Latitude and LongitudeThis lesson plan is designed to help students learn how and why to use the latitude and longitude grid. Use the Google Earth software instead of offered maps. NOTE: The site The Google Earth Blogleads to websites with ads. the CodeThe Google Earth Showcase Earth Community CoolEasyThings to Do, cool, cool stuff for playing and learning: GoogleEarth Blog