Digital Titrator Model 16900
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Digital Titrator Model 16900


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HACH COMPANY Cat. No. 16900-08 Digital Titrator Model 16900
  • digital titrator
  • braces titrator against palm of hand for comfortable hand
  • titration cartridge
  • titrant volume
  • sample until the end point
  • own titration cartridges cartridges
  • delivery tube
  • cartridge
  • hand
  • sample



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Metabolic Biochemistry (PHM226H)
Jeffrey Henderson Pharm (903), Office hours: Monday 2-3, Thursday 3-4 Peter J. O’Brien Pharm (1004), Office hours: Monday 2-3, Thursday 3-4
TA’s: SofiaHuroy (rm962) Amy Sharma- 1010) Luk Wan- 1062) Stephanie MacAllister- 1062) Office hours:Huroy, Sharma(Monday 2-3pm), Wan, MacAllister(Wednesday 2-3pm)
PHM142, Assessments:
*Note: Indicated Tutorial houris a course hour Mid-Term Exam (30%) Assignment (2 ×15% = 30%) Final Exam (non-cumulative) (40%) Extra credit (4%)10 minute class presentation. Presentations slots are on a first-come, first-serve basis.
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Signup: - Signup sheet is outside Rm 1004(max 4 persons/group). - By the given presentation, printyour FIRST and LAST (as indicated on course registry) name on the subject line. - Provide copy of presentation on assigned day.
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„Course website URL is: (or Google instructor name or “PHM142”)
„To see your grades at any time during the course, click the “student grades” link from the course and type: User name:phm226 Password: pharmacy
Once in the database, type in the last 7 digits of your student number to seeyour current grades.
Recommended texts:
1. “Textbookof Biochemistry with Clinical Correlations” 6th ed. (Devlin).
2. "Biochemistry”,6th ed. (Stryer).