European Art History: Baroque Art and Architecture CREDIT INSTRUCTORLucia Pigozzo OFFICE OFFICEHOURS TIME CLASSROOMLOCATION EMAIL * Please leave the fields blank which havent been decided yet. [COURSE INFORMATION] Baroque art was created in Rome roughly at the beginning of XVII century, and then spread to Europe and South America. A bitrhetorical, its main aim was to create astonishment in the viewer, to produce admiration for the Catholic Church. This course will take a trip around different geographic areas, starting in Rome and Italy to COURSE DESCRIPTIONhighlight different aspects and characteristics of baroque art related to cultural and local & GOALS diversities. First we will discuss the Council of Trent, whose short and rather inexplicit passages concerning religious images had a great impact on the development of Catholic art. By the end of this course, students will be able to develop an awareness of the great vitality and creativity of baroque art, even though the Church and absolute monarchs imposed specific and rather rigid rules. PREREQUISITE none Lessons will be based on visual material shown by the instructor. This is thereason why personal notes are very important for quizzes and exams. COURSE REQUIREMENTSClass participation is strongly encouraged. Attendance is mandatory. Students are expected to memorize some of the images shown. Images required will be even available on the text book. 4 Quizzes (25 %); mid term exam (25%); GRADING POLICY final exam (30%); Class participation, attendance (20%)