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Cours, Chapitre d'Anglais de niveau Seconde


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Te-8oct- 2-1234-567
Cours, Chapitre en Anglais (2010) pour Seconde



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PICTURE 3 p.66-67 COLLECTING INFORMATION TO DESCRIBE A VISUAL DESCRITPION –A dead man/a body / a corpse A crime scene/ murder scene A weapon = A kalachnikov/ a rifle The FBI = looking for clues
2°1234 - Séance 1 – Friday, October 8th
EXPRESSING HYPOTHESIS TE =There must be two corpses on the ground because we can see a foot very far from the rest of the body The corpse still has skin on the bones Grammar Je peux exprimer la probabilité Grâce à des adverbes : maybe / perhaps ou à des auxiliaires modaux :It could be… It might be… It may be… VOCAB A crime scene /a crime / to solve a crime A clue / a piece of evidence A weapon Suspected people /suspects /hypothesis
2°567 - Séance 1 – Friday, October 8th Picture 1:A man named/called Dexter is looking to the left A serial killer Works in the police Holding a newspaper, the front page is about "unsolwed crimes" His look is awkward
Picture 2:A game called Cluedo (a board game) Weapons (a rope, a handgun, a knife, a spanner)
Picture 3:A dead man/a corpse/ a dead body/ a victim A murder scene/ crime scene An FBI agent The forensic police Outdoors/ outside 7 peoples on the picture (excl. the corpse) + 2 corpses Police yellow tape to protect the crime scene/ the "clues"/ the evidence
TE =
It's sunny so it's easier for the police to collect evidence There are bags covering the corpses We can see a gun/ a shooting gun/ a shotgun/ a rifle The victim's head is bleeding.
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