Ethylene Glycol Product Guide
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Ethylene Glycol Product Guide


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Ethylene Glycol Product Guide
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at Universities in the UK 00
FOCUS Why study Politics? 02
DEGREES What does a degree in Politics entail? 04
ACQUIRE Politics and transferable skills 08
STUDY What combinations of Politics degrees are available? 10
ADVANCE Further study 12
EQUIP Careers 13
LOCATE Where can I study Politics? 1401
Who has political power and why? What is globalisation? Why does
political conflict occur and how is it resolved? Why do people vote as
they do? Who participates in politics? Is violent protest legitimate?
How are political decisions made?
By studying Politics at University, you will be able to examine these
interesting questions. The study of Politics is not just about current
affairs, it is a means by which you can take a balanced view about
important issues and learn how to evaluate information.02
Switch on the news and Politics is frequently the main focus.
But it’s not just about politicians. It’s also about bigger issues like
the environment, world trade, globalisation, human rights and
military action. And it’s about small-scale issues like local facilities.
Politics affects everyone’s lives, and with a degree in Politics you will
understand how it functions on all levels – from politicians to pressure
groups, from large corporations to individuals like you and me.Preparing you well for employment or further study Not only fascinating, but also fun
A degree in Politics is not vocational in the sense Politics is not only fascinating but it can be fun.
that it is geared to one particular form of Through the study of Politics, you will gain the
employment (though many prominent political chance to debate key issues from an informed
figures have studied Politics). It will prepare you for standpoint. You’ll also study a discipline in ‘real
many forms of employment or further study. You time’. By its very nature there are always new
will gain analytical and practical skills, invaluable things to interpret and to challenge existing
in today’s competitive employment market. political ideas. 04
Many Universities offer Politics and each will have its own areas of
specialism. No two degrees are identical, though there is a core of
subjects that virtually all will offer. Remember – Politics ‘A’ Level or ‘AS’
Level will probably not be a pre-requisite for most institutions, so don’t
worry if you’ve never studied Politics formally before – all Universities
will provide an introduction into the discipline. British Politics Comparative and European Politics
Not surprisingly, virtually all British universities Britain’s politics are linked strongly with that
offer courses in British politics. Widespread of other European nations. These links are
constitutional change has changed the British institutional, economic and social. The study of
political map and the establishment of the European politics not only concerns the politics
Parliament in Scotland and the Assemblies in of the European Union – but also that of other
Wales, Northern Ireland and London mean that European nations, comparing them with our own
power is shifting before our eyes. Britain’s political system. As the European Union grows
membership of the EU and (maybe) the EURO both in size and power, we need to be able to
mean that debates over sovereignty and understand and analyse developments.
co–operation rage long and hard. It is a
fascinating time to study British politics. continued overleaf >06
Comparative and International Politics Political Theory
Many Universities offer courses which allow you to Political theory is vital to the study of Politics
study the politics of countries all around the world. because without theory we would not know what
The choice is vast. You might find yourself looking to investigate. On theory courses, you’ll analyse
at the politics of the USA, countries in Latin fundamental questions like the nature of freedom
America, Asia, Africa or Australasia. Some and the strengths and limitations of democracy.
Universities specialise in the politics of a particular You’ll consider topics such as the relationship
world region while others simply offer courses between government and society, on the right of
within their degrees for interested students. dissent and the limits of toleration, on questions
of social justice and equality. Theory underpins
the discipline and guides our thinking. By studying
Politics, you’ll gain the ability to understand and
analyse these debates more clearly.Public Policy International Relations
How is policy made? How do decision-makers There are courses, joint degrees or even whole
choose between different policy options? Courses degrees in International Relations. These cover
in public policy help us answer these questions. topics such as the role of international
They explore the processes of policy making at organisations (like the UN), foreign policy, the role
local, national and international levels. of non-governmental organisations (such as large
corporations) and vital international policy areas,
like the environment. They address questions suchElections and Parties
Few events symbolise democracy better than as: Why do wars occur? How is peace negotiated?
elections. Elections can change the course of a What is international justice?
country. Elections are about predicting results,
More optionsand working out why people vote as they do or
even, why they don’t vote at all! The campaigns Important and interesting areas like Women and
of individual parties, the policies they put forward Politics, Politics and Ethnicity, Media and Politics,
and how they select candidates provide interesting and Politics and Literature are also covered on
material for the political student. many courses.08
Through the study of Politics you will gain many skills
which will prepare you well for employment.