Geography in Japan Religion in Japan

Geography in Japan Religion in Japan


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Purpose: This lesson will enable students to develop basic knowledge of Japan's physical geography including absolute and relative location, factors contributing to climate, and temperature comparisons with the United States. Target Grade Level: 6-7 Essential questions: · What are the physical features of Japan? · Where is Japan located? · What effects do location, elevation, and ocean currents have on the climate of Japan? · How do temperatures in Japan compare to temperatures in the United States? Rationale: Location and physical features of a country affect climate.
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A Novel Tradition1 Credit/English H760 Grade: 11, 12Cost: NoneLaude Point: 0Prerequisite:English 9 and English 10 Course Content:Whether you want to prepare for college, compete on Jeopardy, or just hold your own in a literary discussion, this course is for you.In critical examination of novels and novellas of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, students will gain awareness of the historical and literary traditions that have inspired modern writings and writers.Th eywill learn to recognize and develop connections between life and literature, connections that have little to do with common time or place. Throughguided discussions and a variety of writing tasks, students will gain experience in analysis, reflection, and revision and will increase their exposure to authors and works likely to be referenced or drawn upon in future study, formal or otherwise. Activities:As thecourse title suggests focus will be on the content, form, and history of the novel.Emphasis will be on American and European examples.Students will consider, in discussion and writing, not only the qualities of the writers and writings but also the societies and circumstances that produced the people and products we now term classic.Supplies: Basic, including a flash drive American Literature Post Civil War to 1940 1 Credit/English H651 Grade: 11, 12Cost: NoneLaude Point: 0Prerequisite:English 9 and English 10 Course Content:Literature in this course focuses on the American experience between the Civil War and 1940. Students will be expected to draw parallels between the course texts and the world they live in today.The course will challenge students to explore new ideas related to the American Dream through class discussion and writing.Students will enhance their ideas by relying on the works of seminal writers from the time period such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, John Steinbeck, Eudora Welty, Flannery O’Conner, and William Faulkner.selections from the time period Poetry will also be included. Supplies: Notebook(s), folder, highlighter, flash drive AP English Language and CompositionIndexed1 Credit/English H210093 Grade: 11, 12Cost: Exam FeeLaude Point:2Prerequisite:English 9 and English 10* *Honors English 9 and Honors American Studies recommended Course Content:AP English Language and Composition teaches students to write effectively and confidently about a variety of subjects both public and personal.In each of the thematicallyorganized units, students learn to write with purpose for specific and sophisticated audiences who expect to encounter complex, original thinking.Students use the writing process to develop expository, analytical, argumentative, and researched writing.Reading materials consist primarily of nonfiction and visual texts, though the occasional short story or poem may be used.Finally, the course builds vocabulary, develops awareness of grammatical conventions, and emphasizes issues of style, including organizational techniques, syntax, and diction.Supplies: Basic, including a flash drive
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