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1Acknowledgement This training was made possible by generous funding by Colorado Prevention Partnership for Success (CPPS), a program of Colorado Department of Human Services Division of Behavioral Health. CPPS is the Colorado grant funded through SAMHSA's Partnerships for Success (PFS) program and is designed to help reduce statewide substance abuse rates by addressing gaps in current prevention services and increasing the ability to reach out to specific populations or geographic areas with serious, emerging substance abuse problems.
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Teach. For The Future You Want.
A Challenge To Make A Difference
The Stories Behind The Smiles
OUR 25

3 A Message by Our Executive Director

year comes new challenges and new joys. As illustrated
SPOTLIGHT on Alumni on the beautifully-designed cover art, we are celebrating
4 Teach. For The Future You Want. our 25th anniversary this year! Stay tuned for all the
events that will be coming up.
In line with the theme of celebration, this issue
6 The Stories Behind The Smiles
celebrates the many ways that this institution and the

lives of others. It is always a joy to share the good works FEATURE
that are being done to impact the broader community. 8 Our 25 Years
The programmes we are featuring are from the areas of
education, community service, and business. We hope SPOTLIGHT on Alumni

One of the projects we will undertake this year is to
SHOUTOUThighlight alumni success stories that will showcase the
12 Helping Hands From Across The Seas 25 years we have been involved in nurturing and
educating young minds. We will send out a call for this
soon. Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement! 14 SHTLM’S Big Brother Project
14 Share The Gift Of Reading Happy Reading!

15 Expansion: Growing In Strength
16 Readership Survey
Drop us a note if your mailing or e-mail address has
Feel free to share your thoughts/suggestions as well!
Sue-Ann Chia & Joanna Kovilpillai
Sunway Education Group
Foundation (800946-T)
No. 5, Jalan Universiti, Bandar Sunway, Facebook:
The OFFICIAL Sunway Alumni Community 46150 Petaling Jaya, Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
03-7491 8622 ext. 3603
03-5636 8232
An Introductory Message by achievements. This 25th Anniversary will denitely be
special and exciting with the unveiling of the Gradu-Elizabeth Lee, Executive Director,
ate Centre and a new Sunway International School Sunway Education Group
building. Also lined up are academic activities which
will develop our lecturers and keep them abreast with It is always a privilege for me to pen
a few words to our alumni, who are recent developments in their eld as well as events
relating to new developments and students past and diverse and unique in their
present. aspirations. Quite a few have found
their niche in contributing to society
Our alumni will soon be aware of a special activity to to make a dierence in the world we
live. Shining paragons of this such as be held in conjunction with this silver anniversary. It
will denitely be a boost for both you and your alma Keeran Sivarajah and Joshua Lee are
mater so do keep an eye and an ear out for more featured in this issue and I cannot
say enough how proud I am of their details coming your way.
Many thanks to the alumni who have worked with us
to encourage and inspire our students. We look Individuals like Keeran and “ We have grown forward to continue working with you. As we strive to Joshua resonate with our
thinking and philosophy. To the improve, we hope that you our alumni will steadily by leaps and
progress in tandem with us. I wish you a fullling year Founder of the Sunway Group
bounds with the Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Jerey ahead as you reap the benets of your eorts.
Happy 2012!Cheah AO, education extends establishment of
far beyond the business realm
Sunway University and the success of the Sunway Thank you and God bless.
Education Group in and many other
contributing to education
achievements. means much more than ” rankings, enrolment numbers
and even prots. Over the years, the Sunway Education Group under
the Jerey Cheah Foundation, has given generously in the form of
scholarships and awards amounting to RM80 million to society and
Elizabeth Lee accorded more than 11,000 deserving students access to education
which they would otherwise have been denied.
Under the auspices of the Foundation, community scholars and
recently our SEA games medallists and Sunway sports scholars Share the Gift of Reading!
Katrina Ann Bt Abdul Hadi, Jacqueline Jenelee Sijore and Sin Li Jane;
can be recognised and encouraged in their sporting achievement
and assured that their education costs are completely covered while
they pursue excellence in their sport.
It’s hard to imagine that Sunway College, the rst institution of the WhySunway Education Group, has now reached the 25 year milestone
since it was rst established. We have grown by leaps and bounds
with the establishment of Sunway University and many other
Momentum is the energy that keeps us in motion and
allows us to continually move in a specic direction.
Naming this magazine Momentum symbolises us
taking what we have learned from the past and using
that as a force to drive us forward.
As Alumni of Sunway, we hope that you have been able
to use the knowledge gained here to propel you to
success. It is our sincere wish that Momentum will
provide you with much inspiration and enrichment.
We encourage you to contribute your articles, time,
and knowledge to keep the momentum going.
3sp tlight on alumni
through the Teach For All network, did they begin seriously Teaching is not a profession one enters into lightly. Teachers
writing the original business plan for an independent Teach For mould the young and impressionable minds that come their way
Malaysia programme in July 2009. and have the potential to impact their students for better or for
worse. Teaching requires passion, compassion, and patience
Says Keeran, “My studies in Melbourne reinforced the amazing beyond compare. For most people, this is a calling beyond their
experience that a quality education can provide and as I began
means. For the Fellows at Teach For Malaysia however, it is an
to volunteer as a tutor at a primary school in a seedy Melbourne opportunity to make a dierence in the next generation of
suburb, I found myself challenging the social injustice that good Malaysians. They are truly teaching from the heart.
quality education can only be aorded by privileged communities.”
The concept behind Teach For Malaysia
Thus, throughout the last quarter of 2009 and the rst half of
Teach For Malaysia is a not-for-prot organisation that is enlisting 2010, Dzameer and Keeran worked with a team of passionate
Malaysia’s most promising future leaders in their mission to end individuals from Teach For All, the Boston Consulting Group and
Institut Aminuddin Baki to develop a strong governance and education inequity. Those selected to be part of the programme
are known as Fellows. Teach For Malaysia Fellows will serve as implementation framework for Teach For Malaysia.
full-time teachers for two years in high-need schools, and commit
to transforming the education outcomes of less-privileged A signicant milestone was achieved when they secured
schoolchildren. Teach For Malaysia was ocially launched on 24 early-stage support and funding from the national investment
arm of the Malaysian government, Khazanah Nasional Berhad, December, 2010 and began active recruitment soon after.
to incubate Teach For Malaysia. Since then, they have been
For 2012, 17 schools were selected to partner with Teach For successful in enlisting the support of a dynamic and talented
Malaysia. These schools are some of the highest-need schools in team of individuals as Teach For Malaysia sta, and began
the country, and are located in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Negeri aggressively recruiting the pioneering cohort of Teach For
Malaysia Fellows.Sembilan.
The people who started Teach For Malaysia The Fellows of Teach For Malaysia
Like all great ventures, it was over a casual discussion that the To seek out the best possible candidates, Teach For Malaysia put
seeds of Teach For Malaysia were sown. Keeran Sivarajah and his out the call for driven and exceptional Malaysian students in
then-colleague Dzameer Dzulkii were at a mamak stall late one their nal year of studies and young professionals to submit
evening in early 2009 when the idea for starting Teach For Malaysia their applications. It was a tedious and painstaking selection
process. was rst discussed.
While the both of them were familiar with the Teach First, UK and At this point in time, 50 Fellows have been selected and they are
Teach For Australia programmes respectively from their university undergoing intensive training to prepare for their posting to
days, it was only after learning of the inspiring success of Teach For schools in January 2012 to start o the school year.
India and the extent the model had expanded in other countries
4Jacintha (2nd from right), in the midst of training
that they are all high achievers, exhibiting tremendous
leadership potential. This is central to Teach For
Malaysia as their tagline convicts us that “Classrooms
Groom Leaders”. The 2012 Fellows graduated from
prestigious institutions such as Harvard University and
range from Medicine to East Asian Studies. It is
high-paying job in the corporate world.
Among the Fellows are two Sunway Alumni, Jacintha
Tagal and Hawa Othman, and we applaud them for
taking on this challenge.
Jacintha shares, “Having
been a student all my
life, I am convinced that
-education is the only
motivated, are placed in high-need schools to way to go forward--both
as an individual and as a bridge the gap.
nation. So when I heard
that Teach For Malaysia Immersing the next generation of leaders in
understanding the root causes of education was accepting
inequity and having them work hand-in-hand
cohort, I knew I had to with their schools will give them an accurate
perspective to obtain the best solutions to the send in my application.
I loved the idea of problems they face. Doing this will not just allow
the Fellows to impact the lives of children in being placed in a
high-need communities on a short-term basis, challenging school for
the next two years, because I know that where there is a high but also in the long run, to serve as advocates for
equal opportunity education in Malaysia.need, there also will be a high potential for impact… I am
excited for all that's ahead, because I am convinced that the
It is Teach for Malaysia’s hope that one day, all children in Fellows of Teach For Malaysia will impact many, many children
Malaysia will have the opportunity to attain an excellent in the years to come.”
education. All the best, Teach For Malaysia Fellows!
The Vision of Teach For Malaysia
* Information and images adapted from Teach For Malaysia website.
The main objective of Teach For Malaysia is to eradicate
Keeran Sivarajah is the Managing Director of Teach For Malaysia, and education inequity which refers to the fact that a child’s origin
alumnus of Sunway’s Australian Matriculation programme. Jacintha Tagal is often determines the quality of his or her education, and
an alumnus of our A-Levels programme while Hawa Othman completed the
therefore life outcomes. Thus to solve this problem, the Fellows Australian Matriculation programme.
Fellows at Dialogue Session with DPMsp tlight on alumni
like to thank the Jerey Cheah Foundation for giving me the Bouquets of owers, mortar boards, owing robes, big
smiles – these are all hallmarks of a joyous graduation opportunity to study. In addition I would also like to thank the
counsellors, who helped me cope with the stress of studies. I ceremony. Apart from these visible symbols, every gradua-
tion also gives us the opportunity to look beyond the will be continuing with my degree in Information Systems in
ceremony and explore the stories behind the smiling faces. It March next year”.
gives us a chance to share about the hard work and dedication
that was put into achieving this major milestone in life. Doris shared, “I feel very blessed to be given the opportunity to
be a Community Scholar. It was a struggle to be in a university
This is especially true for a group of proud scholars who environment in the beginning but the counsellors and lecturers
received the Jerey Cheah Foundation Community Scholarship, helped me and because of them, I was able to complete my
course. I am very grateful to the Jerey Cheah Foundation for allowing them to complete their tertiary education at a
Sunway Education Group institution. The Community giving me this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity”. Doris is
employed with Bertram Marketing as a Graphic Designer. Scholarship provides access to learning for deserving students
who are most likely to miss out on an education.
In establishing the scholarship, the objective
“ was to give an opportunity to individuals in At the recent Sunway University I am very
graduation in October, 3 Community the community to pursue an education while
grateful to the fullling our social responsibility as an Scholars graduated and they were grateful
for the scholarship that had a pivotal eect education establishment. This scholarship
Jeffrey Cheah on their lives. They were sisters Doris Lee covers the recipients’ full tuition fees,
accommodation, and book purchases. In Wan Yi (a Multimedia & Graphic Design Foundation for diplomate) and Lucy Lee Yeh Leng (who addition to nancial support, the pastoral
care provided by the counselling team and obtained a Diploma in Information giving me this
Technology) from Rumah Hope in lecturers aid the Community Scholars in their
Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya and adjustment to university life and the stresses once-in-a-
that come with it. There are currently 21 Darren Lee Kar Hoe (Diploma in Hotel
Management). Community Scholars in Sunway University lifetime
and Sunway College. Thirty scholars have
Lucy, the younger of the two sisters, who is graduated since this scholarship was rst opportunity
currently working with DHL said ,“I would awarded in 2002.”
6Another Community Scholar, Nanthini Ramras, graduated with an work while studying part-time. Even so, what possible jobs
was recently employed as an Audit Associate with Ernst and earn to support my family and my studies? At that point in
where the road to my future would lead. In 2010, I completed
Nanthini and her 3 siblings, my studies in Sunway, and I am forever grateful for this
who hail from Bahau in scholarship, and to those who helped me along the way. I have
Negeri Sembilan, were been proudly working in OCBC Bank for 2 years and was
solely supported by their recently promoted to Premier Banking Relationship Manager. I
mother who labours hard love what I’m doing!”
at an estate in their
hometown. Nanthini said, We warmly welcome these tenacious and dedicated new
“The scholarship really alumni into our community and wish them the best as they
helped me to achieve my travel along life’s journey.
dream of pursuing an
Without this scholarship, I
awarding of scholarships and research grants. To date, RM80 million in
don’t think I would even be
scholarships have been awarded since 1997 to 11,000 students who have
where I am today. I completed studies or are studying in Sunway Education Group institutions.
sincerely thank the
Lucy (left) and Doris proudly showing their
Foundation for providing scrolls at the ceremony
me this golden opportu-
nity and Malaysian Care for assisting me in the application process.
I’m very proud of what I’ve managed to achieve in my studies. I
sitting, without repeating any. As this was not an easy course to
The skills that these scholars learn and the experiences that they
gain here at Sunway take them a long way. Candy Lee, a scholar
who graduated in 2010 from the ACCA programme, shares: “Being
successful does not depend on your background; this is my story. I
came from a poor family whereby after completing high school,
getting into university was just a dream. However, the desire for
me to further my studies was very strong. My initial plan was to Nanthini (left) with her mother, Kamala Devi A/P Kailasam
Our 25 Years
We are 25 this year! The year 2012 marks
Sunway Education Group’s 25th year of nurturing
and improving lives. Throughout the year, we
will be organising many events to celebrate
this achievement and we would be very glad to
have you with us!
Don’t worry, we’ll keep you informed on the
happenings and you can plan your homecoming
to the Sunway campus. To get everyone in a
celebratory and reminiscent mood, please enjoy
this photographic collage showcasing the many
highlights of Sunway’s 25 meaningful and fun
89sp tlight on alumni
So you’ve done well in your career, gained some well-earned external speaker is invited to speak on a topic that they are
knowledge along the way, went through the school of hard knocks. well-versed in, and these have ranged from Body Language,
How can you share all the lessons you’ve learnt with the next Emotional Intelligence, to Becoming Future-Ready.
generation of students?
Think back to when you were a student. Are there things you know College students, was the individual who shared with the
now that you wish someone would have told you back then? students ways to become future-ready. Of his experience
coming back to campus he said: “The whole campus environ-
Are these questions you’ve asked yourself before? Are they ment has changed completely from the time I was a student
questions you’re asking yourself now? here. The students themselves are
GREAT! demographics have evolved, with
a wonderful diversity which
Over the years, many alumni have allows for a broader outlook to
returned to campus for a visit and it life. I liked the buzz about the
place, and that is very inspiring for
members at Sunway to receive each of the type of work I do. I see the
you. There have also been a good campus and its students as pure
number of you who have potential, in preparation to
enthusiastically given your time change the world we live in. It was
and energy to share your knowledge exciting to be there, and a nice
and experiences with the students on change from the corporate
campus. To each of you reading this, settings I am used to.”
we challenge you to come back and
Selva is currently running his own Selva inspiring students during the talk
business focusing on developing
So far, the most impactful campus activities which involve alumni talent and potential. His emphasis is on the individual and his
are career-related. Among the career events that our alumni have approach is via training and projects on creativity. “I ventured
been invited back to participate in are the career fair, mentoring
sessions, talks, and workshops. creativity and the urgent need for creativity to be
mainstreamed, especially in Malaysia. The words innovation and
In 2010, our career services team began running Lunchtime creativity are tossed around without any serious consideration
Quickies, which are talks held during the lunch hour with a simple towards their application in business and other technical
meal included. These talks became very popular and attract pretty
much a full auditorium crowd each time. Every two weeks, an will see a decline in the quality of our workforce in this country.”