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Data Center Modernization Program Presented by: Jac Campbell ...


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Data Center Modernization Program Presented by: Jac Campbell, Program Manager Mike Scheuerman, Program Manager/Consultant
  • umn server inventory project
  • primary data center
  • improve security
  • strategic server
  • data center optimization project
  • server inventory project results
  • program manager
  • project
  • data



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PreK 3 School Supplies List 20112012 Parents must provide: 1thin sleep mat 1umbrella 1change of clothes(shoes, socks, underwear, pants, shirt) 1pouch 1blanket and pillow 1page of labels w/ student name30 per page *please label all articles with your child's first and last name ____2large beginner pencils presharpened ____2pink bevel erasers ____1blunt 5"fiskar scissor ____28 count crayola large crayons ____28 count washable crayola thick classic markers ____18 count prang washable watercolor set ____1plastic school box ____150 count 12x18 manila paper ____21.7 oz. O'Glue ____1200 count kleenex box ____18oz. GermX hand sanitizer w/ pump ____17" 12 count crayola colored pencils ____1 80 count baby wipes ____120 count box of storage bags(big and little) ____8folders w/ pockets